Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Episode 19 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Episode 19. The doorbell rings. Wei Yi and Situ Mo are startled to get up. The two are surprised by their parent’s visiting. Wei Yi jumps to another room through balcony.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama: Episode 19 Recap

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama: Episode 19.


Happiness keeps saying beside ear, youth laughs with dimple.

Love is rain drop turns into candy, it drops one by one.

Sunlight runs around eyes, it warms paragraph of memory.

There is many plots cannot tell, hiding in the mind to glow.

Keeps playing, and wind, moon, and stars fill the sky.

The little time is very long, please speak it without hurry.

The remote sky is very warm, it likes the sunny of first meet.

The little time is filled with fragrance, it grows up in the noise.

Looking back in the happiness, safety after goodbye.

It’s worth of collection all the life, missing without forgetting.


Wei Yi gets the cover for Situ Mo and lies next to her. He stares at her.


Questions in the book, they’re all not problems.

Questions can be found the principle.

Thinking self has perfect logic, but finds the no solution question.

You burst into my heart in such way with a sweet naivety.

Your smile gives me courage.

Let you lean on my shoulder, you are my unknown world.

Opening the reticent knot for you, so I’m never timid.

Let you lean on my shoulder, holding hand to walk though all of the seasons.

The feeling of beating, writing with youth.

The plot for you is very enthusiastic, it never wilts.


The doorbell rings. Wei Yi and Situ Mo are startled to get up. The two are surprised by their parent’s visiting. Wei Yi jumps to another room through balcony.

The two go out and greet the parents. Situ Mo’s mom wonders why the kids exchanged the rooms.

Lao Gu thinks he didn’t manage Wei Yi and promises to give Ms. Huang and Mr. Si Tu an answer. Madam points out that the kids are just in love, and she doesn’t expect that Wei Yi and Situ Mo ran well.

Ms. Huang brags that she taught Madam to change the diaper for Wei Yi. Madam regrets for not taking the baby marriage, and offers to talk about the two’s marriage. She offers to take a look at the yellow calendar, so that Ms. Huang checks the yellow calendar through her phone.

Madam wants to take the house Situ Mo and Wei Yi live as wedding house, and Ms. Huang agrees to it. Lao Gu takes the tissue box and feels awkward. Situ Mo stops Ms. Huang, and Madam thinks they should ask the kids about their opinions.

Wei Yi says that they’re adult and they can do the plan for future on their own. He says that he doesn’t intend to decide the date. Ms. Huang asks Wei Yi when they’re going to get married.

Wei Yi has an eye contact with Wei Yi, and says that they don’t have the plan. Mr. Situ agrees to it and thinks the two are too young.

Wei Yi and Situ Mo hold hands to wait for bus. She asks him if they will get married. He hits her head and tells her not to think bad things.

Ms. Huang blames Mr. Situ for his leaving, and thinks Wei Yi is very outstanding. He tells her not to get Situ Mo to flatter Wei Yi. She mentions Situ Mo hasn’t get changed for ten days, but he thinks his daughter does it for environmental protection.

Ms. Huang thinks Mr. Situ’s head should be recycled. He thinks Wei Yi doesn’t intend to marry Situ Mo as he said that he doesn’t have the plan. Ms. Huang thinks Wei Yi meant that he doesn’t have the plan on the current phase.

Madam thinks Mr. Situ got angry because of Wei Yi, and thinks Wei Yi is like Lao Gu. Lao Gu wants to call Mr. Situ and apologize. She stops him and intends to explain it to Ms. Huang. Lao Gu regrets that he didn’t see the nature of the thing. He thinks Wei Yi likes Situ Mo, and mentions he was like to enjoy a superfine porcelain when he looked at her.

Madam asks Lao Gu why Wei Yi said that he doesn’t have plan to get married. He tells her to ask Wei Yi.

Wei Yi asks Zhou Lei why he slept in the lab, and Zhou Lei reveals he couldn’t read book because the light was turned off too early. Wei Yi asks Zhou Lei if there is an examination in his department, and Zhou Lei reminds Wei Yi that he should take the examination to get the quota of going to Germany.

Wei Yi got the reason why Zhou Lei asked him for the note, and Zhou Lei asks Wei Yi if he conceals some parts. Wei Yi thinks it will test the quantum mechanics, and wants to sort out a detailed note to Zhou Lei. Zhou Lei claims that he will exceed Wei Yi if he is given the enough time. But Wei Yi tells Zhou Lei not to do the speculate without any scientific basis.

Fu Pei sprays at his roommate and tells him to leave as Wang Shan will visit. The roommate blames them for taking back girlfriends and driving him out. After the roommate leaves, Fu Pei cleans the room.

Fu Pei stays with Wang Shan in the room, and the two are nervous. She offers to do it next time. He is against it as he waited for her very long. She blinds her eyes when he checks the score. He tells her that her score is higher than the nation score.

Wang Shan jumps to hug Fu Pei, and thinks she is a learning bully as she was busying to be in love with him before the postgraduate. He hugs her back.

Senior Sister tells the students that they don’t have to come afternoon as Mr. Jiang took the cat to see doctor. Zhou Lei says that he has many questions to ask Mr. Jiang but he won’t come. Zhou Lei asks Wei Yi to stay to accompany him, and claims he doesn’t study from him.

Wei Yi rejects it as he needs to pick up Situ Mo. So Zhou Lei asks Yu Xin a favor. But she claims she needs to do thesis.

Fu Pei is going to check his score, and Wang Shan asks him why he isn’t nervous. He says that his girlfriend is the learning bully, and thinks he won’t be bad. She thrills to tell him that he passed it. He asks for the bonus, and she promises to treat him meal. But he asks for the bonus now and kisses her. She smiles.

Senior Sister runs into Wei Yi at the library and thinks examination isn’t fair to him as it contains many math questions. Zhou Lei shows up and mentions Wei Yi promised him to sort out material. But Wei Yi denies. Zhou Lei wonders why Senior Sister and Wei Yi stay together. Wei Yi says that they just ran into.

Wei Yi teaches the questions to Zhou Lei, and he intends to pick up Situ Mo. But Situ Mo calls him and reveals she will stay at studio the afternoon. Zhou Lei thinks Situ Mo doesn’t need Wei Yi, and tells him to roam in the ocean of knowledge.

The girl asks Situ Mo to record the voice that Xiao Lin calls her to get up. Situ Mo rejects it. The girl complains that her parents tore up the photos of Xiao Lin in her room. She puts her phone on Situ Mo’s hand.

Situ Mo bumps Xue Yu, and Xue Yu scolds her. Xiao Lin thinks Xue Yu spent an hour to find Situ Mo’s mistakes. Situ Mo says that she tried her best to stand Xue Yu. He wonders why she takes an old phone, and she reveals the fan wanted him to record the voice. He wants to do it for her.

Xue Yu gets Situ Mo to buy her drink, but she keeps finding her mistakes. Situ Mo tells Xue Yu to get her assistant to do it as the assistant knows Xue Yu well. Xue Yu asks Situ Mo if she knows her, and Situ Mo says that she baidued. Lin Zhi asks Situ Mo if she baidued him. She says that his pages are more than Xue Yu. Xue Yu rages, and Situ Mo goes to buy Xue Yu drinks.

Xue Yu thinks Situ Mo doesn’t want to live in the industry, and Lin Zhi mentions the title of the Xue Yu bulying workers. She asks what they photoed the fake news, but he reminds her that the paparazzi is shooting them. Xue Yu is furious to leave.

Situ Mo runs back with drinks, and thinks she is going to be fired. But Ling Zhi tells her that he settled Xue Yu. She says that her legs were weak when she went out. He asks her why she invited Xue Yu, and she explains that her company wanted invite Xue Yu because she is hot.

Fu Pei and Wang Shan is in the restaurant, and he thinks he got the bonus he wants. Dad calls Fu Pei and tells him that the aunt Ling Ling wants to introduce a doctor for him. Fu Pei claims that he has a girlfriend. But Dad thinks Fu Pei’s girlfriends are bad girls. Fu Pei agreed to go on the blind date, but he tells Dad not to regret.

Xue Yu wants to treat the works a meal, and tells Situ Mo to attend. Situ Mo calls Wei Yi and tells him to pick her up after an hour.

Xue Yu gets Situ Mo to drink wine, and Zhi Cun wants to help Situ Mo. But the manager reminds him the camera on the table. Situ Mo is drunk, and Xue Yu asks Zhi Cun to send Situ Mo home. Wei Yi shows up and wants to take Situ Mo home.

Zhi Cun asks Wei Yi to prove that he is Situ Mo’s girlfriend. So Wei Yi says Situ Mo who is Yuan Yuan’s father and who is Yuan Yuan’s mother. She says that they’re Yuan Yuan’s parents.

Wei Yi carries Situ Mo to the bridge, and she vomits to the river. He carries her again, and she blows to his ear. He has some feelings.


Love your mouth corner, love your eyelash.

Love your hair tips, love your flavor.

The signal in your eyes, the pride of pout.

It’s your own bag of expression.

Love your tone, love your flighty.

Love your smile, love your hugging.

You flatter like a cat, my defence is invalid.

The feeling nobody can substitute.

Hook fingers and step around you, feel the love is clear.

Feel lucky to meet you, smirk while sleeping.

It makes me beating fast.

Make weet ferment day by day, bake the taste of romantic.

The sweetness is just right, want to eat it up.

A portion of love bread, but taste out the glorious of double portions.

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  1. This episode was cute. I loved that Gu Wei Yi asked Momo who the parents of the vacuum. I laughed so hard when I watched that scene. Thank you so much for uploading this. Something always happens in my life while I try watching the show so I always end up missing something.

    I wonder if Zhi Cun is Momo’s second love interest. I hope they will become friends instead. Their chemistry is adorable.

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