“She is the One” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

She is the One” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a girl Yuan Yueyue who is asked to replace her sister Yuan Siya to marry the old man Wen Jinchen. But she falls for him.

Li Nuo and Pei Zitian are the lead actors.

Li Nuo starred Chinese historical drama “Su Yu” in 2020. She played the role Qin Yu. She cast “Your Highness Season 2” in 2019. She played the role Li Qingxue.

Pei Zitian starred Chinese romance dramaMy Love, Enlighten Me” in 2020. He played the role Fan Hanchen. He also starred “Miss Truth” in same year.

She is the One (2021)

She is the One


Title: She is the One

Director: Chen Shiyi

Writer: Tian Chuan

Network: Youku

Runtime: From Apr. 30

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese


Every girl is waiting for a wedding like fairy tale. Wishing to marry the Prince Charming in her mind. This is the most happiest moment. Giving all her life to the right person, living happy life from now on. But getting married for someone isn’t happy, and it’s sad that I don’t know the looks of the groom.

The guy tells Yuan Yueyue that the groom doesn’t come. She thinks she doesn’t need to get married. He denies it and mentions what President Wen said that the wedding will be continued. He tells her to support the wedding. She thinks they bullied her. She doesn’t want to get married.

The lady tells Yuan Yueyue not to throw a fit. She tells her that Yuan family worked hard for making her marry to Wen family. She adds that Yuan family will get involved if she messes it. Yuan Yueyue wants to show the real temper of her to them.

Yuan Yueyue runs away from the wedding. She pulls the driver out of the car, and gets into the car. She drives the car and thinks she robbed the car. She doesn’t find the contact information of the car owner. So she decides to drive to the police station.

Yuan Yueyue wonders what punishment she will get. Wen Jinchen tells her that she will be in prison for ten years. It startles Yuanyueyue and makes her stop the car. She explains to him that she robbed his car because she encountered bad guy. She begs him not to send her to police station. She thinks he agrees to it because he didn’t say anything.

Yuan Yueyue tells Wen Jinchen that she will repay him. He reminds her the laws. She calls him master, and hits him that the thief stole his car. She thinks he will forgive her if she gets the car back for him.


Li Nuo as Yuan Yueyue (Yuan Siya)

She marries Wen Jinchen for her sister. She runs away from the wedding because the groom is late. She thinks she doesn’t get respected.

Pei Zitian as Wen Jinchen

He has to marry Yuan Siya for a business marriage. He doesn’t like his wife at all so that he uses another identity to pursue her.

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