Revenge of Others K-Drama: Episodes 1-2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Revenge of Others K-Drama: Episodes 1-2. Chan-Mi walks to the beach. She films the sea when she walks. It startles Won-Seok when he watches the video. She asks him if the view heals his soul. He smiles to tell her that he’s envy of her.

Revenge of Others K-Drama: Episodes 1 Recap & Ending

Revenge of Others

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Revenge of Others K-Drama: Episodes 1-2.

Won-Seok reminds Chan-Mi that she has a game. He tells her to respect him. He asks her to win a gold medal. He claims that he’s her older brother. So she calls him older brother. He tells her that he will come to see her because he needs to tell her something.

Won-Seok refuses to leak it in advance. His smiling is frozen when someone walks into the classroom. He’s thrown out of the window. He tears up when he lies on the snow. The guy runs away after he killed Won-Seok. Chan-Mi plays the shooting game. She only gets bronze medal because she worried about her older brother.

Chan-Mi calls her older brother. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. Soo-Heon goes to the hospital to see his mother. He promises to get into a good university. He passes out on the street. Chan-Mi gives the presents to the kids. They’re happy to leave her room.

Chan-Mi takes a look at her and Won-Seok’s family photos. She worries about Won-Seok. Chan-Mi smiles to watch the kids when Ji-Won takes a photo of the kids. She remembers Won-Seok cried when he left. Ji-Won asks Chan-Mi to choose the best photo for her.

Chan-Mi does it. Ji-Won shows the photo to the kids. They tell Ji-Won that they like the photo. They’re happy to run away. Chan-Mi tells Ji-Won that she wants to go to see Won-Seok. She arrives at the high school. She asks the students if they know Won-Seok. She shows her and Won-Seok’s group photo to them.

But the student tells Chan-Mi that Won-Seok is dead. She walks on the street. She vomits. Ji-Won gets a call from someone who tells her that Won-Seok is dead as well. Won-Seok’s parents walk away after Won-Seok’s funeral. Chan-Mi shows up. She cries when she sees Won-Seok’s grave.

Chan-Mi finds Won-Seok’s parents. She thinks they should contact her early. She wonders why Won-Seok took his life. Soo-Na thinks Chan-Mi wants to have a fight with them. She reveals she only saw her photo when she sorted out Won-Seok’s stuff.

Yong-Jae agrees to what his wife said. He tells Chan-Mi that Won-Seok never let them know that he has contacted her. Soo-Na thinks Won-Seok lived in sin because he had done bad thing. Chan-Mi blames Soo-Na for badmouthing her son.

Soo-Na reminds Chan-Mi that suicide is the worst sin. She tries to get in the van. Chan-Mi stops Soo-Na. She asks her for Won-Seok’s phone. Soo-Na rejects it. Chan-Mi cries to tangle Soo-Na. Soo-Na pushes Chan-Mi away. She tells her that she doesn’t have it since the police didn’t find the phone.

So-Jung watches Won-Seok’s footage. Jong-Kook reminds her that the case ended. The cop takes Chan-Mi to see Jong-Kook. He tells him that Chan-Mi wishes to see the police who manages Won-Seok’s case. So-Jung lets Chan-Mi have a seat. She introduces herself as the case manager.

Chan-Mi tells So-Jung that she doesn’t believe that Won-Seok would take his life. But she doesn’t have any evidence. She yells at the police. She asks them to do something for her older brother. Soo-Heon is sent to the hospital.

The doctor asks for seeing Soo-Heon’s guardian. But Soo-Heon tells the doctor that his mother cannot come. So the doctor asks for seeing Soo-Heon’s teacher. Chan-Mi sits on the edge of the rooftop. She doesn’t believe that Won-Seok would jump off the rooftop.

Soo-Heon gets a message from the hospital who asks him to call them. Soo-Heon thinks he’s fine. He rides the scooter away. Chan-Mi arrives at the shooting team. But the door is closed. She runs into the guard who tells her that the team members of the shooting team left. She sits on the bench and remembers Ahrim threw a fit to her because she wanted to leave.

Soo-Heon beats Boxer hard in the boxing game. The workers in gym stop Soo-Heon. Soo-Heon apologizes to Boxer. Duk-Joon wonders why Soo-Heon did it to Boxer. He tells him to become his player. Soo-Heon rejects it because he needs to study. Duk-Joon points out that Soo-Heon isn’t good at studying. Soo-Heon smiles to walk away.

Soo-Heon gets changed. He takes his phone and searches the sellers who sell the scooter. Duk-Joon shows up behind Soo-Heon. It startles him. Duk-Joon doesn’t believe that the thief would see the scooter he stole. But Soo-Heon shows the scooter photo to Duk-Joon. He thinks the scooter belongs to him.

Soo-Heon rides the bicycle on the street to look for the thief. The thief sells the scooter to Chan-Mi. He leaves. Chan-Mi gets a call from the dormitory. She promises to come to the dormitory soon. Soo-Heon finds out that Chan-Mi is riding his scooter. He stops her.

Soo-Heon tells Chan-Mi that the scooter belongs to him. He asks her to check the scooter. She checks the scooter and finds out that it actually belongs to him. But she claims that she owns the scooter because she bought it. He sees the car. He goes to drive his bicycle. But the bicycle doesn’t move. She catches the chance to flee.

Chan-Mi takes her luggage to the dormitory. But the dormitory manager tells her that he doesn’t wish the high school student to live in his dormitory. She asks him for his mercy. The two thieves try to steal Chan-Mi’s scooter. Soo-Heon catches them. The thieves run away. Soo-Heon chases them. He has a fight with them. His head is hit by one of the thieves.

Revenge of Others K-Drama: Episodes 2 Recap & Ending

Chan-Mi turns around. She’s startled when she sees Soo-Heon. He asks her why she came to the classroom. He explains to her that he came because he wanted to know why Won-Seok took his life. He tells her that he came to the school for lunch. It makes her laugh. He shows the cat food to her.

Soon-Heon takes Chan-Mi to feed the cat. He tells her that the cat is name Lunch. He asks her to take care of the cat for him when he’s not in the school. He tries to leave because it’s lunch time. But she stops him and asks him to tell her what he told to police about Won-Seok’s death.

Soon-Heon lets Chan-Mi take a look at the place where Won-Seok passed away. She sees a man in black from the window. She goes to the cafeteria. She sees Soon-Heon bragged to the classmates that he went to a beach. He notes that she’s staring him. She’s startled to walk away.

Soon-Heon shows his kicking skills to the classmates. Chan-Mi remembers the doctor told Soon-Heon that he will die soon. She decides to ignore what the doctor said. Seon-Ha is furious to run away after she saw Jung-Gyeong. The girl leaks that Jung-Gyeong slept with Seon-Ha without her permission. She adds that the cops didn’t arrest Jung-Gyeong because they were lack of evidence.

Chan-Mi bumps Jung-Gyeong. She walks away. The classmate thinks Jung-Gyeong will feel happy for Won-Seok’s death. But Jung-Gyeong scolds the classmate. He tells him that he regrets that he didn’t beat Won-Seok. Chan-Mi walks to Jung-Gyeong. She blames him for not respecting the dead.

Jung-Gyeong tries to slap Chan-Mi. But Jae-Bum stops Jung-Gyeong. He agrees to what Chan-Mi said that Jung-Gyeong didn’t respect the dead. Jung-Gyeong tries to give Jae-Bum a lesson. But he’s stopped by the classmate. He has to leave the classroom.

Soo-Heon arrives at the hospital. The doctor tells Soo-Heon that he will beat people if he doesn’t take the medicine. Jae-Bum shows up with his father when Chan-Mi is shooting. The coach Nam-Soo welcomes Jae-Bum. He introduces Chan-Mi to Jae-Bum. He asks her to be Jae-Bum’s coach.

Chan-Mi teaches Jae-Bum how to shoot. But his hand shakes. Soo-Heon is working. He sees So-Yeon and A-Jung who are waving at him. He runs to A-Jung and hands over the phone to her. She checks the phone and finds out that Chan-Mi sent messages to Soo-Heon. A-Jung wonders why Chan-Mi wants to talk about Won-Seok’s death with Soo-Heon.

Soo-Heon realizes that Chan-Mi is related to Won-Seok. He leaves since he returned the phone to A-Jung. Jae-Bum is tired to sit on the floor after he completed his training. O-Sung tells Chan-Mi not to train Jae-Bum hard. He reveals Jae-Bum lost his memories after an accident.

Chan-Mi asks Jae-Bum if she trained him hard. He denies it and asks her to train him next time. She promises it. He runs into her on the street. He stops her and asks her for her number. Soo-Heon passes by. He waits for her and walks to her after she parked her scooter.

Chan-Mi is startled by Soo-Heon. He asks her if she knows Won-Seok. She reveals she and Won-Seok were in the same shooting team. She walks away. He feels uncomfortable when he’s taking class. He goes to the restroom to vomit. She goes to the restroom to look for him. She finds out that Seon-Ha just took her life.

Seon-Ha is carried to the ambulance. Jung-Gyeong spots it from the rooftop. He tells himself not to feel guilty. Jong-Guk recognizes Chan-Mi and Soo-Heon. He tries to walk to them because he wants to ask the two some questions. But he’s stopped by So-Jung.

Soo-Heon and Chan-Mi get changed. The doctor tells them that the cops is waiting for them. Chan-Mi tells So-Jung that Soo-Heon doesn’t know she’s Won-Seok’s sister. She asks her to keep it a secret. So-Jung agrees to it. But she asks Chan-Mi not to look for the killer.

Seon-Ha falls asleep in her ward. Seon-Ha’s father walks into the ward. He sees Seon-Ha. He goes to the school and asks for seeing Principal. But Principal refuses to see Seon-Ha’s father. Seon-Ha’s father has to cry. So-Yeon sees it. She tears up.

Chan-Mi gets a message from A-Jung who agrees to meet up. Chan-Mi goes to the rooftop. So-Yeon pretends to be A-Jung. But Chan-Mi knows So-Yeon isn’t A-Jung because Won-Seok showed A-Jung’s photo to her. Chan-Mi tells So-Yeon that she wants to see A-Jung.

So-Yeon rejects it. She tells Chan-Mi that she will take her life if she mentions A-Jung. She thinks she looked for the wrong person if she wants to know the death of Won-Seok. She tells her to go to see So-Mi. So-Yeon complains to Soo-Heon that Chan-Mi knows A-Jung. But he asks her to teach him how to make money.

Chan-Mi meets with So-Mi at the cafe. So-Mi tells Chan-Mi that she felt happy after she had heard the death of Won-Seok. She reveals Won-Seok forced her to use pregnancy test kit in front of people. She adds that she wanted to kill him when he thought her pregnancy was a lie.

So-Mi tells Chan-Mi that Won-Seok is a trash. Chan-Mi apologizes to So-Mi for her brother. So-Yeon goes to the hospital to see Seon-Ha. She hands over the flowers to Seon-Ha’s father. She tells him that it’s unfair to Seon-Ha. She goes to see Soo-Heon. She tells him that she knows there’s a way to earn money. She reveals she met with Seon-Ha’s father.

It flashes back. So-Yeon tells Seon-Ha’s father that she was bullied in the school like Seon-Ha. She thinks Seon-Ha took her life because she hadn’t other ways. He tells her that he wants to kill the bad student. She promises to do it for him.

Soo-Heon is against So-Yeon’s plan. She mentions he made the bad girls apologize to her after they had bullied her. She reminds him that the girls like Seon-Ha need to be saved by him. She walks away. He gets a call from the hospital who tells him that his mother is sick.

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