She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 11-14 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 11-14. Yang Hua tells Qin Shi that his mother wants to come to their house. She mentions his mother doesn’t wish to get a daughter-in-law like her. She adds that his mother doesn’t force him to get married.

She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 11 Recap & Ending

She and Her Perfect Husband

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 11-14.

Yang Hua agrees to what Qin Shi said. He reveals he told Madam Yang that she wants to live outside. Qin Shi wonders why Madam Yang wants to come to their house. Yang Hua confesses that he didn’t tell Madam Yang that their marriage isn’t real. Qin Shi learns that Madam Yang actually thinks Yang Hua is in love with her.

It flashes back. Madam Yang promises not to step in Yang Hua’s business because she doesn’t wish him to hate her. She thinks he should pay more to the girl who came from divorced family. He believes that she doesn’t have to come to the house. She denies it and thinks she will know Qin Shi doesn’t know how to manage family when she sees their living.

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Qin Shi asks Yang Hua if he promised his mother. He denies it and reveals he told Madam Yang that he needs to talk about it with Qin Shi. Qin Shi worries that Madam Yang will come often if she lets her come. She tells Yang Hua that she has a plan.

Madam Yang brings the food Yang Hua likes to him. She asks him about Qin Shi. He explains to her that Qin Shi is working in the company. But she thinks Qin Shi intends to avoid her. Ren Meimei hands over the water to Qin Shi. Qin Shi tells Ren Meimei that she came to avoid Madam Yang.

Ren Meimei thinks Madam Yang is Qin Shi’s mother-in-law. Qin Shi denies it. Ren Meimei tells Qin Shi to take Yang Hua to see her parents to make them happy. Qin Shi asks Ren Meimei not to tell her mother that she has a boyfriend. Ren Meimei wonders why Qin Shi doesn’t wish her to tell it to her mother.

Qin Shi mentions Madam Qin begins to dream the baby when she has a male friend. She reveals Madam Qin had cried for three days after she had broken up with Tao Junhui. She tells Ren Meimei not to give Madam Qin the hope. Madam Yang walks into Qin Shi’s room. She asks Yang Hua if he slept with Qin Shi.

Yang Hua denies it because they don’t get married. Madam Yang asks Yang Hua who cleaned the room. He reveals the room is cleaned by him because Qin Shi needs to work. She complains that Qin Shi should clean the room as well. She sees the condoms in the drawer. Madam Yang is furious to blame Yang Hua for lying to her. She tells him to take duty for his life.

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Lao Jin asks President Lan if she took part in the running of Luowei Yulan. She denies it. He tells her that he trusts her. She thanks him and reveals he’s first one who told her that he trusts her when he looks at her eyes. She complains that everyone thought she’s a liar.

President Lan cries to tell Lao Jin that the people smiled at her turned into demons. She adds that they wanted to bite her. She tells Tang Yinhui that she didn’t dare to return home. She thinks she would take her life if Zhao Danping didn’t stay with her.

Lao Jin reminds President Lan that the future days of her will be terrible. The lawyer tells President Lan that her husband will be sentenced to death. President Lan tells the lawyer that her husband didn’t trick people. Lao Jin comforts President Lan that the judge won’t sentence a person to death easily.

Lao Jin mentions President Lan’s husband Pang Dingfang is abroad. He thinks Pang Dingfang needs to return to China to prove his innocence. He asks her if she can promise that her husband will come back. She admits it and reveals her husband comforted her that he will come back soon.

Lao Jin asks President Lan if she told everything she knew to her husband. Li Dai tells President Lan that she will lose all of her properties if Pang Dingfang doesn’t come back. Zhao Danping thinks President Lan shouldn’t take the duty for Pang Dingfang.

Li Dai tells President Lan to get a divorce with Pang Dingfang if she doesn’t want to die with him. President Lan is against it. She cries to tell Zhao Danping that she wants to leave. Zhao Danping apologizes to Lao Jin. She promises to persuade President Lan.

Lao Jin tells Zhao Danping to think over his first question whose lawyer she wants him to be. He asks her to call him once she makes the decision. She leaves the meeting room with President Lan. The lawyer thinks Qin Shi and Li Dai will be famous if they win the case.

Qin Shi isn’t sure if she will get the case. Lawyer Tan points out that Qin Shi is good at convincing people to get a divorce. Li Dai talks back that Lawyer Tan only persuaded people to kill each other. Qin Shi agrees to what Li Dai said. She tells the two lawyers that they won’t tell them to get a divorce when they ask them a favor.

Li Dai tells Qin Shi that she won’t accept the case. Qin Shi agrees to what Li Dai said. She claims that she’s very busy. But she summons Wu Fei to her office. She asks her to look into the properties of Lan Xiaoting. Wu Fei asks Qin Shi if they accepted Lan Xiaoting’s case. Li Dai denies it. She thinks she should look into Lan Xiaoting even if she doesn’t accept the case.

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Wu Fei asks Tao Junhui about the milk tea she just bought. He goes to take milk tea for her. But he calls someone and tells him that Lan Xiaoting is going to get a divorce with Pang Dingfang. Qin Shi reports to Tang Yinhui that Lan Xiaoting isn’t in her house.

Tang Yinhui is surprised that Qin Shi is looking for Lan Xiaoting. She asks her who told her to do so. Lawyer Tan reports to Tang Yinhui that the guard told him that he hadn’t see Lan Xiaoting for a long time. He tells her to ask Lan Xiaoting’s friends about it.

Zhao Danping leaks that Lan Xiaoting doesn’t have any friend. She doesn’t believe that Lan Xiaoting will come to see her Elder Uncle and Elder Aunt. Lao Jin calms Zhao Danping down because there’s no message which comes from hospital and police.

Lao Jin thinks Lan Xiaoting went to see someone after he watched the footage. He asks Zhao Danping to recall who’s the most important person to Lan Xiaoting. She tells him that the person Lan Xiaoting trusts most is Pang Dingfang. She recalls that Lan Xiaoting is close to the dean of the Welfare Institution.

Qin Shi thinks Lan Xiaoting wouldn’t go to see her children. Yang Hua believes that Lan Xiaoting went to see Pang Dingfang. Qin Shi and Yang Hua go to the airport. They find Lan Xiaoting. Qin Shi texts Tang Yinhui that she has found Lan Xiaoting.

Zhao Danping wonders why her aunt is. Tang Yinhui calls Qin Shi. But she doesn’t pick up her phone. Qin Shi shows up behind Lan Xiaoting. It startles her. Qin Shi tells Lan Xiaoting to go to have a seat to wait for the plane. Lan Xiaoting agrees to it.

Yang Hua brings the drinks to Qin Shi. He walks away. She hands over the drinks to Lan Xiaoting. It makes Lan Xiaoting believe that Yang Hua is a good husband. Qin Shi persuades Lan Xiaoting to call Pang Dingfang. Lan Xiaoting calls her husband. But he doesn’t pick up her phone.

Lan Xiaoting cries. She wonders why her husband fooled her. Qin Shi mentions what Lan Xiaoting told her not to be a strong woman. She reveals she wanted to tell her not to give up herself no matter what happens. She thinks nobody will love her if she gives up herself.

Lan Xiaoting tells Qin Shi that she was asked not to have her opinions. She adds that she had learned to be an outstanding woman before she got married. She tells her that she wanted to a good wife like her mother after she got married.

Lan Xiaoting tells Qin Shi that she thought her life is perfect. She thinks her marriage is like a bubble. She tears up and asks Qin Shi what she should do. Qin Shi comforts Lan Xiaoting that everything will be better. She takes her to see Zhao Danping.

She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 14 Recap & Ending

Qin Shi gets a call from Yang Hua. She tells him that she cannot eat with him because she needs to work. He tells her that he will come to pick her up when she’s off duty. She rejects it and gets a call from Tao Junhui. Tao Junhui tells Qin Shi that he wants to talk about Luowei Yulan with her. Because he has known she accepted Lan Xiaoting’s case.

Qin Shi tells Tao Junhui that she won’t talk with him about Luowei Yulan. But he tells her that he will wait for her. The follower tries to open Qin Shi’s food. But he finds out that it’s too smelly. Li Dai tells Qin Shi to drink with her. But Qin Shi rejects it.

Wu Fei tries to take the book from the bookshelf. But she sees the group photo of Qin Shi and Tao Junhui. Qin Shi texts Tao Junhui that her meeting ended in advance. She tells him that she will come to see him. The thug asks Qin Shi if she’s Lawyer Qin when she’s talking with Yang Hua over the phone.

Qin Shi denies it. She throws away her phone and flees. The thugs chase her. Li Dai gets a call from Madam Yang. Qin Shi tries to avoid the thug. Tao Junhui hugs her from her back. He tries to take her to flee. But the thug blocks their way.

The thug tells Tao Junhui not to care for the business. Tao Junhui tells the thug that he has reported police. The thug tells Tao Junhui that he believes that he will do something bad to Qin Shi. The thugs catch the chance to kidnap Qin Shi.

It flashes back. Tao Junhui asks Qin Shi to get up. He reminds her that he cannot protect her all his life. He tells her to run away when she cannot defeat the enemies.

Qin Shi tries to run away. But she trips. The thug tries to hurt her. But Yang Hua stuns the thug. He tries to take Qin Shi away. But she stops him and asks him to go to help Tao Junhui. Because she worries that Tao Junhui cannot deal with the thugs alone.

Qin Shi tells Yang Hua to return home alone. He has to go to save Tao Junhui. Tao Junhui is defeated by the thug. Yang Hua tries to attack the thug from his back. But it doesn’t work. The thug beats Yang Hua. Tao Junhui stuns the thug.

Master Yang asks Madam Yang to eat something. She rejects it. He asks her what happened. She complains to him that her son forgot her for his wife. She mentions Yang Hua moved out. Master Yang thinks Madam Yang knows nothing about her son. He reminds her that Yang Hua won’t give in for anyone once he likes a girl. He believes that Yang Hua and Qin Shi love each other.

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