Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 8 [Recap]

This is the recap of Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 8. Jia Luo, Yuwen Yong and Gao Jiong talk about how to get rid of Yuwen Hu. Yuwen Yong and Gao Jiong persuade Jia Luo not to be rash. She leaves, but Yuwen Yong is lost. He lay that he gives her up.

Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap

Queen Dugu

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 8.

Yuwen Zhu asks Yuwen Yu to give marriage for her and Yang Zan. But he tells her to get accepted by Yuwen Hu. Yuwen Hu rejects it, so Yuwen Zhu stabs her neck with the hairpin and passes out.

Yuwen Hu agrees with it, but asks Yuwen Zhu to report the action of Yang family to him.

Jia Luo visits the memorial tablets of her family, and she hates Yuwen Hu. The masked person helps Jia Luo’s shoulder behind, and Jia Luo finds out that she is the sister-in-law. The woman reveals her leg was broken and her face was ruined. She was saved by a hunter. The two are happy to cry.

Yang Jian waits outside, and he wants to give Jia Luo a warm family. But she rejects him. Because she doesn’t want to get him involved.

Yang Zhong learns Yuwen Hu killed some of his soldiers, and he wants to take the duty for them. He tells Yang Jian that he wants to get rid of Yuwen Hu. Yang Jian visits Jia Luo and tells her Yang Zhong’s decision.

Yang Jian intends to kill Yuwen Hu at their wedding, but he doesn’t tell Jia Luo that he decides to die. He intends to exchange Jia Luo’s safety with his life, even if he cannot stay with her all his life.

Yuwen Hu receives the invitation card, and he thinks Yang family won’t hurt him. So he decides to attend the wedding.

Yang Jian decides to get rid of Yuwen Hu on his way, and he asks Xu Zhuo a favor. Yang Jian gets Xu Zhuo to stun Jia Luo and send her out of the city. Because he can take action when Jia Luo is safe.

Yang Jian picks up Jia Luo, and he gives her the hairpin he sculptured. Jia Luo decides not to get Yang family involved. She drops the powder into the wine of Heavenly King’s wine.

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