Princess Agents Episode 2 – Poison

Madame Song lets Chu Qiao (Zanilia Zhao) do housework when she is not well-healed. The elder sister Jin Zhixiang begs Madame Song for more leniency. She is scolded by her. The steward Zhu Shun says, “Yuwen Yue is going to hold a birthday party for Yan Xun in two days. The girl will be killed if she messes it.”

Princess Agents Episode 2 Recap Part 1:

Princess Agents

Madame Song lets Chu Qiao carry the grasses. Meanwhile, Zhu Shun asks for paying back on caring Chu Qiao to Jin Zhixiang and spoons her. At this time, Chu Qiao inquires about the position of bluet, so that she leaves Zhu Shun.

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Yuwen Huai lets Zhu Shun drop poison in Yuwen Yue’s wine. Chu Qiao sees it, however she doesn’t do anything. Jin Zhixiang is arranged to pour wine for Yuwen Yue. He don’t want to drink because he knows there is poison in it. Yuwen Huai says with smiling, “I will kill the girl if you don’t drink it.” Jin Zhixiang holds the wine glass and begs him. Chu Qiao doesn’t want to see her sister become their victim. She overturns the wine glass and makes them target her. She begs those princes to pass her older sister. Yuwen Huai is going to kill her after hearing what she says. Yang Xun claims, “It’s my birthday. I don’t want to see death. Let’s us play a game to decide the slave girl future.” He takes out a token from his waist. There are two sides in it. One is a dragon design, the other is lettering. If she guesses it right, we should convicts her death penalty. Chu Qiao guesses it right at the end. Hence, she passes the death penalty, however she is still hung on a tree.

Yunwen Yue (Lin Gengxin) saves her at nightfall. He satirizes her, “You have ability to create trouble but don’t have ability to run away. It’s stupid.”

Chu Qiao is at her last gasp, while fifth elder brother carries her returning woodshed. Madame Song warns Chu Qiao’s sisters, “I will send her to blissful tower because she offends Yuwen Huai.” The sisters are afraid of it and decide to save her from the trouble.

Princess Agents Episode 2 Recap Part 2:

Princess Agents

The slave girl Jin Zhu around Yuwen Yue is a spy which is controlled by Yuwen Huai. She will place toxic Suan Chou in front of Yuwen Zhuo according to the order of Zhu Shun. In order to scapegoat someone, she gives fifth elder brother Jin Linxi the token to help Chu Qiao out of the house and lets him place toxic Suan Chou in front of Yuwen Zhuo. Yuwen Zhuo is dead because of a kind of poison from Western Regions.

Meanwhile, Chu Qiao flees in her sisters help. She hears Zhu Shun and Jin Zhu’s talking knowing Jin Linxi is in danger. Unexpectedly, she sees Yuwen Yue killing Jin Linxiand throwing him into a fire when she returns. Chu Qiao wants to rush to the fire saving her brother, but Yuwen Yue hits her leg by a little stone. She is caught by soldiers and thrown on the ground.

Desperate Chu Qiao blames Yuwen Yue murdering innocent and claims her brother isn’t spy. Yuwen Yue says, “So what can you do if I murders innocents? It’s a world looking up to strong. You just become strong if you don’t want to be trampled.”

At this time, a tarantula spider climbs on Chu Qiao’s arm. Yuwen Yue kills it by his sword and hurts her arm. He doesn’t explain it and says with a cold tone, “it’s your retribution.” Then, he leaves.

Chu Qiao tells her sisters that fifth elder brother is dead when she returns woodshed. Jin Xiaoba eighth younger sister think she is a bane. Jin Zhixiang doesn’t let her say that. They argues.

Zhu Xun reports to Yuwen Huai when he knows Yuwen Zhuo is dead, but Yuwen Huai isn’t satisfied with it. Because he doesn’t see the corpse.

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