Royal Nirvana: Episode 9 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 9. Wen Xi learns that Lu Ying came back, and she runs to him. He points at Wen Pu’s stained clothes, and Wen Pu reveals he slipped into the pond while seeing announcement.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 9 Recap

Royal Nirvana

Wen Xi learns that Lu Ying came back, and she runs to him. He points at Wen Pu’s stained clothes, and Wen Pu reveals he slipped into the pond while seeing announcement.

Lu Ying tells Wen Xi and Wen Pu to leave, and he walks in the house to see Bo Zhou. Bo Zhou is envy of Lu Ying for his daughter and son, and he sighs that he realizes that he is aged while seeing them.

Lu Ying thinks dejected isn’t Bo Zhou’s style, but Bo Zhou thinks the world belongs to them. He thinks Lu Ying and his wife come from same clan, but Lu Ying doesn’t think so.

Bo Zhou tells Lu Ying that Wen Pu didn’t tell the truth because he worried that Lu Ying would worry about it. He reveals Lu Zheng’s son pushed Wen Pu down. Bo Zhou reminds Lu Ying that he wouldn’t stay in the frontier for 5 years without Lu Zheng, and he missed the best time of official career.

Bo Zhou adds that Lu Zheng took the position of Qiner. But Lu Ying doesn’t want to mention the past. Bo Zhou says that the leaking questions of metropolitan examination got Wen Pu involved, and the behind are Crown Prince and Shi Yu.

Wen Xi finds the sugar from Wen Pu’s clothes, and he reveals he bought it for her and Wen Jing. She says that she isn’t a kid anymore, and points out that the sugar is going to melt. Wen Jing tries to take the sugar, but Wen Xi stops him as he is changing teeth. Wen Pu spots the cloak, but Wen Xi panics to take it away. She says that it belongs to her.

Kou Zhu stops the maids putting the clothes together as she worries that it will get color. The maid thinks Kou Zhu won’t be arrogant when Crown Princess arrives. The friend thinks Kou Zhu will get a position of concubine. But the maid thinks it isn’t enough since Kou Zhu has waited for 15 years.

Crown Prince returns, and Kou Zhu asks about his cloak. He says that it’s gone, and she worries that she will take the duty. He hugs her to whirl and says that it got blown away by wind.

Bo Zhou thinks Crown Prince shouldn’t get Wen Pu involved for pulling down Qi Prince. He reveals the Crown Princess will be the daughter of Lu Zheng. He says that Wen Pu’s path is blind when Crown Prince unites Lu Zheng.

Bo Zhou gets his follower to bring the tea as dowry because Qi Prince wants to marry Wen Xi.

Wen Pu smells the cloak and finds out that the scent doesn’t belong to his family, and he asks Wen Xi to confess. Wen Xi points out that Wen Pu can smell nothing because he gets rhinobyon. Wen Jing says that it’s very fragrant and comes from Wen Xi.

Wen Xi tells Wen Jing that he isn’t allowed to eat sugar even if he flatters her. Wen Pu mentions the handkerchief he saw last time, but Wen Xi claims that it belongs to her. She tells him not to get pushed into water by someone else if he has the capability.

Lu Ying sees Wen Xi fighting with Wen Pu, and he remembers Bo Zhou told him to protect his daughter and son.

Qi Prince shoots the gourd, and he asks Bo Zhou about Lu Ying. He thinks Lu Ying takes many evidences of them, but Bo Zhou thinks there isn’t a person who cannot be moved. He reveals that Lu Ying’s wife died on the way to Shu State so that he cares for his daughter and son.

Wen Xi reports to Lu Ying that Wen Pu bullied her, and she finds the tea on the table. She wonders what kind of friend will gave the expensive tea to Lu Ying, and she thinks Wen Pu is a fool because he doesn’t know about the tea. Wen Xi complains that Wen Pu doesn’t allow her to go out, and Wen Pu thinks she should tell them where she wants to go first.

Wen Xi reveals that she wants to go to big temple, but Wen Pu thinks she should draw at home. Lu Ying tells her to go but asks Wen Xi to take maid. Wen Xi leaves, and Wen Pu thinks Lu Ying spoiled Wen Xi. But Lu Ying tells Wen Pu that he intends to marry Wen Xi off. Wen Pu asks Lu Ying if he has the candidate, and he looks at the tea.

Bo Zhou tells Qi Prince to become the in-law with Lu Ying so that Lu Ying won’t help Crown Prince. Qi Prince agrees to it but he worries about the side concubine. Qi Princess shows up and asks the two what they were talking about. But they laugh to cover it.

Wen Xi dresses up but she wears the veil. The maid tells Wen Xi not to wear it when she dressed up so beautiful.

Feng En blames Crown Prince for his retrogressing on shooting, but Kou Zhu reminds Crown Prince the appointment. Feng En blames Crown Prince for his laugh, and tells him to continue practice after going back. But Crown Prince wets Feng En’s clothes.

Lu Ying thinks Wen Xi is wronged no matter who she marries, and Wen Pu asks Lu Ying is he wants to marry Wen Xi to Crown Prince. He thinks Wen Xi wants to meet with Crown Prince, and Lu Ying is surprised.

The monk asks Crown Prince who he is waiting for, and Crown Prince says that he is waiting for the person he can wait. Lu Ying shows up and returns the cloak to Crown Prince. He asks him for something.

In the carriage, Wen Pu tells Wen Xi not to see Crown Prince again. He says that it’s Lu Ying’s order. Crown Prince returns, and Feng En thinks Crown Prince will leave the chance to Qi Prince. Crown Prince shoots the gourd, and tells Feng En not to mention Qi Prince.

Qi Prince makes tea for Emperor, and Emperor praises Qi Prince’s tea skill. Emperor spots Crown Prince and lets him in. Crown Prince brings his tea and makes it for Emperor. Consort Zhao wants to get a side concubine for Qi Prince as Qi Princess hasn’t been pregnancy. She says that the side concubine is Lu Ying’s daughter.

Emperor tastes the tea and asks about it. Crown Prince reveals the tea was exchanged by Bo Zhou with horses, and Lu Ying is waiting outside.

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