Snowdrop: Episode 13 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 13. Tae-Il spots Chang-Su walking to the temple. He tells the sniper to kill Chang-Su. Manager Choi betrays Chang-Su after Tae-Il promised him the position once he becomes president.

Snowdrop: Episode 13 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus K-Drama Snowdrop: Episode 13.

Yeong-Ro protects Soo-Ho with her body. She tells Chang-Su that she knows he wants to kill all of her friends. He tells her that he promised her brother to save her. He tries to catch her. But the sniper shoots Chang-Su after he received the order from Tae-Il.

Tae-Il smiles after his sniper shot Chang-Su. But Gyeong-Hui arrives at the temple and brings the reporters. Soo-Ho takes Yeong-Ro to return to the dormitory. Gyeok-Chan thinks they will get killed. He adds that Soo-Ho deserves the death because he betrayed his nation for a beauty.

Soo-Ho tells Eung-Cheol to prepare the lanterns for the battle. Gyeok-Chan tells Soo-Ho to untie him. But Soo-Ho rejects it because he doesn’t trust Gyeok-Chan. Gyeong-Hui tells Tae-Il that Chang-Su will be saved by the doctors from the hospital. He asks him what happened.

Tae-Il is furious to yell at Gyeong-Hui that Chang-Su was shot by Soo-Ho. He grabs his collar. Gyeong-Hui promises to tell it to the reporters. But he reminds Tae-Il that Chang-Su will be a hero. Ae-Ra gets a call from the doctor. She’s told that her husband got shot.

The students watch the news. They’re told that the spies killed two of the SWAT members. They’re shocked. Gang-Mu tells the students that it’s not true. He turns off the TV and thinks Chang-Su was shot by his colleague. Soo-Ho remembers Yeong-Ro protected him with her body. He smiles to hold her hand. He comforts her that everyone will be fine.

The president gets angry after knowing the spy hurt Chang-Su. He tells Tae-Il to kill all of the spies in the dormitory. Tae-Il tells the captain to kill all of the spies in ten minutes. But he takes a look at the photo of Chung-Ya.

Chung-Ya watches the news that Chang-Su got shot. She thinks Tae-Il did that. Gyeong-Hui tells the reporters that they won’t forgive those spies. Soo-Ho realizes that ANSP is going to wrong them again. The SWAT surround the dormitory. The girls are scared to flee to the rooms to take their masks and lanterns.

Yeong-Ro rushes out of the room after Jeong-Min told her that Chang-Su got shot. She turns on the TV and watches the news about Chang-Su. She worries about her father. The lights turn off at that time. She’s lost to walk and she gets bumped by Gyeong-Ja. Gyeong-Ja throws a fit to Yeong-Ro because she blocks her way.

Soo-Ho tells Jeong-Min to take Yeong-Ro away because he worries that she will be hurt again. Seol-Hui tries to go to the library with Hye-Ryeong. But Gwang-Tae stops them and tells them to work for ANSP. He believes that they won’t get killed if they do so.

Eung-Cheol tries to stop Gyeok-Chan when he wants to flee. But Gyeok-Chan kicks Eung-Cheol’s injured leg. Soo-Ho points his gun at Gyeok-Chan before he leaves. He tells Eung-Cheol to kill Gyeok-Chan if he hurts him. The SWAT break the window and throw the smoke bombs into the washroom.

Hye-Ryeong, Seol-Hui, Gwang-Tae, Byeong-Tae cry after they were hurt by the smoke bombs. The SWAT point their gun at them. Gwang-Tae tells the SWAT that he came to help them. But he gets shot. Soo-Ho takes his gun to fight with the SWAT. The four students catch the chance to flee. Seung-Hee picks them up after they arrived at the stairs.

Snowdrop: Episode 13 Ending

Soo-Ho tells Chung-Ya to get back to the dormitory after she got the money. But he cannot promise her to leave the nation with her. Seong-Sim shows up when Tae-Il is scolding Gyeong-Hui. Tae-Il wonders why his wife came. She tells him that she was asked by Ae-Ra.

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Ae-Ra shows up. Gyeong-Hui hands over the drinks to her. She drinks up the drinks and she’s furious to throws away the can. She asks Seong-Sim if she got her husband to take her husband’s life after she knew the prophecy. Seong-Sim denies. Tae-Il tells Ae-Ra to leave.

Ae-Ra walks to Tae-Il and tells him that she will report to the first lady that he tried to murder her husband. He yells at her that the first lady and the president need him. Ae-Ra smiles. She tell Tae-Il that the president will abandon him after the election. Seong-Sim is furious and she tries to have a fight with Ae-Ra. But she’s stopped by her husband.

Tae-Il goes to pick up the phone and throws a fit to the person who talks with him over the phone. But he finds out that the person is Chung-Ya. She tells him that she killed the bodyguard, asking him for helping her. He summons the captain and whispers in his ear.

Seong-Sim asks Tae-Il about the person who called him. But he kisses her when she’s not ready. He confesses his feelings to her and flees. She tells him to take care of himself. She feels happy for what he did to her. Soo-Ho goes to the washroom with Chung-Ya. He tries to shake hands with her. But she rejects it because he doesn’t give her the answer. She leaves the washroom from the window.

Gang-Mu tells Han-Na that Chung-Ya is a spy over the intercom. He asks her for watching the woman for him. The captain escorts Chung-Ya to get in Tae-Il’s car. Tae-Il hugs Chung-Ya. Han-Na sneaks into Tae-Il’s room and finds him and Chung-Ya’s group photos. She places the bug under the table.

Tae-Il returns home with Chung-Ya. He carries her to the bed when Han-Na hides under the table. Chung-Ya slaps Tae-Il and blames him for fleeing. He explains that he did that for saving her. She complains that she realized that the only one who she could trust was her. So she fled.

Tae-Il thinks Chung-Ya did a great job. She asks him for helping him take a shower. He thinks it’s a great idea, carrying her away. Soo-Ho walks into the prayer room and sees Yeong-Ro praying for her father. He has a seat to accompany her when she cries.

Chung-Ya goes to see the fortune teller with his mother’s photo. She tells him that his mother wants to see him when he cries. She gives a task to him. He tells Mi-Hye that she will encounter a foreigner who’s going to change her fate.

There’s a foreigner visiting Mi-Hye’s shop. Mi-Hye realizes that the foreigner is the one who’s going to help her. She has a deal with her. Ae-Ra walks into the ward and takes off the oxygen mask for Chang-Su. He wakes up. She tells him that she didn’t tell anyone that he woke up. She thinks they should kill Tae-Il.

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Chung-Ya calls Tae-Il and tells him that she wants to go on the vacation with him. He’s happy to tell his passport number to her. Chung-Ya contacts the bank and asks for the money. Han-Na reports what Chung-Ya did to Gang-Mu. Gang-Mu thinks Chung-Ya wants to flee. He tells Han-Na to catch Chung-Ya and take her return to the dormitory because they need to arrest Soo-Ho. Soo-Ho hears what Gang-Mu said. He beats him.

Snowdrop: Episode 13 stars Jung Hae-In, Kim Ji-Soo, Jang Seung-Jo, Jung Eugene and Yoo In-Na.

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