The Glory K-Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 10. Do-Young walks into the shop. Gyeong-Ran recognizes him. She mentions Yeon-Jin doesn’t have a fitting scheduled. He takes the suits. He wants to try it on. He asks her about the fitting room.

Does Hyeon-Nam Betray Dong-Eun?

The Glory K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Glory K-Drama: Episode 10.

Do-Young walks into the fitting room. He sees the wine on the table. He thinks someone came to the room. He remembers his wife slept with Jae-Jun in the room. He laughs. Yeon-Jin mentions Hyeon-Nam was beaten by her husband. She reveals she found her husband’s photo in Dong-Eun’s room. She tells her that it’s not hard to find it.

It flashes back. Yeon-Jin walks out of Dong-Eun’s house. Yeong-Jun sends a message to Yeon-Jin. He reports to her that Dong-Eun has two cars. She calls him and asks him to arrange a follower to help her because she thinks someone is helping Dong-Eun.

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Hyeon-Nam tells Yeon-Jin that she will regret if she dares to touch her husband. She claims that she’s happy to talk with with her husband. Yeon-Jin laughs. She brings up Hyeon-Nam’s daughter. She thinks she could look into her since she took photos of her.

Yeon-Jin hits Hyeon-Nam’s head with her bag. She wants to drag her daughter there. Hyeon-Nam cries to beg Yeon-Jin not to touch her daughter. Yeon-Jin tries to call Hyeon-Nam when she asks her to save her number. But she finds out that she has saved her number.

Yeon-Jin tells Hyeon-Nam to pick up the phone. She steps on her hand when she does so. She wonders why she helped Dong-Eun. She realizes that Dong-Eun promised Hyeon-Nam to kill her husband. Yeon-Jin tells Hyeon-Nam that she will kill her husband if she has a deal with her. Hyeon-Nam takes a look at Yeon-Jin.

Hyeon-Nam takes Sun-A to run away away from home. Sun-A is surprised that her mother can drive after they got in the car. Hyeon-Nam tells Sun-A that she will keep driving because she thinks someone is tailing them. Sun-A thinks her mother is very cool. She plays music and begins to sing. Hyeon-Nam takes a look at Sun-A. She smiles.

Dong-Eun calls Hyeon-Nam. But Hyeon-Nam doesn’t pick up her phone. Jeong-Ho joins Dong-Eun. He asks her about her plan after work. She tells him that she plans to meet someone. But he tells her that there’s a meeting. She wonders why there was nobody telling her about the meeting. He tells her that the meeting just got scheduled.

Jeong-Ho has a meeting with the teachers. He thinks they need records of the field trip. He gives the task to Dong-Eun. The worker carries the doll into the room. He tells Jae-Jun that the doll is very expensive. He thinks the animal’s hair will give kids asthma. Jae-Jun takes a look at his dog.

Hye-Jeong gets a call from Dong-Eun when she walks at the airport. Dong-Eun asks Hye-Jeong to lure Yeon-Jin. Hye-Jeong stops Dong-Eun before she hangs up. She asks her why she wished her to do so. She worries that Yeon-Jin won’t pick up her phone because they just had a fight. Dong-Eun mentions Hye-Jeong is going to take wedding photos. Hye-Jeong realizes that her mother-in-law told Dong-Eun about the photo shoot.

Teacher Kang reminds Dong-Eun that she needs to go to parking lot to take a look at her car. Dong-Eun arrives at the parking lot. She sees her mother Mi-Hee looking for her car. Mi-Hee turns around. She sees Dong-Eun. She laughs to call her baby.

It flashes back. Yeon-Jin visits Mi-Hee. She introduces herself as Dong-Eun’s friend. She asks her if she lost contact with her daughter. Mi-Hee learns that Dong-Eun is working in a school. Yeon-Jin asks Mi-Hee to get Dong-Eun fired. She promises to give her some money. Mi-Hee asks Yeon-Jin where Dong-Eun teaches. She thinks the school is in Semyeong. Yeon-Jin is surprised that Mi-Hee has known it. Mi-Hee hits the door with her head. She tells her that she knows she’s in the house. The landlord stops Mi-Hee. She drives her out of the building.

Dong-Eun takes Mi-Hee to her house. She asks her how did she find her. Mi-Hee tells Dong-Eun that she came to the house before. She tells her that she will find her in the end no matter where she hides. Because she’s her mother. Dong-Eun realizes that it was done by Yeon-Jin.

Yeon-Jin walks into the clinic. Hye-Jeong introduces Yeon-Jin as her friend to Yeo-Jeong. Hye-Jeong reveals Dong-Eun played Go with Yeon-Jin’s husband. Yeon-Jin wonders how did Hye-Jeong know it. Hye-Jeong scolds the nurse after the nurse made her bag drop to the floor.

Yeon-Jin tells Hye-Jeong not to buy expensive bags. But Hye-Jeong reveals the bag was given by Yeon-Jin’s husband. She leaves the clinic. Yeo-Jeong tells Yeon-Jin to order his treatment. He mentions many people came back after they had enjoyed his treatment.

Yeon-Jin thinks most of Yeo-Jeong’s clients are housewives. She claims that she will think about it if it rains. He tells her to prepare an umbrella. She laughs to tell him that it won’t rain. She leaves his clinic. Yeong-Jun walks out of the police station. He sees his follower who’s arrested by the police.

Yeong-Jun calls Mr. Park. He’s told that his follower gambled. He slaps his follower. He asks him where he got the money. The follower reveals he got some money from Dong-Eun after the car accident. Yeong-Jun beats the follower. He thinks he ruined his plan.

Seok-Jae tries to take away the wine from Convenience Store Owner. He tells her that his wife will give the money to her once she comes back. Dong-Eun pays the bill for Seok-Jae. But she’s scolded by him. She receives a message from Hyeon-Nam who asks for a meeting up.

Dong-Eun goes to see Hyeon-Nam. Hyeon-Nam tells Dong-Eun that Yeon-Jin found her. She tells her that she doesn’t betray her and asks her to take care of her daughter. She thinks their plan will be messed up if Yeon-Jin meets with Seok-Jae.

Dong-Eun comforts Hyeon-Nam that Yeon-Jin didn’t meet with her husband. She promises to take care of her daughter. Hyeon-Nam asks Dong-Eun for more money. Because Yeon-Jin is her boss. Hyeon-Nam and Dong-Eun laugh. Dong-Eun takes Sun-A to the school nurse’s house. She tells her to only call her and the school nurse.

Sun-A hands over the phone to Dong-Eun when she asks her about her school. Dong-Eun tells Sun-A that her mother is going to pull her out of school. She tells her that she’s going to complete her study in the United States. She tells her to watch some America shows.

Sun-A worries that her father is going to kill her mother. Dong-Eun tells Sun-A to trust her mother. She tells her that her mother did it for her. She tells her to study hard in the United States. Sun-A agrees to it when she tears up.

Dong-Eun asks the school nurse to take care of Sun-A. The school nurse walks to Sun-A. She wipes off her tears. She reveals she was Dong-Eun’s teacher. Yeon-Jin walks out of the bathroom. She looks at herself in the mirror. She tells Do-Young that she has known he met with Hye-Jeong. She asks him what Hye-Jeong said to him. He tells her that he will only take Ye-Sol’s side. He thinks she doesn’t feel guilty.

Jae-Jun walks into the store with his dog. He asks Gyeong-Ran if anyone visited the shop. She reveals Do-Young getting into the fitting room. The school nurse tells Dong-Eun that her director asked her about Myeong-O. She reveals the cop interviewed Yeo-Jeong.

It flashes back. Manager Han runs into Yeo-Jeong at the funeral. He reveals there was a man visiting the morgue. He hands over the number to him. Yeo-Jeong finds out that the man was Myeong-O. The cop interviews Yeo-Jeong. He asks him why he called Myeong-O. Yeo-Jeong explains that the dead body Myeong-O visited comes from the hospital he worked. He reveals his mother is the director of the hospital.

Yeon-Jin visits Yeo-Jeong. She learns that he has a girlfriend. She asks him how to make her man forgive her after she did bad things. He tells her to get filler. She agrees to get filler. Do-Young takes a look at the photo and Myeong-O’s business card. He realizes that Dong-Eun wishes him to fine Myeong-O.

Do-Young meet with Dong-Eun in a hotel. He tells her that he heard her and Yeon-Jin’s story. But she thinks he didn’t hear the whole story. She takes off her coat. He sees the scars on her body. Yeo-Jeong asks Yeon-Jin what she did to Myeong-O. She falls asleep.

It flashes back. Yeon-Jin walks into the fitting room. Myeong-O is waiting for her. He tells her that Jae-Jun hurt his pride. He gets a call from someone. He places the phone on the table. She learns that he’s recording her. She pours the wine to the phone.

The Glory K-Drama: Episode 10 Ending

Episode 10 of The Glory K-Drama ends with Yeon-Jin telling Myeong-O that she will buy him a new phone. She tries to leave the fitting room. He stops her and brings up So-Hee. He tells her that the evidence which can prove she killed So-Hee is in his pocket. She takes out the evidence from his pocket. Yeon-Jin finds out that it’s a condom. Myeong-O laughs. He asks Yeon-Jin for a billion won. She’s furious to slap him. She hits his head with the wine bottle.

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