Only for Love: Episode 27 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Only for Love: Episode 27. Zheng Shuyi wakes up. She pulls back the curtains. Yu You gets a message from Qin Shiyu. She tells him that she’s in the hospital. He tells his parents that he’s going to leave.

Does Shi Yan Go to the Aquarium?

Only for Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Only for Love: Episode 27.

Shi Yan accompanies Qin Shiyue in the hospital. She takes a look at her messages. She finds out that Yu You didn’t reply to her. Shi Yan wakes up. He tells Qin Shiyue to return home with him. She wonders why they’re going to return home because they just came.

He points out that she’s sick. She complains to him that she needs to return home since she didn’t do anything. She adds that she needs to work. He tells her not to go to the magazine. But she tells him that she likes the job. She reveals the job made her grow up.

He tells her not to go to work since she’s sick. She agrees to it. They leave the hospital. Yu You arrives at the hospital. He asks the nurse about Qin Shiyue. He’s told that Qin Shiyue was taken away by her family. He tries to text Qin Shiyue that he’s in the hospital. But he gives up the mind.

Madam Wang walks into Zheng Shuyi’s room. She finds out that she’s not happy. Zheng Shuyi denies it. She tells her mother to leave because she needs to get changed. Madam Wang leaves Zheng Shuyi’s room. She asks Master Zheng to care for his daughter.

She wonders why Zheng Shuyi got up so early. He believes that she will miss her daughter if Zheng Shuyi goes to Jiang City. Zheng Shuyi tells her parents that she won’t come home to have dinner. She leaves home. Master Zheng realizes that her daughter is actually not happy.

Zheng Shuyi goes to the aquarium to wait for Shi Yan. But he doesn’t come. She tries to text him. But she gives up the mind. He actually came to the aquarium. He watches her from his car. She doesn’t see him. She calls him and she asks him if he doesn’t come.

He wonders if he needs to accompany her to act. She tears up. Madam Wang complains to Master Zheng that Zheng Shuyi slept after she returned home. He laughs to tell her not to care for their daughter. She thinks he doesn’t care for Zheng Shuyi because he didn’t give birth to Zheng Shuyi.

Who Comforts Zheng Shuyi?

She believes that his daughter will be starve to death if there’s nobody serving her. She walks into Zheng Shuyi’s room. She tells her to get up from the bed because they’re going to have dinner. Zheng Shuyi has dinner with her parents.

Master Zheng hands over the dumpling to Zheng Shuyi. Madam Wang reveals the dumplings were cooked by Master Zheng. But Zheng Shuyi tells her parents that she’s full. She tries to go to sleep. Madam Wang stops Zheng Shuyi. She thinks she’s going to be a sleeping god.

Zheng Shuyi tells her mother not to care for her. Madam Wang asks Zheng Shuyi to go to see Yu You with her. But Zheng Shuyi rejects it. Madam Wang reminds Zheng Shuyi that Yu You is a good kid. But Zheng Shuyi is furious to return to her room.

Madam Wang finds out that Zheng Shuyi didn’t come to have breakfast. She realizes that she’s not happy. She walks into her room. She thinks she encountered some problems when she worked. She tells her to return home. She promises to buy her houses and cars.

She tells her that she will forget the guy after some time. Zheng Shuyi tears up. She tells her mother that she made a mistake. Madam Wang comforts Zheng Shuyi that there will be a hope. Zheng Shuyi feels better. Madam Wang tells Zheng Shuyi to get up.

Does Yi Yang Cook for Zheng Shuyi?

Guan Ji complains to Shi Yan that Bruce was too heartless. Shi Yan agrees to what Guan Ji said when he looks at his phone. Yi Yang arrives at Qingan University. He visits Madam Wang with presents. He tells her that he came to see Zheng Shuyi.

But she points out that Zheng Shuyi didn’t mention him. He explains to her that he just knew Zheng Shuyi. He wishes to see Zheng Shuyi. She realizes that Yi Yang was the one who made her daughter unhappy. She learns that he’s younger than Zheng Shuyi.

She blames him for not cherishing Zheng Shuyi after he got her. She tells him that Zheng Shuyi won’t get angry if he flatters her. She lets him in. Zheng Shuyi is surprised to see Yi Yang. Madam Wang tells Zheng Shuyi to be nice to Yi Yang.

She claims that she appointed someone. She leaves. Zheng Shuyi tells Yi Yang that she cannot accompany him. But he asks her if she’s hungry. He cooks for her. She tastes his dishes. He reveals he came to Qingan for her. She remembers what Shi Yan told her that he came to Qingan for her.

Will Zheng Shuyi Chase Shi Yan?

She calls Yi Yang younger brother. She tells him to go home. He thinks it’s not fair to him if she rejected him because he’s younger than her. She apologizes to him. She tells him that they’re impossible. He thinks she has broken up with Shi Yan.

She denies it. He asks her to take him to her high school. She takes him to her high school. But she finds out that the gate doesn’t open. She tells him to leave with her. But he feels regret because he wishes to know her past. He asks her to consider him with the chance.

But she tells him that she has someone in her heart. But he points out that the guy has left. She claims that she can chase Shi Yan. Yi Yang tells Zheng Shuyi that he can wait for her. He tells Zheng Shuyi to bike with him. They bike and return to Zheng Shuyi’s home.

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Episode 27 of Only for Love ends with Zheng Shuyi visiting Yi Yang. He realizes that she’s interested in him. She claims that she visited him because the readers were interested in him. He agrees to let her interview him. He tells her that he will continue to stay in China. Because he has found his goal.

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