She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 15, 16 & 17 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 15, 16 & 17. Qin Shi calls Yang Hua. She asks him to make the decision for her. But he refuses to give her the answer because he thinks she has known the answer. She doubts if her choice is right or not.

She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 15 Recap & Ending

She and Her Perfect Husband

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 15, 16 & 17.

Yang Hua thinks Qin Shi knows what to do because she’s a good lawyer. Qin Shi goes to see Zhao Danping. Zhao Danping doesn’t welcome Qin Shi. Qin Shi realizes that Zhan Danping has known that her lawyer is changed. She tells Zhao Danping doesn’t give up Lan Xiaoting.

Qin Shi tells Zhao Danping that she wants to be Lan Xiaoting’s lawyer. She adds that she won’t ask for attorney fees. Zhao Danping lets Qin Shi in. Lan Xiaoting welcomes Qin Shi. She tells her that Li Dai has told her about the problems they’re going to face.

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Qin Shi is surprised that Li Dai came as well. Zhao Danping wonders why Qin Shi and Li Dai want to get the case when everyone gives up. Li Dai explains to Lan Xiaoting that she and Qin Shi want to help her because they don’t want to see her getting bullied.

But Qin Shi claims that she didn’t come to help the weak. She confesses that she wants to win hard case. Zhao Danping tells Qin Shi and Li Dai that she wants to know their plan. Qin Shi tells Lan Xiaoting not to get a divorce.

Zhao Danping mentions what Lao Jin told her that only divorce can keep the properties. Qin Shi explains that they mistook that Lan Xiaoting isn’t related to Luowei Yulan. She thinks Lan Xiaoting should repay the debts even if she gets a divorce.

Qin Shi tells Lan Xiaoting to listen to what the expert says. Lan Xiaoting agrees to it. Yang Hua tells Lan Xiaoting to sell the non-flow shares. Li Dai reminds Lan Xiaoting that the only one who can get the shares is her older brother.

Li Dai mentions Lan Xiaoting had a fight with her older brother before. She thinks she knows if her old brother will help her. Zhao Danping believes that her uncle will laugh in his dream. She asks Yang Hua for his second plan. Yang Hua tells Lan Xiaoting that she can repay the debts in three years if the creditors agree to it.

Zhao Danping is against it. She thinks it’s unfair. Lan Xiaoting points out that they need to make the creditors agree to it even if they have the idea. Qin Shi reveals she saw Tao Junhui. She mentions what Tao Junhui said that he can promise to make Lan Xiaoting’s companies run.

Li Dai thinks it’s the only way to resolve the problem. She tells Lan Xiaoting that she cannot protect Yulan Group if she avoids the debts. Zhao Danping points out that the directors won’t let Lan Xiaoting manage Yulan Group. Lan Xiaoting confesses that she owns the group because of her name.

Li Dai reminds Lan Xiaoting that it’s very important that how she treats herself. Lan Xiaoting tells Li Dai and Qin Shi that she needs to think over the case. She asks Zhao Danping to let the two lawyers leave. Qin Shi wishes Lan Xiaoting to make a right choice.

Li Dai walks out of the hotel with Qin Shi. She mentions it’s their third time to have same secret. She wishes to work well with her. Qin Shi asks Li Dai to have lunch with her. She tells her that it’s her treat. They go to the restaurant.

Li Dai praises Qin Shi when she eats. She thinks her cost will be more than her if Tang Yinhui finds out that she’s helping Lan Xiaoting. Qin Shi disagrees to what Li Dai said. She thinks she doesn’t sell her value to the company even if she’s an employee. Qin Shi thinks she just used her personal time to do her things. She adds that she wasn’t against the benefits of the law firm.

She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 16 Recap & Ending

Qin Shi gives Qin Wenbin a ride. She asks him if she loves his wife. He confesses that he treats his wife Zhao Qing as family more than lover. She asks him if he’s happy. He admits it. Yang Hua returns home. Qin Shi asks Yang Hua if he has feelings for her. Qin Shi thinks she gets benefits from marriage more than Yang Hua. She asks him why he wants to get married. He tells her that he doesn’t fall for her. He hands over the contract to her for proving what he said.

Lan Xiaoting cannot wear the earring. She asks Zhao Danping to help her. Zhao Danping wears the earring for Lan Xiaoting. She thinks she’s pretty. Lan Xiaoting disagrees to what Zhao Danping said. She thinks she’s useless because she couldn’t wear the earring.

Zhao Danping leaks that her mother is envy of Lan Xiaoting. Because Lan Xiaoting is outstanding no matter what she did. Lan Xiaoting thinks she’s not outstanding like what Zhao Danping’s mother said. But Zhao Danping tells Lan Xiaoting that she believes her mother.

Zhao Danping comforts Lan Xiaoting that she will accompany her even if it’s hard. Lan Xiaoting is moved to hug Zhao Danping. She thinks she’s a good girl. Li Dai reminds Qin Shi that the meeting is going to begin. She thinks Lan Xiaoting’s older brother Lan Youguo won’t give in.

Qin Shi agrees what Li Dai said. She thinks Lan Youguo will catch the chance. Li Dai hopes Lan Xiaoting to bear it. Lan Xiaoting tells the shareholders that she wants Zhao Danping to be the new president of Yulan Group. The shareholders are against it.

Qin Shi thinks the shareholders won’t wish Zhao Danping to be the president. Because she’s named Lan. Qin Shi wishes Zhao Danping to hang in there. Li Dai agrees to what Qin Shi said. She thinks the battle just began. The girl tells Li Dai that there’s a lawyer who pretends to get married. Li Dai takes a look at Qin Shi.

Qin Shi is summoned to Tang Yinhui’s office. Tang Yinhui is furious to slap the table. She blames Qin Shi for fooling her. Qin Shi regrets for trusting Li Dai. Li Dai tells Lao Qiao that it wasn’t her. He tells her that he heard someone concealing divorce the first time.

Tang Yinhui tells Qin Shi that the lie couldn’t fool her. She opens the window. Qin Shi tries to flee. But Tang Yinhui tells Qin Shi to be close to her. Qin Shi tells Tang Yinhui to tell her decision to her. But Tang Yinhui tells Qin Shi that she wouldn’t summon her if she knows what to do.

Tang Yinhui tells Qin Shi that she summoned her because she wants to talk with her about Steven. Lao Qiao tells Li Dai that Steven has gotten a divorce. Tang Yinhui complains to Qin Shi that Steven has gotten a divorce with his wife for half a year.

Qin Shi thinks Steven did it because he cheated on his wife. Tang Yinhui mentions Steven became senior lawyer because his wife is vice-president. Qin Shi thinks it’s the tradition of the law firm that focusing on background. Tang Yinhui asks Qin Shi if she’s making fun of her.

Qin Shi shakes her head. Tang Yinhui thinks Qin Shi has no conscience to say such words. She tells her that she cannot be the lawyer if she cared for her background. Tang Yinhui complains that Steven tricked her. Qin Shi tells Tang Yinhui not to get angry because of such kind of person.

Tang Yinhui yells at Qin Shi that Steven compromised her interests as well. She thinks she should take her side. Qin Shi asks Tang Yinhui how she will deal with Steven. Lao Qiao thinks it’s very hard because Tang Yinhui has spent so much on Steven. Li Dai thinks Tang Yinhui should keep Steven. Tang Yinhui thinks she has no reason to keep Steven. Because she doesn’t trust him anymore. She claims that she cannot accept being betrayed. She asks Qin Shi to think about how to deal with Steven.

She and Her Perfect Husband: Episodes 17 Recap & Ending

Master Qin asks Yang Hua how he encountered Qin Shi. Yang Hua tells Master Qin that Qin Shi is the ocean who makes him feel happy all the time. It makes Qin Wenyu laugh. Ren Meimei asks Yang Hua if he and Qin Shi fell in love at first sight.

Yang Hua denies it. He tells Ren Meimei that he fell in love with Qin Shi at first sight. Master Qin asks Yang Hua if he thought about to chance a job. Yang Hua tells Master Qin that he didn’t come back from from abroad. Qin Shi covers Yang Hua’s mouth. She asks him if he can talk nonsense when he’s drunk.

Qin Shi asks Yang Hua to return home with her. Master Qin stops Qin Shi. He asks Qin Wenyu to guard the door. He tells Qin Shi that nobody can pass the door if she cannot explain it to him. Yang Hua confesses to Master Qin that he has no job and he lives with his parents.

Master Qin asks Yang Hua if he’s going to live with his parents after he gets married with Qin Shi. Yang Hua tells Master Qin that he wants to live with Qin Shi. Qin Wenyu thinks Yang Hua plans to be in house son-in-law. He asks him if he wants to be househusband. Yang Hua admits it.

Qin Wenyu asks Yang Hua if he wishes to let Qin Shi raise him. Yang Hua thinks 4,500 yuan is enough to him. Qin Shi stops him. Madam Qin is furious to break into the room. She tries to beat Yang Hua. She thinks he asked Qin Shi out for it.

Madam Qin asks Qin Shi if she broke up with Tao Junhui for the guy. She thinks she should find a decent guy. Qin Shi confesses that Tao Junhui never told her families to his families because his families cannot accept the girl who comes from divorce family.

Qin Wenyu laughs to tell his mother that Qin Shi was dumped by Tao Junhui. But she slaps him because Qin Shi is his sister. Yang Hua tells Master Qin and Madam Qin that he won’t ask Qin Shi to change herself for him. He walks out of the house with Qin Shi.

Qin Shi takes over the car key from Yang Hua. Madam Qin runs out of the house. She hands over the household register to Qin Shi. She tells her that she cannot care for her anymore because she chose the man. Qin Shi is driving. She blames Yang Hua for telling her parents the truth. She asks him if he can handle his mother. But she finds out that he falls asleep.

Wu Fei watches the footage of Tao Junhui and Qin Shi. She remembers Tao Junhui told her that he doesn’t know Qin Shi when she asked him about Qin Shi. She cries. Yang Hua prepares the chicken for Qin Shi. But she cannot eat the chicken because her hands were hurt.

Yang Hua helps Qin Shi eat. He tells her not to work out too much. He asks her if her parents mentioned him after he left. He feels sorry for saying some unsuitable words. He tells her that he wants to make up it. She asks him a favor. Qin Shi asks Tang Yinhui to help Lan Xiaoting look for the investors. Tang Yinhui rejects it because she doesn’t want to waste her money. Yang Hua tells Lao Jin that he will make money if he takes over Lan Xiaoting’s company.

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