Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4

In the 3-4th episodes of Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Recap, Li Zhicheng suspects his older brother’s death, but nobody believes him except Grace. She points out that Chen Zheng and Ning Weikai got the benefits after Li Zhiqian died. Ning Weikai falls for Grace and is nice to her.

Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

Our Glamorous Time

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4.

Lin Mocheng visits Lin Qian’s shop and knows it’s not prosperity. He sees her dark circle and worries about her. He tells her the company is hiring assistant fashion designer, and he gave her design draft to the director. The director asks for meeting. Lin Qian tells her older brother that she doesn’t want to be the assistant because she will lose the freedom of being designer.

Li Zhicheng asks Grace who is the boss. She hints him that the boss is the person who gets the benefits, and wears sunglasses to leave when seeing Li Jinyuan driving to them. Li Zhicheng gets in his younger sister’s car, but he is displeased to leave because he doesn’t want to go home.

Li Jinyuan receives a news that the government agency found out Wenda’s product wasn’t qualified. The person questions Li Zhicheng hid to avoid the matter. Gu Yanzhi wants to contradict, but he is summoned to the office. He wants Li Zhicheng to show up. But Li Zhicheng thinks it’s best for him to hide himself and wait the chance.

Lin Qian gets a call from the police who asks her to assist in the investigation of exchange blow case at Wenda. She tells the officer that the thugs broke her car, and Li Zhicheng saved her. Li Zhicheng thinks it’s funny that Lin Qian treats him as security manager.

Lin Qian smiles that Li Zhicheng could handle it even if she didn’t come. He laughs and introduces himself to her, but he doesn’t disclose he was the military officer saving her.

Director Zhang suggests to send the defective goods to dealer to save loss. Gu Yanzhi wants to refute, but Li Zhicheng stops him with the message. Most of people agree to give the defective goods to dealer on the end. Gu Yanzhi visits Li Zhicheng and thinks the decision will bring more troubles. But Li Zhicheng claims that he has a plan.

Lin Mochen visits Lin Qian at the studio, and sees her dealing with the fabric Wenda compensated. He mentions the rumor that Wenda’s fabric is carcinogenic, and thinks someone is intentional to wrong Wenda.

Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng decide to unite breaking Wenda. They tell the message to reporters, and reporters track the trucks. But Li Zhicheng stops the trucks and returns company.

Lin Mocheng asks Lin Qian how she will deal with it, if she meets similar matter. She says that she will burn it. Just then Chen Xiaoya asks Lin Qian to see the news. Li Zhicheng declares in the camera that the product doesn’t cause cancer, and burns the defective goods. Lin Qian doesn’t expect Li Zhicheng had same idea to her, and admires him.

Our Glamorous Time Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

President Xue arrives and thinks some people needs to be responsible for it. He pretends to dismiss the directors but makes excuse for them. Li Zhicheng argues with him, so President Xue has to give in.

Chen Zheng calls Ning Weikai and reminds him to be careful of Grace, the woman knew everything. Lin Qian tells her older brother that she decided to stay in China. He has to leave with regret. The next day, she announces to look for a job. Xia Ya reminds Lin Qian that her dream is to become a top designer. Lin Qian says that she doesn’t want to rely on her older brother, and needs experience.

Li Zhicheng returns home and asks paralytic father if he suspected Li Zhiqian’s death. Because Li Zhiqian wasn’t a drinker. But father says Li Zhiqian drinks wine when he is under great pressure. Li Zhicheng refutes that his brother was going to sign a big contract, and older brother and father’s war never ends. He doesn’t want to excite father when his stroke, and gets the blanket for him.

Lin Qian applies the position in Si Meiqi. The director likes her and informs her to work. But Lin Qian cancels it, as the products are copied. Then she goes to New Baorui. But the director rejects her resume is blank. She leaves with anger.

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Grace is tangled by a stalker at parking lot. Ning Weikai arrives to save her and sprays medicine for her. She gets goose bumps and keeps distance. He asks her about the interview of the fashion magazine, but she says that he gave the chance to Li Zhicheng. He is disappointed.

Li Zhicheng dismisses Gu Yanzhi’s Vice President position, and sends him to Aida. Gu Yanzhi asks Li Zhicheng for the explaination. Li Zhicheng smiles and shows the papers to him. Gu Yanzhi is shocked.

Ning Weikai walks Grace home. She asks him why he left Wenda and set up a new company. He says that it was Li Zhiqian’s plan because the inside of Wenda was terrible. She asks him why he united Chen Zheng to deal with Wenda. Ning Weikai smiles and says Li Zhicheng was his fated enemy when he returned. So he will try his best to destroy Wenda.

Li Zhongming wants Li Zhicheng to be the next president of Wenda, but Li Zhicheng wants to manage Aida company instead. Li Zhicheng’s decision shocks everyone.

He takes Gu Yanzhi to Aida and hosts the meeting. The firm decides to get a big project, but most of the directors are against it. Because Aida lacks designer. Li Zhicheng decides to hire the designer. Gu Yanzhi doesn’t understand Li Zhicheng’s decision. Li Zhicheng says he came to Aida was to boost Wenda, and he has the candidate of designer.

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