Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 12 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 12. Myung-Jin’s brother brings up that Lee Hwan has been confined. An-Jik intends to resign. Myung-Jin walks on the street. He thinks about Lee Hwan’s case. He bumps someone.

How Does Lee Hwan Know Sung-On Bought Jae-Yi’s Sister A Ribbon?

Our Blooming Youth

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 12.

Myung-Jin apologizes to the guy. He finds out that the one he bumped was Tae-Gang. He asks him if he has a secret task. Tae-Gang ignores Myung-Jin. He walks away. Myung-Jin tells Ga-Ram that Lee Hwan has been confined. He thinks something happened.

Ga-Ram worries about Jae-Yi. Myung-Jin tells Ga-Ram not to worry about the eunuch. Because Crown Prince is losing the love of King. Lee Hwan writes a letter. He gives the letter to Jae-Yi. She puts the letter in a book. She tries to leave the room.

But the guard stops Jae-Yi. She explains to him that she’s going to get books. So he lets her leave. Jae-Yi meets with Tae-Gang in the library. She hands over the letter to him. He reads the letter. Princess Hayeon tries to feed Prince Myungan. She tells him that it will be good to his health. But he refuses to eat. She reveals Lee Hwan is locked up.

King goes to see Queen. She pours him a drink and mentions Lee Hwan asked him to take back the order of Byeokcheon. He’s surprised that she knows the case of Byeokcheon. She thinks Won-Bo went to catch the bandits because of his greed.

Queen tells King not to be close to her if he wants to fight with Won-Bo. He grabs her hand and reminds her that nobody is going to comfort him if he doesn’t stay with her. He thinks she’s worrying about her uncle. She mentions Lee Hwan has been locked up for many days. She tells King to release Lee Hwan.

Won-Bo meets with Queen. He asks her if she begged King to release Lee Hwan. She mentions Lee Hwan is locked up. She reveals her heart broke when she thought about it. Because she’s Lee Hwan’s mother as well. Won-Bo is furious to knock over the table. He grabs Queen’s collar. He reminds her that Prince Myungan is her only son.

Won-Bo holds Queen’s head. He tells her that he was the only one who made her be the queen. He leaves her palace. She picks up the fragment from the floor. She grabs the fragment tightly. The maid cries to dress Queen’s wound. Lee Hwan gives a letter to Jae-Yi again. He tells her to be careful.

Jae-Yi runs into Won-Bo. He thinks Lee Hwan gave a task to her. She admit it and tries to leave. But he stops her. He thinks Lee Hwan gave a letter to her. He asks her for the letter. She rejects it. He grabs her collar and tells her that he knows she’s not the real Sun-Dol.

Sung-On stops Won-Bo. He blames him for stealing Lee Hwan’s letter. Won-Bo thinks Sung-On serves two kings. He tells him not to let him find his weakness. He smiles at Jae-Yi. He tells her that he wishes to see her next time. He walks away.

Sung-On picks up the books. He returns the books to Jae-Yi. He asks her if she’s fine. He takes a look at the letter. He thinks Lee Hwan wanted to give the letter to him. He reads the letter. He tells Jae-Yi to let Lee Hwan know that he’s going to find a way to save him.

Jae-Yi reports to Lee Hwan that Won-Bo knew she’s not the real Sun-Dol. He comforts her that Won-Bo would take action if he knew she’s Jae-Yi. But she believes that Won-Bo did it for a rainy day. She feels guilty for getting Lee Hwan involved.

Lee Hwan asks Jae-Yi that if she will be sad when he gets into trouble. She admits it. She thinks it will break her heart if he does so. He tells her to protect him. Tae-Gang asks the chancellor about Han-Su. The chancellor reveals Han-Su resigned after he had come back from Byeokcheon.

Jae-Yi smiles when she helps Lee Hwan get dressed. She tells him that she’s happy because she can do something for him. He asks her to come back before sunset. It makes her believe that he’s lonely when she’s not in the palace. She tells him that she will come back after she completes her task.

Myung-Jin helps Ga-Ram get dressed. He asks her to turn around. He thinks he looks good after she wore the clothes. She asks him if he was fired from the national academy. He’s furious to ask her who told it to her. She reveals it was from one of his servants.

Myung-Jin explains to Ga-Ram that he resigned from the national academy. He adds that he left the place because he wanted to see the world. He thinks he’s a genius. Ga-Ram applauds. She thinks her teacher is very cool. He lets her hold the book. He laughs.

Jae-Yi walks in the market. She sees the ribbon. She remembers she lost her ribbon when she fought with the bodyguards in the woods. Sung-On sees her. The seller tells Jae-Yi to buy the ribbon. But Jae-Yi rejects it. Sung-On joins Jae-Yi. He wonders why she looked at the ribbons.

Jae-Yi explains to Sung-On that she has a sister. He buys the her the ribbon since she doesn’t have any money. He hands over the ribbon to her. He takes a look at her. They arrive at the restaurant. They hear Myung-Jin and Ga-Ram spreading the rumor that Crown Prince is going to take part in the archery ceremony. Jae-Yi looks around. She finds out that Sung-On is missing.

Myung-Jin walks Ga-Ram. He thinks they made it. But Sung-On stops them. He asks them why they spread Crown Prince’s rumor. He tells them that he knows they’re not scholars. He thinks Myung-Jin stole the uniforms of An-Jik’s sons. Myung-Jin is surprised that Sung-On knows him. He confesses to Sung-On that he stole the clothes of his brothers.

But Myung-Jin takes back his words. He claims that he just borrowed the clothes. He thinks he didn’t do anything wrong. Sung-On mentions Myung-Jin was kicked out. Ga-Ram realizes that Myung-Jin told a lie to her. Myung-Jin blames Sung-On for breaking his heart.

Sung-On tells Myung-Jin that he knows him because he was a scholar as well. Jae-Yi calls Sung-On from his back. Ga-Ram recognizes Jae-Yi. Sung-On is surprised that Jae-Yi knows the two. Myung-Jin drags Jae-Yi aside. He’s surprised that Jae-Yi knows the heartless man.

Ga-Ram thinks Jae-Yi shouldn’t stay with the scary man. Jae-Yi introduces Sung-On to Myung-Jin and Ga-Ram. Myung-Jin grabs Sung-On’s hand. He calls him friend. But Sung-On shakes Myung-Jin’s hand. Myung-Jin mentions their mothers are friends.

Sung-On admits it. But Myung-Jin blames Sung-On for torturing him all his life. Ga-Ram realizes that Sung-On is Jae-Yi’s fiance. She takes a look at Jae-Yi. Sung-On asks Myung-Jin why he spread the rumor after Myung-Jin completed his scolding.

Jae-Yi returns to the restaurant with Sung-On. She tells him that Myung-Jin did it for saving Crown Prince. She thinks it’s a great idea. Sung-On believes that the plan will work in the scholar’s help. The scholar shows up. Sung-On introduces Jae-Yi as Eunuch Go to the scholar.

The scholar mentions Jae-Yi made Sung-On lose face. Sung-On disagrees to what the scholar said. He thinks Jae-Yi is outstanding. He mentions Lee Hwan let Jae-Yi near him. The scholar wonders why Sung-On took the eunuch to see him. Jae-Yi gives Lee Hwan’s letter to the scholar.

The scholar reads the letter. He’s surprised that Lee Hwan wishes him to save him. He points out that he belongs to Jo family. But Sung-On tells the scholar that Lee Hwan knows it. The scholar wonders if it’s an order or a favor. Sung-On tells the scholar to understand it on his own.

The scholar takes the scholars to petition. They ask King to let Lee Hwan open the library. King agrees to the plan of the scholars. The bodyguards leave Lee Hwan’s palace. Jae-Yi opens the door of the palace. Lee Hwan walks out of his palace. Sung-On is waiting for Lee Hwan. He smiles at him.

Sung-On asks Jae-Yi if she gave the ribbon to her sister. He leaks to Lee Hwan that he bought Jae-Yi’s sister a ribbon. Lee Hwan asks Jae-Yi if her sister liked ribbon. She admits it and thanks Sung-On for what he did for her sister.

Jae-Yi explains to Lee Hwan that Sung-On showed up when she looked at the pretty ribbons. So she lied to Sung-On that she has a sister. Lee Hwan thinks Jae-Yi didn’t have to explain to him that her fiance bought her a ribbon. She explains to him that she didn’t wish him to think that she was lazy when she did his task.

Lee Hwan wonders why Jae-Yi didn’t tell him that she needed a ribbon. He thinks he would buy her many ribbons if she told it to him. He tells her to stay away from him. Lee Hwan remembers what Sung-On told him that he bought Jae-Yi’s sister a ribbon.

Tae-Gang visits Lee Hwan. He reports to him that Han-Su is rich after he came back from Byeokcheon. Lee Hwan thinks it’s weird. He tells Tae-Gang not to contact Han-Su. Because he wants to meet him in person. King shoots the bullseye. He hands over the bow to Lee Hwan.

Lee Hwan realizes that his father wants to give him a test. He walks to the stage and shoots the target. He gets bullseye as well. He memorizes the books and write it down on the paper. Jae-Yi posts the paper. So the scholars can see it.

Joong-Eon thinks Lee Hwan will be a great king. Won-Bo thinks King and Lee Hwan fooled them. Won-Oh takes a look at the scholar who’s talking with Lee Hwan. He wonders why the scholar betrayed his family. The scholar asks Lee Hwan why he sent a message to him since she knew he came from Jo family.

Lee Hwan mentions the answer the scholar wrote. He praises him. He tells him that he sent a message to him because he trusts him. The scholar promises to put Lee Hwan’s words into his mind. Lee Hwan walks away. The scholar walks to Won-Oh. He ignores him.

Won-Oh blames the scholar for not respect his elders. But the scholar asks Won-Bo about his father. Won-Oh grabs the scholar’s collar. He thinks he looks down Won-Bo. But Won-Bo tells Won-Oh that the scholar is their grandpa’s cousin. He greets the scholar. The scholar walks away. Won-Oh tells Won-Bo that he thinks the scholar is annoying.

Lee Hwan meets with Myung-Jin and Ga-Ram. He tells them that Crown Prince wants to buy them a meal. The two are excited. Bok-Soon serves Lee Hwan the red bean porridge. Lee Hwan tells Jae-Yi that he doesn’t like to eat red bean porridge.

But Lee Hwan hears Man-Deok complaining to Bok-Soon that he spent one night to cook the porridge. He denies it when Bok-Soon thinks he doesn’t like the porridge. He asks her if the children came to her restaurant. She denies it. Man-Deok wants to return the money to Lee Hwan. But Lee Hwan tells him to keep it.

Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 12 Ending

Episode 12 of Our Blooming Youth K-Drama ends with Jae-Yi running to Lee Hwan. She tells him not to trust Tae-Gang. She takes away the sword from Tae-Gang. She puts the sword on his neck. She reveals Tae-Gang was the one who went to her family.

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