First Romance: Episode 2 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama First Romance: Episode 2. Yi Fan keeps twisting towards Yan Ke. The roommate asks Yan Ke if he has a nightmare, and he wakes him up.

First Romance: Episode 2 Recap & Review

First Romance

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for First Romance: Episode 2.

Yan Ke plays piano and thinks Yi Fan is like a discordant note disrupting his rhythm. He says that she is like a candy which activates his taste bud. The male classmate comforts Yi Fan that the music department will help her win the literature and art competition.

The female classmate believes that they will win in Yan Ke’s help. It makes the male classmate angry. The group walks in the music room. Yi Fan asks Yan Ke why he is so early. He says that he just came. She calls the people to be rehearsal of the song. But she finds out that the the classmate’s tones aren’t harmonious.

Yan Ke volunteers to accompany. Yi Fan tells the people to follow the music to sing. The girls complain that the men in music department are bad except Yan Ke. Yi Fan gets a call from Teacher Tang, so she decides not to have lunch with the girls.

Yi Fan calls Yan Ke, but he went to take foods. The man Hua Hua picks the phone up, and Yi Fan tells him that Teacher Tang asks them to try on the costumes. He agrees to it but wants to go after lunch. She tells them to eat first, and says that she can deal with it.

Yan Ke arrives, and Hua Hua reports it to him. The man points out how Yi Fan will try on the men’s clothing. Yan Ke decides not to eat, and he leaves. Yi Fan wears the hat, and asks herself if she agrees to be her girlfriend through the mirror. She thinks Yan Ke will be handsome if he wears it.

Yan Ke arrives and remembers he asked Yi Fan if she has a older brother or younger brother. But she denied. He steps in the hall, and calls Yi Fan. She smiles to run to him, and trips in his arms. He asks her why she dressed up like this, and he is panic to run away.

It’s raining. Yi Fan closes the door and she leaves. The rain hits the pigment through the window, and the clothes are messed. The girls take the clothes, and think they cannot wear them. Yi Fan arrives, and Hua Hua scolds her for not closing the window. She says that she closed it, but still takes the clothes away. She promises to deal with it, and feels sorry.

The girl admits that the one who didn’t close the window was her. Hua Hua realizes that he wronged Yi Fan, and he texts Yan Ke about it. Yi Fan takes the clothes to visit the laundries, but the owners tell her that they cannot do that.

Yi Fan runs into a little girl, and wants to drink her beverages. The little girl cries. She comforts her that she won’t drink her beverages. Yan Ke shows up and gives the ice cream to Yi Fan. She thanks him and says that she doesn’t have any idea to deal with the clothes. The little girl cries again, so Yan Ke gives his ice cream to her.

Yan Ke takes a look at the clothes, and tells Yi Fan to throw the dye to the clothes. She finds out that it works, but they have too many clothes. He tells her that he will help her. The classmates show up and join the two.

Yan Ke takes a look at Yi Fan’s photo, and wonders why she is like Xiao Song so much. The roommate tells the boys that there is a new gym opened at the school, and asks them to visit the gym with him. Song Hua says that he won’t go if there isn’t any girl. Yan Ke finds out that the owner of the gym is Xiao Song. He remembers his first love.

Yi Fan and Ding Ming walk in the gym, and they don’t believe Xiao Song having the ability to open a gym. Xiao Song shows up and runs to them.

It flashes back. Ding Ming notes that Xiao Song is with same hairstyle with Yi Fan. Yi Fan asks for some money. He gives his clothes to her.

Yi Fan wonders what kind of clothes Xiao Song wears, and tells him to turn around. She finds out that he still wears the clothes with his name. Ding Ming thinks he still has a thick hide. He tells the two that his true heart has never been changed.

The two intend to leave. Xiao Song thinks they question his true heart, and wants to challenge them. Ding Ming thinks Xiao Song wants to get hurt, and tells Yi Fan to give him a lesson. Yi Fan walks out of the gym, and thinks she just saw Yan Ke. Ding Ming thinks Yi Fan’s brain can be loaded nothing except Yan Ke.

Yan Ke visits the gym to look for Xiao Song but he is told that Xiao Song went to the basketball court. Yi Fan plays basketball with Xiao Song. Ding Ming cheers Yi Fan up. Yan Ke is on the way to the basketball court, and he begins to run. He remembers Xiao Song bumped into his arms, and she felt sorry.

Yan Ke arrives at the basketball court. But Xiao Song has left. He sees the clothes with Xiao Song’s name at the bus stop. So he calls his name. Xiao Song and Yi Fan get off the bus, and they see Yan Ke. The candy box drops from Yan Ke’s hand.

Yan Ke is shocked, and tells us about his first love. He remembers he ran into Xiao Song at the bus stop. Xiao Song told him to get in the bus.

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