Royal Nirvana: Episode 10 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 10. Emperor asks Lu Ying if he handled the battle steed of Long State. Long Ying admits it and asks for sin. He adds that Zhao Yong earned money with good tea but gave the bad tea to people of border.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 10 Recap

Royal Nirvana

Emperor asks Lu Ying if he handled the battle steed of Long State. Long Ying admits it and asks for sin. He adds that Zhao Yong earned money with good tea but gave the bad tea to people of border.

Lu Ying says that he wrote many letters to Zhongshu department but didn’t get any reply. Emperor thinks Bai Zhou did it. Lu Ying gives the copies of the letters to Emperor, and he says that he asked Crown Prince to hand over to him as he worries that it won’t be passed by Zhongshu department.

Lu Ying asks Emperor to punish him, and Emperor glares at Crown Prince. Crown Prince thinks he shouldn’t see outside minister, and he asks for punishment. Emperor tells Crown Prince to leave, and asks Lu Ying how many war horses they’re lack of.

Lu Ying reminds Emperor to buy tea to exchange war horse, and he leaves. Emperor tells the eunuch that the tea was the tea which Bai Zhou gave to Lu Ying, and he asks to summon Bai Zhou and Huang Shu.

Lu Ying feels sorry for getting Crown Prince involved, but Crown Prince says that he didn’t do it for his daughter. Lu Ying wants to talk about Wen Xi, but Crown Prince hints Lu Ying not to speak.

Bai Zhou shows up and asks Lu Ying if the reply is what he wants to give him. Lu Ying thinks Bai Zhou was right that they should clean up the path for children, and he doesn’t want them to be on the snowfield with bared feet when they’re aged.

Bai Zhou asks Lu Ying if he wants to marry his daughter to Crown Prince, but Lu Ying says that he doesn’t want his son and daughter to become chess pieces and chips. Bai Zhou thinks Lu Ying isn’t changed.

Emperor rages and thinks Bai Zhou misconducted. Bai Zhou explains that he was busy in the spring examination, and Emperor asks Lu Zheng to end the spring examination. The eunuch reports that Zhao Yong ties up himself and is on knees outside.

Bai Zhou tells Emperor to buy war horses first, and Emperor asks Huang Shu about it. But Huang Shu says that they’re lack of money. Emperor asks how much money the nation bank can take out. Huang Shu gives the list to Emperor, and he puts his seal and hat on the ground, asking for a death.

Bai Zhou walks Huang Shu out, and he thinks he got wronged. But Huang Shu says that the nation bank is really lack of money. Bai Zhou thinks Emperor didn’t punish Hua Shu because he knew how much money are in the nation bank.

The eunuch is on knees and thinks he is with sin. But Emperor thinks the one with sin is him, and he goes to get money.

Emperor visits Consort Zhao, and Qi Prince is on knees and asks for punishment. He tells him to be on knees, and goes to see Consort Zhao. Consort Zhao is on knees and tells Emperor that Zhao Yong agreed to give all of his family property. He thinks it’s good that he needs to beg them when the money belongs to nation bank.

Emperor says that Bai Zhou didn’t confess it but Consort Zhao did it. Consort Zhao asks Emperor not to punish Zhao Yong, but he thinks she doesn’t have qualification to ask a favor for Zhao family when she is just a concubine of Xiao family. Consort Zhao tears up and reminds Emperor to consider for Qi Prince.

Consort Zhao says that she wants to get punishment for Zhao Yong when Qi Prince doesn’t get involved. She takes a dagger and wants to stab her belly. Ms. Jiang and Qi Prince stop Consort Zhao. But Ms. Zhao hurts Qi Prince’s palm by mistake. Emperor thinks they’re acting, and points out that he didn’t ask him to get up. He cuts off his salary, and asks him not to visit Consort Zhao without his permission.

Emperor asks them to tell Zhao Yun, staying at home to accept the punishment. The three thank him.

Qi Prince unties the rope for Zhao Yong, and he tells him that he and his mom are safe. Zhao Yong asks how much money they’re. Qi Prince says that it’s all. Zhao Yong cries out, and Qi Prince tells him to wear his clothes as it’s shame. Zhao Yong hits the ground and thinks it cost his life.

Emperor coughs on the sedan chair, and the eunuch brings a cup of water for him. Emperor takes the gold cup and thinks he needs to bow for it even if he is the emperor.

Feng En thinks Lu Ying is a scholar like his son, and he becomes the excuse that Emperor asked Zhao Yong for money, after he offended many people. Feng En thinks Crown Prince is with the sin when they’re safe. Crown Prince asks Feng En why he is so bureaucratic when he is a scholar as well.

Feng En points out that his father would report it to Emperor if it was lack of war horses. Crown Prince tells Kou Zhu to leave, and thinks Si Lin and Emperor are hard. Feng En laughs and tells Crown Prince to flatter Emperor like Qi Prince.

Feng En thinks Bai Zhou is a rogue with hat and Lu Ying offended him. He worries that it will get Wen Xi involved, and asks if the perfume is made for her. Crown Prince rejects it, and Feng En asks Crown Prince why he likes Wen Xi. Crown Prince rejects it, and Feng En tells him not to lie. He says that only he can make the plum blossom perfume.

Zhao Yun blames Consort Zhao for giving out all of his property, but Bai Zhou reveals he got Consort Zhao to do it. He thinks Emperor kept thinking of Zhao Yong’s money, and losing money is better than losing head. Zhao Yong asks if his head is worth of those money, but Bai Zhou says that Qi Prince is worth of it.

Zhao Yong thinks what they do are bad business when Qi Prince cannot become crown prince. Bai Zhou reveals that Lu Zheng doesn’t get along with Lu Ying, and he wants to give the coral to him. But Zhao Yong thinks the gift is too expensive. Bai Zhou worries that he cannot give out, and Zhao Yong brags that he is good at giving gift.

Wen Pu is packing the stuff, and Lu Ying asks about Wen Xi. Wen Pu reveals she locks herself up in the room, and asks why he didn’t marry Wen Xi to Crown Prince when he didn’t want to marry her to Qi Prince. Lu Ying tells Wen Pu to send Wen Xi out of the capital with the letter.

Wen Xi draws and remembers Crown Prince asked for painting with double cranes.

The eunuch thinks Lu Ying deserves the reputations because Emperor got angry at Consort Zhao for the first time. He says that Si Lin reported to Emperor that it’s lack of war horse. The chief eunuch points out that Emperor was waiting for Lu Ying to get Zhao Yong’s sin. So Zhao Yong gave the money.

Wen Pu sees Wen Xi drawing, and thinks she didn’t sleep last night. He tells her to sleep in the carriage, and says that he will send her.

The man congratulates Lu Ying, and Lu Ying asks Bai Zhou if it’s his idea. Bai Zhou reveals it’s Emperor’s idea, and thinks they should get along well.

Wen Xi gets in the carriage, but the man stops her and Wen Pu. The man says that Emperor released the order that Wen Xi is Qi Prince’s side concubine now. Wen Pu rides the horse away.

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