Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are 1-2th episodes of Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Recap, Lin Qian falls for Li Zhicheng after he saved her from the criminal gang. She runs into him again at his company Wenda, and asks for the compensation of her goods.

Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

Our Glamorous Time

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Episodes 1-2.

The designer Lin Qian travels to Yunnan and takes a fancy to an old embroidery. She wants to buy it. But the owner tricks her to the stockaded village, and tells her there are a lot of old men who is good at old embroidery. She likes clothing design, so she joyfully goes there. But she is kidnapped by the owner and his friends then.

A group of special force performs secret task to kill the criminal gang and their leader Ma Huang. The captain of the special force, Li Zhicheng asks the members to check their time and emphasizes that they must succeed. Because it’s last task before they leave.

The owner is going to inject medicine to Lin Qian. Li Zhicheng kills the owner. When he wants to take her away, a large number of criminals arrive. He fights with them to protect Lin Qian, and arrives at the suspension bridge. She is scared. He hugs her to leave, but they’re chased by the motorcyclist. Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng are injured.

He takes her to get in a helicopter and binds up for her. She passes out because of pain, and is sent to military hospital.

Lin Qian wakes up and gets a call from her friend Chen Yayi. She fears Chen Yayi’s worry, and conceals she was in danger. She asks the nurse about Li Zhicheng, but the nurse doesn’t want to speak out his name. Lin Qian is disappointed but she finds the battle fatigues he left on the desk.

The president of Wenda firm, Li Zhiqian falls into river, the shares drop. Li Jinyuan represents his father to the share meeting. But the shareholders want to vote new president.

Li Zhicheng knows his older brother Li Zhiqian’s death, and is furious. He rides the motorcycle and runs into Lin Qian at street. But he doesn’t greet her.

He meets with vice president Gu Yanzhi, and takes him to get in a speed boat, driving to the sea. Gu Yanzhi almost drops into the sea and tells Li Zhicheng the terrible situation of Wenda. Li Zhicheng apologizes to Gu Yanzhi, and reveals he did it for testing Gu Yanzhi. Li Zhicheng can give his back to Gu Yanzhi now.

Chen Yayi finds out Lin Qian stares at the scrawl and is lost. She takes out the paper that landlady required to raise the rent. Lin Qian frowns and expects the clothes Wenda ordered. If the clothes are shipment, she has the money.

But she gets a call from someone who complains that her clothes rubbed off. Lin Qian is scared to arrive at the sunshine hotel, and apologizes to angry Ms. Wang. She redesigns the clothes and makes Ms. Wang’s performance successfully.

Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Chen Zheng and Ning Weikai talk about cooperation in the hotel, and are curious why Grace appeared at the press conference. Grace arrives and mentions Li Zhiqian’s death. She suspects the cause of death. Chen Zheng is intentional to avoid the topic.

Li Zhicheng sees the whole achievements of Wenda are dropped, but the achievement of the small company goes up. Gu Yanzhi tells him the company is Aida, and Li Zhiqian took a fancy to the company. Li Zhicheng tells Gu Yanzhi to keep the secret of his back to his sister and his father. Because he knows the real enemy doesn’t come from outside, but inside. So he must hide his whereabouts to find the truth.

Lin Qian walks in the rain and returns her studio. She runs into her older brother Lin Mochen, who holds up an umbrella to pick her. Chen Yayi asks Lin Qian about the handsome guy. Lin Qian teases that if Lin Yayi falls for her older brother. Lin Mochen asks Lin Qian to interview the position of designer assistant in the United States. But she rejects it and wants to start up business in China.

Li Zhicheng visits the police station, and knows Li Zhiqian’s body contains alcohol and his car isn’t touched by someone else. Li Zhicheng is sad and in tears when remembers his older brother. He thinks Li Zhiqian’s case isn’t an accident, and wishes the police to investigate it thoroughly.

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Lin Qian takes her goods to Wenda, and visits the Director Ding. But he resigned and deal was his private job. She has to leave with anger. The employees are incited to protest. Li Zhicheng watches the people and wants to catch the boss. He finds Lin Quan and blocks her. Aggrieved Lin Qian questions him for changing the fabrics. He feels guilty and adds her wechat to transfer the money.

The security tells Li Zhicheng there is a matter at the roof. They see an old man stands there. Lin Qian tells Li Zhicheng that she ran into him in the elevator, and he got a call from someone. Li Zhicheng asks Gu Yanzhi to investigate the rioter. The delegation arrives and is shocked after seeing the scene. The boss is Chen Zheng, he wants to stop the cooperation.

Lin Qian goes to rooftop to stop the old man who is going to jump off. Li Zhicheng sees his hesitation and warns him the air cushion cannot protect him. Just then the families of the old man arrive, and persuade him not to be stupid. But he trips when he gets off from the rooftop. Li Zhicheng catches his hand and saves the old man in Lin Qian’s help.

Li Zhicheng and Gu Yanzhi pacify the troublemakers, and promises them the dismissal wage. Li Zhicheng asks Gu Yanzhi about Lin Qian. She is revenge by the thugs Chen Zheng hired. Li Zhicheng defeats them to save Lin Qian.

Li Zhicheng got a strange number reminding him to be careful. He knows she is Grace and meets with her. She holds a umbrella staring at the water with sadness. Li Zhiqian asked Grace for dinner before he died. But he didn’t show up, and she hears his death. She passes out because of the strike.

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