A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap for Chinese drama A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 2. Kai Tuo tells Miao Miao that he knew that she posted on the forum of school, and threatens to tell everyone.

A Little Thing Called First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

A Little Thing Called First Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Little Thing Called First Love: Episode 2.

Mom picks up and Miao Miao and intends to take her to wear brace. Miao Miao wonders why Mom always thinks about taking her to wear brace. Mom says that Miao Miao’s teeth aren’t good, and she saved money for her.

Miao Miao mentions A Xia says that it’s hurt while being worn brace, and it’s not convenient to eat. Mom holds Miao Miao’s hair and takes her away. Yi Chao recognizes Miao Miao as the junior sister who gave stuff to You Nian, and You Nian praises Yi Chao for the memories in gossip. Yi Chao reveals Miao Miao is the deskmate of Kai Tuo, and tells You Nian not to diffuse charm to Miao Miao.

Yi Chao mentions Kai Tuo asked to stay away from the people around him. You Nian thinks Yi Chao will be hit if Kai Tuo knows him imitating him. Yi Chao points out that Kai Tuo avoids them.

Mom asks the nurse if they have discount, and the nurse reveals they will do so next week. Mom persuades the nurse, and the nurse asks about her kid. Mom finds out that Miao Miao left.

Mom returns home and tells Miao Miao to wear the brace. A Xia reveals she could only eat fluid when wearing brace. She asks Miao Miao if He Xin is pretty, and Miao Miao says that she is pretty and score is first in the class. A Xia tells Miao Miao to study hard to get in Sea university.

The teacher Lu Peng asks Miao Miao and Kai Tuo to do the math question. Kai Tuo does it, and Lu Peng tells classmates to learn from Kai Tuo. He tells students that the the list of monthly examination is on the bulletin board.

Miao Miao complains that she did the question but forget it. Kai Tuo thinks Miao Miao’s intelligence quotient is bad, and takes away her book to sleep. Miao Miao sees the result of monthly examination, and she is lost to leave.

Miao Miao returns home and hears Mom praise Yao Yao for getting full mark. She gets in the lighthouse, and takes out the test papers. But the test paper flies to You Nian’s face.

You Nian gives the test paper to Miao Miao and tells her to study hard. She tells him that she forgot to take his umbrella, and he realizes that she wanted to return the umbrella to him. She explains that the doll belongs to her younger sister, and she borrowed from her to buy workbooks.

Miao Miao mentions Kai Tuo thought she wasted time with her intelligence quotient. You Nian reveals Kai Tuo always says without thinking about. He teaches her how to do math question then.

Yao Yao takes away the draft from Miao Miao, and thinks there is a problem on Miao Miao as she has giggled for a night. Miao Miao tries to get the draft back. Mom shows up and wants to see the draft as well.

The next day, Miao Miao eats the red egg and waits for You Nian. He rides by and smiles to her. He Xin notes that Miao Miao is copying Kai Tuo’s homework. Miao Miao explains that she is helping Kai Tuo copy. He Xin points out that she didn’t help Kai Tuo copy. Kai Tuo claims that he asked Miao Miao to copy.

He Xing gives the food to Kai Tuo and reveals Aunt asked her to give him. But he doesn’t want to eat. She tells him not to eat the junk foods. Kai Tuo asks Miao Miao to eat the food, and threatens to tell people that she is Shui Lingling. He Xin reminds Kai Tuo that the dumplings is what Aunt got up in the morning to cook.

Kai Tuo thinks He Xin cannot care for it as they’re his dumplings. He Xin mentions Miao Miao copied Kai Tuo’s math homework, and takes her to see the teacher. Kai Tuo stops He Xin and claims he copied Miao Miao’s homework. But He Xin thinks Kai Tuo lay because Miao Miao’s math is bad.

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You Nian shows up, and He Xin reports to him that Miao Miao copied Kai Tuo’s homework. Miao Miao claims she helped Kai Tuo copy homework, so He Xin thinks Miao Miao lay. You Nian checks the homework, and thinks Miao Miao didn’t lie. Kai Tuo mentions the word “Shui”, and Miao Miao apologizes to Kai Tuo.

You Nian thinks Kai Tuo threatened Miao Miao, but Kai Tuo tells You Nian that it’s not his business. He says that Miao Miao volunteered to copy for him, and Miao Miao admits it.

Miao Miao is surprised that Kai Tuo can do the question. He explains that he got her to copy for him was not to waste his time. She asks him why he is always the last place. He Xin tells Miao Miao that it’s not her business.

He Xin cannot open the form, and Miao Miao tells He Xin to use her computer. He Xin thanks Miao Miao.

You Nian runs into Miao Miao at the stationery shop, and he asks her if Kai Tuo threatened her. She says that she cannot speak out, and thinks Kai Tuo isn’t a jerk. She mentions he smiled to her, but he says that it was funny that her eye was red.

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