Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 9 [Recap]

This is the recap of Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 9. Queen leaves, and Jia Luo asks Yuwen Hu to drink the wedding wine. Zhao Yue worries the poison of the wine, and stops Jia Luo.

Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap

Queen Dugu

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 9.

Jia Luo drinks the wine, and Yuwen Hu thinks she won’t bet with the lives of Queen and Yang family. So he drinks. Jia Luo asks Yuwen Hu to eat wedding cookie, and Zhao Yue tests it with his silver needle.

Yuwen Hu intends to eat the cookie, and Jia Luo is happy. Because the poison will be outburst when he drinks the wine and eats the cookie.

Ying E takes the knife and wants to kill Yuwen Hu. Ying E found out that Jia Luo added the toxin into the cookie, and Yuwen Hu said that he will take people to die with him if he is killed.

Ying E pretends to be the people bullied by Yuwen Hu for protecting Jia Luo. Yuwen Hu knows that Jia Luo is related the case, but he forgives Jia Luo because he doesn’t have any evidence.

Jia Luo feels sad for her sister-in-law, but she stands to complete the wedding. Yang Jian cancels the assassination and marries to Jia Luo. He swears to only marry her all his life.

Yang Jian accompanies Jia Luo to worship Ying E. Jia Luo regrets for letting Ying E die, and Yang Jian tells her that her elder brother is still alive and is looking into Yuwen Hu.

Yuwen Hu asks Heavenly King to depose Empress at the court, and Empress tells people Yuwen Hu’s sins. She hits the pillar and takes her life. She tells Heavenly King to be a real king with her death.

Empress’s death wakes courage and uprigtness of Heavenly King. He pretends to obey Yuwen Hu, but prepares to recapture the kingship.

Jia Luo feels guilty for what Yang family did for her, and she helps Yang Zheng marry Yuchi Jiong’s daughter Yuchi Rong. Yuwen Hu cannot bully Yang family because of the supporting of Yuchi family.

Yuwen Zhu tells Yuwen Hu that Jia Luo reduced the spending on clothes and gave gifts. But Yuwen Hu is conceited that nobody will make friend with Yang family under his eyes.

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