A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 5 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 5. The game begins. You Nian and Yi Chao takes team members to get man scores. But the opponent trips Yi Chao. Yi Chao is taken away.

A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 5 Recap

A Little Thing Called First Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 5.

Teacher Ye tells the team member to replace Yi Chao, but he says that he cannot do that. Yi Chao says that he can do. But You Nian tells him to rest, and promises to take back the championship.

Yi Chao thinks the opponent will use the dirty method and You Nian cannot deal with them. He tells Teacher Ye that he can do it. But Teacher Ye tells Yi Chao to stay there. Kai Tuo shows up and wants to do it.

He Yin yells that the top 1 of the school Kai Tuo came to save the situation. But Miao Miao thinks You Nian is the best. The two glare at each other. You Nian trips, and Miao Miao notes that his left arm is hurt.

Miao Miao visits You Nian and thinks he was hurt. But he says that it’s just a little wound. She thinks he wouldn’t tell people about his wound, even if the game is over. She tells him to care for himself when he thinks of others.

You Nian promises it. But Miao Miao explains that he needs to be applied ointment when he is hurt, and it should be used ice cube when doing ice applying. He asks her if she wants to eat his popsicle, and she intends to take it. But he takes it back and claims he wants to eat it.

You Nian asks Miao Miao where she took the medicines, and she says that she went home to take them. He shows the medicine to her and asks when he needs to use the chicken and phoenix pill. She takes it back and treats his wound.

Liang Gang is treating Kai Tuo’s back, and Madam notes the wound on You Nian’s face. She learns that Kai Tuo and You Nian were hurt while playing basketball. You Nian reveals he and Kai Tuo played basketball together.

Kai Tuo says that You Nian would fail if he didn’t help him. But You Nian points out that Kai Tuo’s score is low than him. Kai Tuo yells that the time he took is short than You Nian. Madam treats Kai Tuo’s wound in person and thinks it’s good that the brothers played basketball together.

Liang Gang wants to treat You Nian’s wound, but You Nian says that he got treated. Madam asks Kai Tuo to eat together and reveals she cooked bone soup. She intends to put the soup in the fridge when he doesn’t reply her.

Madam gets the soup for You Nian, and she turns around. Liang Gang tells her not to wait for Kai Tuo since he doesn’t want to eat. Kai Tuo shows up and asks Madam to get him a bowl of rice. She is very happy and asks You Nian about his college entrance examination. He says that he is confident.

Liang Gang asks about the discipline, and You Nian says the architecture department of Sea University. Liang Gang is against it, but Madam stops Liang Gang scolding You Nian. She says that the kid has eaten less, but Liang Gang points out that You Nian doesn’t like to eat fat meat. She feels sorry.

Kai Tuo asks Liang Gang if his mom didn’t serve his son well, but Madam comforts You Nian, “You Nian! what you want to eat? Mom will cook it for you.” But Kai Tuo points out that You Nian doesn’t treat Madam as his mom.

Kai Tuo is furious to leave. Madam explains that she didn’t think too much because Kai Tuo likes to eat braised pork. You Nian says that it’s ok, and reveals he isn’t a picky eater anymore.

You Nian takes out the family photo of him and his mom, and remembers Liang Gang offered to eat out. But You Nian wanted to eat at home. Mom slapped his head and wanted to take a break because it’s her birthday. Liang Gang asked Chen Hui to make a wish, and Liang Gang wished his mom to cook Chinese cabbage and pork dumplings. But she claimed that she won’t step in the kitchen. Chen Hui wishes You Nian not to be the picky eater.

In the morning. Mom thinks Miao Miao set up shop too early, and Miao Miao wants to get up early than You Nian. You Nian rides by, and Miao Miao asks if he had breakfast. He reveals his dad gave it him but he forgot to take it. She asks him to buy her breakfast, and he thinks she tricked him to buy.

Miao Miao gives the breakfast to You Nian, and he sees the words “university entrance exam fighting” on the drink. He learns that she intended to make it for him, but she reveals her mom asked her to write. Mom asks what she asked Miao Miao to write, and You Nian shows the drink to her. Mom asks for ten yuan, and Miao Miao glares at Mom.

You Nian steps in the examination ground, and Madam calls him. She brings the dumplings for him, but he wants to eat after returning home. She asks him to eat it when it’s hot, and takes out a dumpling. You Nian eats it, but someone takes a photo of them.

Miao Miao sees the newspaper and learns that You Nian ate Madam’s dumplings. He Xin thinks Madam did a good job. Kai Tuo thinks nothing a mom cannot do, but Miao Miao tells him to get his mom doing it for him. Kai Tuo asks Miao Miao to repeat it. He Xin tells Miao Miao to apologize.

Miao Miao asks Kai Tuo why he always agitates when she mentions You Nian’s mom. She thinks his mom passed away. He Xin tells Miao Miao that she said wrong.

Lu Peng asks You Nian about his examination. You Nian says that he tried his best. Lu Peng asks You Nian what discipline he wants to take, and You Nian says the architecture of Sea University. Lu Peng thinks Liang Gang will feel happy for You Nian, but You Nian reveals his dad doesn’t wish him to take the specialty.

You Nian thinks he should listen to Liang Gang’s proposal. But Lu Peng tells You Nian not to get disturbed by someone else’s opposition voice. But he reminds him that the tuition is paid by Liang Gang. You Nian wants to take scholarship each year.

Miao Miao arrives at the studio and asks You Nian why he still draws to relax since his examination was ended. He says that there is a drawing he wants to complete.

Liang Gang is very happy that You Nian got first place, and he offers to eat out to celebrate. Madam asks You Nian where he wants to celebrate. But he doesn’t want to celebrate today.

Liang Gang gets a call from the head teacher, and asks You Nian if he only filled the architecture department of Sea University. You Nian says yes, and Liang Gang asks him to change it. But You Nian rejects it.

Liang Gang takes You Nian’s drawing and tears it up. Madam thinks Liang Gang should respect You Nian’s will, and he thinks she only knows to defend You Nian. Liang Gang reveals You Nian’s mom died because of taking the architecture of Sea University. You Nian learns that Liang Gang still remembers his mom, and leaves.

Liang Gang walks around the room and realizes that it’s You Nian’s mom’s birthday today. Miao Miao finds You Nian in the lighthouse, and he reveals Liang Gang wanted to stay with Kai Tuo’s mom when his mom just passed away for one year. So he agreed to be against their marriage with Kai Tuo.

But Liang Gang was sad. So You Nian let them go. You Nian says that nobody remembers his mom’s birthday, and Miao Miao cries. He asks her why she cries, and she says that she will stand it.

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You Nian returns home, and Liang Gang is waiting for him. Liang Gang asks You Nian if he still wants to be against him. You Nian tells Liang Gang that he took architecture department isn’t against him.

Madam tells You Nian that Liang Gang didn’t intend to forget his wife’s birthday. You Nian asks Liang Gang for the box his mom put the design drawing.

The next day, You Nian tells students that Liang Gang went out, and he manages the studio. He asks them to call him Little Teacher Liang. Miao Miao applauds.

The classmate asks Miao Miao for the pigment. But she cannot squeeze out the pigment. You Nian does the job for her but he breaks it. He wants to compensate a new one to her, but she claims she has many pigments at home.

You Nian visits the shop and wants to buy Mali brand pigment. The seller thinks You Nian didn’t use the brand before. You Nian says that he wants to give it to someone. The seller tells You Nian to buy the expensive one, and mentions the girl is staring at it. You Nian laughs when Miao Miao complains that her mom didn’t give her enough money.

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