Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Episode 20 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese Drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Episode 20. Wei Yi carries Situ Mo home and puts her in the bed. He takes off the shoes for her and gets cover for her. He turns off the light and leaves.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama: Episode 20 Recap

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama: Episode 20.

Wei Xi washes the clothes and dries them at the balcony. He goes to sleep, but the wind blows off his black underpants.

Situ Mo wakes up in the morning and checks her phone. She yells that she is late, and runs to take her shoes. She says that she is late, but he tells her that he asked for leave for her.

Situ Mo wants to return to sleep, but Wei Yi asks her about her neck. She says that she is allergy to alcohol. He blames her for drinking too much when she knows she is allergy.

Situ Mo holds Wei Yi’s hand and explains that she didn’t intend to do so. She promises not to drink again, and he thinks her body is with wine flavor. He tells her not to attend such gathering, and doesn’t allow her to contact the male star.

Wei Yi wants to buy breakfast for Situ Mo, and she asks for the fried dough sticks of the first restaurant and peanut soya bean milk of the third restaurant.

Wei Yi leaves. Situ Mo picks up the underpants from the floor and washes it. He returns and takes back his underpants. He feels awkward.

Situ Mo tells Wei Yi not to feel shy, and reveals she dries the clothes for her younger brother. She thinks he is no difference with her younger brother as they slept in same bed.

Wei Yi throws Situ Mo to the bed and walks to her. He says that he will let her know difference of him and her brother. She calls his name, and Yuan Yuan tells Wei Yi that Situ Mo is summoning him. He tells Yuan Yuan to stop.

Situ Mo asks Wei Yi why Yuan Yuan can speak, and he says that he refitted it. But he tries to lie on her. She asks him what he is doing, and he explains that he gets hypoglycemia.

Wei Yi eats fried dough stick. Situ Mo thinks he is really no difference with her brother as he is weak and doesn’t like athletics. He warns her not to say so again, and she says that her brother cannot refit Yuan Yuan.

Wei Yi startles Situ Mo while knocking at the door. She asks him what he wants, and he wants to ask her about the foods she wants to eat. She tells him to talk about it outside, and she goes to boil noodles.

Situ Mo tells Wei Yi to wait in his room when he stares at her. But he wants to see her boiling. She tells him to call her when the water is boiling, and she returns to her room.

Wei Yi searches the question “What to do the girlfriend avoids me?” She asks him what he is doing, and he says that he is reading thesis. She mentions she asked him to watch the hot water in the kitchen. He says that he is watching, and she asks him how he watches since he is in the room.

Wei Yi tells Situ Mo to approach him, but she wants to go to the kitchen. He shows his phone to him, and it can see the kitchen. She goes to the kitchen, and there is a phone. He tells her that the water is boiling, and she turns off the phone.

Situ Mo offers to eat the noodles, but Wei Yi thinks it’s hot. She tells him that instant noodles should be eaten when it’s hot. But she yells to stop him with a pillow when he tries to blow to her noodles. He takes the remote control.

Situ Mo asks when she will get interviewed about the thesis. But Wei Yi doesn’t believe if she can graduate. But Situ Mo is very confident.

Situ Mo goes out of the room, and Meng Lu asks her what teachers asked. Situ Mo reveals the teachers didn’t trouble her because she is going to change profession. Meng Lu wants to change profession as well, but Situ Mo thinks it’s too late.

Situ Mo tells her friends that she is going to see Wei Yi’s interview, and the girl wants Wei Yi to treat them. But Situ Mo says that they’re broke.

Wei Yi wants to take Situ Mo to eat, but she says that her friends asked him to treat them. Wei Yi only wants to give money, but Situ Mo rejects it.

Situ Mo is surprised that they ordered many dishes, and asks Wei Yi if he took enough money. He says that he calculated it. Meng Lu shows up and sees the dishes. She thinks Wei Yi is richer than Fu Pei. Wang Shan thinks they won’t eat up the foods, and Niu Niu wants to take them back.

Wang Shan reminds Niu Niu that she is on a diet, but Niu Niu says that the metabolic rate will drop when she doesn’t eat enough foods. Fu Pei texts Wang Shan, asking her to visit her when it ends.

Dad introduces Jian Shi to Fu Pei, and asks for the most expensive dish. The waitress reveals the fish costs 3,800 yuan per ounce. Dad asks Jian Shi if she likes it, and she says that she is ok with that. Fu Pei tells Dad to express the liking to Jian Shi with the fish. Dad orders one pound of the fish.

Wei Yi goes to check out, and the woman tells him that it’s 3,453 yuan. Situ Mo thinks she tricked them, and the woman asks if they need to check the bill. Wei Yi rejects it and mentions the fish costs 1,100 yuan. Situ Mo asks Wei Yi if he means the sweet and sour fish. But he says that it costs 7,800 per pound. Situ Mo thinks Wei Yi is insane. But the woman points out that the most expensive fish is 3,800 yuan per ounce.

Wei Yi claims that he didn’t bought the fish of 3,800 yuan per ounce, but Situ Mo says that she will dismantle Yuan Yuan if he did so. He pays, and she learns that he only have 0.12 yuan. She asks him if he really calculated it.

Dad introduces Fu Pei to Jian Shi, but Fu Pei says that he has a girlfriend and she is pretty than Jian Shi. Wang Shan shows up. Fu Pei holds her hand and introduces Wang Shan to the two. Jian Shi thinks Fu Pei should respect her, but he points out that she didn’t think of respect when she ate the fish.

Fu Pei says that the meal is good, and intends to take Wang Shan to leave. Dad throws the spoon to Fu Pei, but Wang Shan blocks it. Dad thinks Fu Pei is dumb, and Wang Shan says that she will visit him with Fu Pei next time.

Fu Pei laughs and thinks Wang Shan made Dad angry. She thinks she did it too much, but he thinks she did it well.

Wei Yi gets the water for Situ Mo. But she rejects it and thinks she is going to die. He offers to eat the instant noodles, but she points out that it’s their last instant noodles. He says that his scholarship will be sent before graduation. She offers to use her money, but he rejects it. She asks if they need to drink northwest wind before the scholarship arrives. He thinks they cannot stand to the graduation photo if they don’t eat the instant noodles.

The two decide to eat the instant noodles, and Wei Yi says that it looks good. Situ Mo takes out the boiled egg she found in the crack of fridge. The two want to give the egg to each other, but the egg drops off. Situ Mo puts the egg on the tissue and thinks they shouldn’t waste it.

Situ Mo eats up the egg when they’re eating. Wei Yi asks about the egg, but she pretends to know nothing.

Situ Mo is stunned when running into Wei Yi. He asks her to tie to tie for him. She does it for him even if she doesn’t master it. He wants to tie the tie for her, but she intends to get Lu Lu to do the job.

Niu Niu asks Lu Lu if she wants to see A Ke wearing bachelor gown. But Lu Lu shares that A Ke showed it to her with selfie. She wants to see Fu Pei and Wei Yi wearing bachelor gown. Wang Shan tells Lu Lu not to look at Fu Pei, and Fu Pei rides to Wang Shan, calling her name. Lu Lu thinks Fu Pei’s IQ is low.

Fu Pei takes out the rose from his gown, and Wang Shan asks him if it’s hurt. He says yes but tells her he stood it.

Situ Mo asks Lu Lu to tie the tie for her, and Wei Yi needs to go to lab. Niu Niu asks if Wei Yi has a woman in the lab because he wanted to leave when he just came. Lu Lu reveals there is a pretty senior sister in the lab and she likes Wei Yi. She mentions Wei Yi didn’t give flowers and Fu Pei’s chest was broken for Wang Shan. Situ Mo points out that Lu Lu and Niu Niu weren’t given flowers.

Situ Mo gets in the room, and Wei Yi shows up with a bunch of flowers.

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