Royal Nirvana: Episode 11 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 11. Kou Zhu tells Feng En that Wen Pu wants to see Crown Prince. Feng En goes to see Wen Pu. Wen Pu tells Feng En that Qi Prince wants to marry Wen Xi, and Feng En wants to see Emperor. He says that Emperor never listens to Crown Prince’s words.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 11 Recap

Royal Nirvana

Kou Zhu tells Feng En that Wen Pu wants to see Crown Prince. Feng En goes to see Wen Pu. Wen Pu tells Feng En that Qi Prince wants to marry Wen Xi, and Feng En wants to see Emperor. He says that Emperor never listens to Crown Prince’s words.

Lu Ying returns home, and Wen Jing runs to report that they don’t let Wen Xi go out. Wen Pu scolds the man and thinks they don’t have law in their mind. The man says that Wen Xi will be the person of heaven family when the paper arrives, and he tells Lu Ying to obey the law.

But Lu Ying points out that Wen Xi is still his daughter because the paper doesn’t arrive. They open the door, and Wen Xi runs out and asks Lu Ying if Crown Prince knows it.

Feng En visits Emperor and asks him to take back the order. Emperor thinks Lu Ying went to see Crown Prince. Feng En denies and says that Crown Prince doesn’t know about it. Emperor asks if Crown Prince saw Wen Xi, and he says that he won’t marry Wen Xi to Crown Prince even if she doesn’t marry to Qi Prince.

Crown Prince shows up and asks why. Emperor thinks Crown Prince came for Wen Xi, and Crown Prince admits that he came for her. Emperor shows the paper to Crown Prince that he rejects the demand of Shi Yu, who asks to get Wen Xi to be Crown Princess.

Crown Prince asks Emperor not to marry Wen Xi to Qi Prince. Emperor asks for a reason, and says that he cannot take back his promise. Crown Prince asks Emperor if he wants to give what he loves to Qi Prince, and Emperor thinks Crown Prince saw Wen Xi in secret. He tells him not to forget to wear his hat no matter how important the thing is.

Feng En thinks Emperor won’t promise it, and Crown Prince asks Feng En to visit someone.

The man congratulates Wen Xi and calls her princess, but Qi Princess gets her woman to give the man a slap.

Wen Xi remembers Qi Princess and thinks she cannot see her. The man worries that Qi Prince knows her coming, but Qi Princess tells him to get lost.

Lu Ying shows up, and Qi Princess blames him for parting her and Qi Prince. She wants to see Wen Xi, but Lu Ying blocks her. Feng En shows up, and Qi Princess cries out that everyone treats her as fool. He reminds her that everything cannot be changed when the paper arrives.

Qi Princess leaves, and Feng En tells the man to inform his master.

Mr. He is going to stamp, but Qi Princess shows up and blames him. He explains that he receives the imperial edict. She is furious to rip the paper. But he reminds her that it’s useless because the imperial edict doesn’t change. Qi Princess takes the imperial seal, and Mr. He reminds her that he will get sin when the nation device is broken.

Qi Princess lifts the seal, but Qi Prince stops her. He tells her to apologize, but she says that he should apologize first, and thought he wouldn’t see her all his life. She blames him for breaking his promise, and says that she has the note he signed. She wants to write to divorce, but he takes away the brush.

Qi Prince tells the maid to get Qi Princess go home, but Qi Princess wants to see her dad Bai Zhou. But he reveals that the thing was planned by Bai Zhou. Mr. He catches the chance to protect the seal, and his friend asks about the paper. Mr. He thinks they shouldn’t care for the paper as Qi Prince won’t marry the side concubine.

Qi Princess prepares the white cloth and intends to take her life. Qi Prince asks her to get down, but she asks him to tell Bai Zhou to take her body. She says that she isn’t alive to share husband. He hugs her down in the maid’s help, but Qi Princess wants to visit Emperor. She says that she can give up reputation and life for him.

Bai Zhou thinks it’s his sin for not teaching Qi Princess well, and scolds Qi Prince for not concealing his wife. Qi Prince claims that he wanted to do that, and Bai Zhou thinks Zhao Yong’s money is wasted.

Emperor tells Consort Zhao that he won’t repay the money of her family. He says that he knew the result, and she asks him to manage Qi Princess. He offers to abolish Qi Princess, and tells her to take back the tea to drink. He thinks she should add some vinegar.

Crown Prince arrives at the Lu family, and he sees the carriage off. Wen Jing takes the wood sword and asks Crown Prince if he came to bully his sister. Wen Pu takes the wood sword and asks Crown Prince to forgive Wen Jing. Crown Prince wants to see Wen Xi, but Wen Pu says that she has left.

Crown Prince remembers the carriage, and he wants to chase it. Lu Ying stops Crown Prince and asks for having a talk in the house.

Palace General reports to Emperor that Crown Prince went to see Lu Ying, and Emperor asks to call Crown Prince back. He says that he doesn’t want Crown Prince to marry Wen Xi because Lu Ying and Ming An’s relationship.

Crown Prince asks Lu Ying if he send Wen Xi away because he worries Bai Zhou and Qi Prince. Lu Ying thinks Emperor didn’t allow the marriage, and Crown Prince says that he will get the way. Lu Ying says that he disagrees it as well. Crown Prince says that he doesn’t ask for a crown princess but a wife, and he wants to protect Wen Xi when he doesn’t have power.

The bodyguard informs Crown Prince that Emperor asks him to return to the palace. Lu Ying thinks Crown Prince should Wen Xi first in the people he wants to protect, and he reveals Wen Xi went to marry the son of his old friend. Crown Prince asks for the name of the person, but Lu Ying puts the national affair first.

Crown Prince tells Lu Ying that his daughter is the landscape, he doesn’t see it, but he knows how beautiful she is. He is envy of the person who can see her. Wen Xi is in tears, and Crown Prince tells her to wait for him.

Wen Pu takes Wen Jing to see Wen Xi, but she has left. Wen Xi is on knees at the temple, and we see the painting. She sees off Crown Prince, and she remembers Lu Ying told her that it’s wishing to make clean and youth people keep their positions. He thought the efforts he did for court will turn into the conflict between parties if she marries Crown Prince.

Feng En tells Crown Prince that Wen Xi went to Long State. He tells him not to regret. Crown Prince says that he won’t, and he rides away.

Wen Xi is in the carriage and takes the letter Lu Ying wrote for Ming An. She remembers she put the painting on the table at the temple.

The soldiers welcome Emperor at the gate, and Qi Prince wonders why General Lv didn’t come. The bodyguard reports to General Lv that Emperor will come, and General Lv asks to cook the rabbit.

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