Squid Game: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 1. Mom throws some cashes to the table when Gi-Hun is eating. She tells her to buy his daughter a gift with the cashes. But he thinks the cashes aren’t enough to buy the little girl fried chicken, and asks for more cashes. She gives it to him before she leaves.

Squid Game: Episode 1 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 1.

Gi-Hun gets the bank card from the cabinet. He goes to the bank and takes out more cashes from the ATM. He wins the horse racing game, and tells his daughter that she can get what she wants when he walks out of the building with his friends.

Gi-Hun gets back to the building again. He bumps the girl when he runs. He picks up the drinks for her. She takes a look at him when he runs. The loan shark catches Gi-Hun in the restroom. Gi-Hun tries to repay his debt. But he finds out that his pocket is empty.

The loan shark tries to hurt Gi-Hun’s nose to obtain his blood. Gi-Hun cries and promises to repay the money. So the loan shark gets Gi-Hun to sign the contract with his blood. He tells him that he will take away his eyes if he cannot repay the money next month.

Gi-Hun tries to catch the doll with the money the woman returned to him. But he keeps failing. The kid helps Gi-Hun get the doll. Gi-Hun is happy to hug the kid. He meets with his girl Ga-Yeong at the restaurant. He hands over the gift to her. But she finds out that the gift is a gun. She cannot keep the gift because she worries that her mom will scold her. He promises to give her a better gift to her in her next birthday. But she’s not happy.

Gi-Hun carries Ga-Yeong to see his ex-wife. The woman blames him for his late. She doesn’t allow him to carry his daughter to the elevator. He has to see Ga-Yeong off from outside. He doesn’t catch the subway train so that he has to sit on the bench at the subway station to wait for next train.

The man tells Gi-Hun that he will give some money to him if he defeats him in the ddakji game. But Gi-Hun fails. He gets a slap because he has no money. He cannot stand it, and continues the game with the man. He wins in the end after he failed for many times. He tries to slap back. But the man stops him and gives the cashes to him.

The man tells Gi-Hun to continue to play the game with him after he got many cashes. But Gi-Hun rejects it because he thinks the man will take away the cashes he owns. The man mentions Gi-Hun owed so much money, and gives his business card to him before he leaves.

Gi-Hun visits Sang-Woo’s mom the fish seller. He shows off the money he got to her and tells her to get Sang-Woo to call him. He gives the cash to her, and takes away the fish. She complains that the money wasn’t enough to buy the fish when he walks away.

Gi-Hun runs into the wild cat who’s looking for food. He throws the fish to the animal, and tells him how he got the cashes. Gi-Hun returns home and eats with Mom. He gives the cash to her. But she mistakes that he stole it. He yells at her that he got it with his body. She tells him that Ga-Yeong will leave Korea soon. She mentions what the lawyer said that he can get the custody if he’s rich enough.

Gi-Hun lies in the bed. He takes out the phone and takes a look at the photo of his daughter. He calls the man. Gi-Hun waits for the man outside. A van shows up. The man in the van gets Gi-Hun to get into the van. He sees many people falls asleep in the van. He mistakes they’re tired until he gets hypnosis by the gas.

Gi-Hun wakes up from a big room. He finds out that many people sleep in the bed like him. The men in red watch them through the TV. Gi-Hun spots the old man Il-Nam who’s calculating how many people in the room. Il-Nam tells Gi-Hun that he came to the place because he knew he’s going to die because of the tumor in his brain.

Deok-Soo beats Sae-Byeok because she betrayed him. Gi-Hun recognizes Sae-Byeok. He stops Deok-Soo. The gate opens. The men in red show up. The chief of the men in red tells the players that the one will get a huge cashes if he wins all of the six games. But the player Sang-Woo tells the chief that he doesn’t trust him. The chief points out that they have to believe in what he said because they’re hunted by the loan sharks.

The players sign the contract. They walk into the game hall. They’re required to look into the camera. Gi-Hun smiles when he looks into the camera. The players go out of the house and arrive at the field. Gi-Hun recognizes Sang-Woo and wonders why he’s there since he’s a good boy in his mom’s mind. Sang-Woo doesn’t want to talk about it.

The man in black walks into the hall. He sits on the chair to watch the players. The game “Red Light and Green Light” begins. The players who failed get shot by the guns on the wall. The man in black drinks wine when he watches it.

Gi-Hun is scared to lie on the ground after the player died in front of him. Sang-Woo reminds Gi-Hun that he will get killed if he doesn’t take action. Gi-Hun gets up and begins to move. The player who failed takes Gi-Hun’s leg, and begs him to save him. But Gi-Hun ignores him and walks away. The player gets killed.

The man in black presses the remote. The dolls begin to perform. Sang-Woo and some of the players pass the red line. He takes a look at Gi-Hun. Gi-Hun trips when he steps on the dead body. The Ali Abdul saves Gi-Hun from catches the clothes from his back. They pass the red line before the time is up. The rest players get killed. Sae-Byeok looks at the sky. She finds out that it closes.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-Soo.

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