Delicious Destiny Episode 6 – Task

Song Jia Ming (Mao Xiao Tong) promises her father Song De Zhong that she will not look for her mother and wants him to dry out. Song De Zhong agrees it.

Delicious Destiny Episode 6 Recap Part 1:

Delicious Destiny

Song Jia Ming asks A Cong to give dieda wine to Li Yu Zhe. Li Yu Zhe smiles while he sees the note she leaves. A Cong thinks he falls in love with her but he denies it. A Cong lets him describe her. He not only mentions many advantages of her, but also claims he enjoys her trouble.

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Ye Yi Lan (Chen Xin Yu) wants to separate Song Jia Ming and Li Yu Zhe. She asks Zhao Han to change Li Yu Zhe. Zhao Han relaunches a brand new ‘Delicious Destiny’ and creates a food version love reality tv show. Li Yu Zhe and Song Jia Ming don’t agree it. Zhao Han has to pick out another 3 hosts to let Li Yu Zhe select. However, he isn’t satisfaction. He decides to pick out his partner in person. Hence, he takes Song Jia Ming shopping and eating.

Yi Yu Zhe (D’Angelo Mike) takes Song Jia Ming to eat private home cuisine and lets her read the ingredients. He scrubs the sauce on the corners of his mouth. Ye Yi Lan is very sad after seeing it. Song Jia Ming gets a call from Bai Yang. Bai Yang reveals that Lucy post their photos on Weibo and frames her to get a chance to host on ‘Delicious Destiny’. Zhao Han lets Song Jia Ming ignore the gossip. Because it can boost the show’s popularity.

Ye Yi Xuan poses for Li Yu Xi. She takes off all of his clothing and sens him into washroom after getting a call from fashion magazine. Ye Yi Xuan has to dress black garbage bag and return home. Jiang Xiu Yun sees it and blames him. She wants to drive him away.

Delicious Destiny Episode 6 Recap Part 2:

Delicious Destiny

Jiang Xiu Yun confronts Li Jian Guo as why Li Yu Zhe takes photos with a girl. Li Jian Guo explains it’s just a misunderstanding. But Jiang Xiu Yun lets him close his shop and back to Li Jian Guo’s company, otherwise she will cancel their engagement.

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Li Yu Zhe’s car blocks her way while Song Jia Ming wants to say good morning to Zhao Han. He looks her dressing casually, so he gives her clothes and shoes and lets her wear it. She attracts Zhao Han successfully. Li Yu Zhe reminds her that she needs play hard to get, so that she can catches him. He gives two pieces of tickets to Song Jia Ming and Zhao Han.

Li Jian Guo persuades his son to return his company. Li Yu Zhe refuses it. Li Jian Guo requires his shop’s monthly profit has to achieve 150,000 yuan, otherwise he needs to close it.

Zhao Han doesn’t see Li Yu Zhe but Song Jia Ming in the cinema. Song Jia Ming sees a borderline-libelous video about Li Yu Zhe’s shop. She doesn’t have emotion to watch the movie and looks for him immediately. Boss Zhou calls and warns her to leave him. Song Jia Ming argues with him in the office. Li Yu Zhe hears their talking. Song Jia Ming explains to Boss Zhou that she supports him is because Zhao Han trusts him. Li Yu Zhe is disappointed. He swears he will not see Song Jia Ming again.

Song Jia Ming worries about the shop’s situation. She knows the 150,000 yuan task Li Yu Zhe’s father gives him from A Cong. She and A Cong catches Wang Jun who posts borderline-libelous video on the internet. Ye Yi Lan finds Wang Jun also. She warns him that she will prosecute him. Song Jia Ming apologizes to Wang Jun after seeing he argues with Ye Yi Lan.

Wang Jun takes her to the bar and promises to her that he will delete the videos if her drinking makes him happy. When Song Jia Ming is going to do that, Li Yu Zhe stops her and offers playing pooling to replace it. Wang Jun says yes. Li Yu Zhe wins it eventually. However, Wang Jun wants to say no. Li Yu Zhe records his previous words.

Wang Jun calls Li Jiang Guo and reports it. He is hired by Li Jiang Guo and forces Li Yu Zhe closing his shop.

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