Snowdrop: Episode 14 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 14. Soo-Ho gets a message from the north that they will kill his sister if he doesn’t take his life. He clenches his fist. He beats Gang-Mu when he tells Han-Na to go to catch Chung-Ya over the phone.

Snowdrop: Episode 14 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 14.

Soo-Ho is furious to point his gun at Gang-Mu. He blames him for betraying him and tells him that he won’t join the south because of his sister. Gang-Mu drops the gun. Tae-Il tells Gyeong-Hui not to give the money to the north. But he gets a call from Soo-Ryun.

Gang-Mu thinks Soo-Ho shouldn’t send Chung-Ya to take the money because she’s not an angel. Soo-Ho agrees to what Gang-Mu said. He reminds him that what he did will make Chung-Ya betray them. He tells him that he has to trust the woman, putting the note on the table. He leaves the room. Gang-Mu takes a look at the note. He learns that Soo-Ho was asked to die with the hostages.

Chung-Ya gets off the elevator with Linda Young. She sees the cleaner leaving her room. She finds the bug from the table lamp. Chung-Ya goes to look for the cleaner. But the person is missing. The cleaner runs to the car after she left the hotel. She gets in the car. Snowdrop shows that the cleaner was acted by Han-Na.

Soo-Ho joins Yeong-Ro in the Prayer Room. He asks her if the praying will work. She realizes that something happened to him. But he denies it and thinks he got her involved. She asks him what he would do if he was a normal person. He tells her that he would sing for people. She smiles and tells him that she will go to the cafe where he sings.

Soo-Ryun tells Tae-Il that Soo-Ho is going to take his life. She hangs up after she asked for the money. He’s happy to sit on the chair. But he tells Hui-Jun that he worries about something. He asks him to go to check if Chang-Su is alive or not.

Hui-Jun walks into the ward and sees Ae-Ra crying in front of her husband when the reporter films Chang-Su. Hui-Jun calls Tae-Il and tells him to turn on the TV. Tae-Il learns that Chang-Su is going to die after he watched the news. He decides not to kill Chang-Su.

Chung-Ya tells Soo-Ho over the intercom that she got the money. She promises to return to the dormitory. She asks him to give the intercom to Gang-Mu. She tells Gang-Mu not to get Han-Na to bug her. He’s embarrassed when Soo-Ho questions him. He tells Soo-Ho that he won’t believe Chung-Ya until he sees her.

Bun-Ok runs into Gang-Mu and sees him giving the intercom to Seung-Hee. She tails them and hears Gang-Mu telling Seung-Hee that Chung-Ya is going to come back for love. She finds the intercom from the room after Seung-Hee left. She tells Gyeong-Hui that Chung-Ya is a spy with the intercom. He takes a look at Tae-Il who’s calling Chung-Ya. But the woman doesn’t pick up his phone.

Ae-Ra calls Gyeong-Hui and asks him for coming to the hospital. But he rejects it because he has an important task. Han-Na sees Gyeong-Hui arriving with his followers after Chung-Ya walked into the hotel. She opens his car and calls Chung-Ya with the phone in the car.

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Chung-Ya picks up the phone. She’s told that Gyeong-Hui comes to catch her. She flees after the police broke into her house. Gyeong-Hui gets into the room from the path Chung-Ya just left. He sees his wife’s photos. Chung-Ya gets into Han-Na’s car before the police catch her.

The follower hands over Tae-Il and Chung-Ya’s photos to Gyeong-Hui. Gyeong-Hui laughs after seeing those photos. Bun-Ok thinks ANSP won’t kill Yeong-Ro. Sang-Beom hears it and asks her about it. She refuses to tell it to him, trying to leave.

But Sang-Beom grabs Bun-Ok’s hand to keep her. He tells her that he’s going to beat her if she doesn’t confess. She leaves to leak it to him. Sang-Beom walks into the library when everyone is listening to the music. He turns off the radio and wakes Gang-Mu up. He asks him why he didn’t use Yeong-Ro. Seung-Hee glares at Bun-Ok when she shows up.

Snowdrop: Episode 14 Ending

Soo-Ryun is furious to throw the paper to Ji-Rok. She tells him that Chung-Ya took away their money. She thinks he made the woman do that. Seong-Sim cries after knowing Chung-Ya made her husband betray her. She tries to call the fortune teller to ask him about it.

But the fortune teller doesn’t pick up her phone. Mi-Hye realizes that she was fooled. She goes to his house and finds out that he’s missing. She yells to release her anger. Han-Na goes to see Chang-Su. She finds out that he’s alive. He tells her that he forgives her for helping the spies. He asks her to help him save Yeong-Ro.

Han-Na tells Chang-Su that Soo-Ho will kill the students if they don’t stop him. He wants to have a talk with Soo-Ho. So she gives the intercom to him. He tells Soo-Ho that he will help them flee if he releases the students. Soo-Ho tells Seung-Hee about Chang-Su’s plan. But she worries that he will only save Yeong-Ro.

Yeong-Ro tells Chang-Su that she wants to see Soo-Ho leaving. He agrees to it. But Ae-Ra tells him to kill keep some students in the dormitory to kill them. The president calls Chang-Su and tells him to give up his daughter. Yeong-Ro walks out of the room with Soo-Ho. She’s surprised that her father will save her friends for her.

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Soo-Ho tells Yeong-Ro not to risk her life for protecting him. But she holds his hand and tells him that she will only leave when she’s fine. But Chang-Su tells his follower to explode the dormitory.

Snowdrop: Episode 14 stars Jung Hae-In, Kim Ji-Soo, Jang Seung-Jo, Jung Eugene and Yoo In-Na.

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