Squid Game: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 1. Gi-Hun ties his shoes and stands up. He tells us that they’re going to play Squid Game when his team members rush to the rivals. They all run just on one foot. Because they’re offense.

Squid Game: Episode 1 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 1.

Gi-Hun joins the game. He tricks Sang-Woo to look behind, and takes the chance to run through the waist of the squid. He and his team members are allowed to use two feet. His team members join him. Gi-Hun puts his clothes into his shorts. He tells his team members to attack the rivals.

Gi-Hun fights with Sang-Woo. He hits the head of squid with his foot. He tries to flee. But Sang-Woo grabs his clothes. Gi-Hun runs away from Sang-Woo even if his clothes got torn up. He reaches his goal, announcing his victory. The team members are happy to join Gi-Hun. They hug together to celebrate their victory.

Mom throws the cash to the table when Gi-Hun is eating. He smiles when he takes the money, asking her if the money belongs to him. She reminds him that it’s his daughter’s birthday. She tells him to prepare the meal for the little girl. She takes out a scarf from the wardrobe. She wears it on her neck.

Gi-Hun completes that the cash isn’t enough to buy a dinner. Mom ignores him and tells him that his daughter likes fried chicken. She tells him to purchase it. But he intends to buy his daughter a birthday present. He asks for more cash. But she tells him that she’s broke when she takes the vegetables.

Gi-Hun points out that he gave all of the salary he earned to Mom. But she tells him that she needs to use it to repay the loan. He throws a fit to her. She gives the cash to him, and takes away the vegetables. She leaves the house. He yells at her that she didn’t earn enough money.

Gi-Hun is sure that Mom left. He goes to look for the money in the kitchen. He finds an iron pot from the cupboard. He smiles after he took out the bank card from the cupboard. He goes to the bank with his friend, trying to take out the money from the ATM. But he fails. The friend mocks Gi-Hun, thinking his mom doesn’t trust him.

Gi-Hun is successful after he used the pin of his daughter’s birthday. He goes to the racetrack, and cheers the horse of number nine up when he watches the TV. But the number nine loses. The friend yells at Gi-Hun that he promised that number nine would wine. Gi-Hun is furious to tear up the papers.

Gi-Hun lines up to do his another round. But he cannot decide it. So the guy who stands behind him slaps his shoulder. Gi-Hun throws a fit to the guy, telling him that he disturbed him. He wins this time after he chose number six. He’s happy to hug his friend. But his friend isn’t happy because he didn’t follow Gi-Hun.

Gi-Hun tells his friend that it’s his lucky day. He gets some cash from Teller. He gives a piece of cash to Teller. He tells her to buy herself the coffee. He walks out of the building and calls his daughter Ga-Yeong, telling her that he’s going to pick her up. He laughs after she told him that she wants to eat fried chicken. He tells him to ask for the expensive birthday gift.

But Gi-Hun finds out that the loan sharks surround him. He runs into the building. The loan sharks chase him. Gi-Hun bumps Sae-Byeok when he runs. The two trip. Gi-Hun gets up and returns the drinks to Sae-Byeok. He runs away. She takes a look at his back.

Gi-Hun gets caught after he ran into the restroom. Gi-Hun tells the loan shark that he wants to give money to him so that he won’t give him the hard time. But he finds out that his pocket is empty when the loan shark grabs his hair.

Gi-Hun remembers he bumped Sae-Byeok. The loan shark beats Gi-Hun’s nose when he’s thinking about it. He gets the blood from his nose and tastes it. He tells him that it’s delicious. He thinks he spent his money to buy himself the delicious foods.

The loan shark gets the follower to put a bowl on Gi-Hun’s mouth. He takes out a knife and tries to cut his nose. He tells him that it will be good to cook the soup with his blood. Gi-Hun is scared to tell the loan shark that he will repay the money. He tears up after he took back his knife.

The loan shark take over the contract from the follower. He tells Gi-Hun to sign it. He adds that he will take away his kidneys if he doesn’t repay the money in time. Gi-Hun agrees to it. But he’s lack of ink pad. The loan shark laughs. He beats Gi-Hun nose again. Gi-Hun signs the contract with his blood.

The loan shark tries to leave. But Gi-Hun stops him and tries to borrow some money from him. But the loan shark rejects it. Gi-Hun goes to see Teller. He asks her to return the cash to him. Gi-Hun goes to the game store, trying to catch the doll. He keeps failing even if he threw so much money into the machine.

The boy points out that Gi-Hun lost because he didn’t think when he played. He smiles to show a bag of dolls to him. Gi-Hun lets the kid play the game for him. He is excited to hug him after he caught the present. He takes out the present from the machine and goes to the restaurant.

Gi-Hun notes that Ga-Yeong is staring at him when he eats. He covers the wound on his face with the hand, telling her that he was hurt by a big mosquito. But she tells him not to get beaten up if he wants to fight. He apologizes to her for not buying her yummy foods. But she tells him that she ate steak. He’s lost.

Ga-Yeong notes that her father isn’t happy. So she tells Gi-Hun that fried rice cake is better than steak. She whispers that Mom doesn’t allow her to eat it because she thinks fried rice cake isn’t good for her health. He laughs and gives her the birthday gift.

Ga-Yeong opens the gift box and finds out that the gift is a gun. Gi-Hun tells her that women can use gun as well when she holds the gun. She pulls the trigger and finds out that it’s a lighter. She tells him that she cannot accept the gift because she worries that her mom will scold her. So he puts the gun into his pocket.

Ga-Yeong tells Gi-Hun not to smoke with the lighter. He tells her that he gives up smoking. She doesn’t believe in what he said. She’s close to him and smells him with her nose. She finds out that he doesn’t do that. He smiles to tell her that he will give her a great birthday gift next year. She wants to tell something to him but she gives up the mind.

Gi-Hun carries Ga-Yeong home. The ex-wife is waiting for them. She blames him for being late because Ga-Yeong doesn’t wear thick clothes. He explains that his daughter fell asleep so that he had to carry Ga-Yeong. She points out that she asked for pick her daughter. He stops her and reminds her that it’s Ga-Yeong’s birthday.

Gi-Hun wants to carry his daughter to the elevator. But his ex-wife is against it because she wants her daughter to be independent. So he has to drop Ga-Yeong. The woman takes away Ga-Yeong.

Gi-Hun rushes to the subway train, trying to catch it. But the door is closed. He has to sit on the bench at the subway station to wait for next train. Suit Man sits next to Gi-Hun, telling him that he wants to give him a chance. But Gi-Hun pulls out the gun and points at Suit Man. Suit Man is scared until Gi-Hun pulls the trigger.

Gi-Hun tells Suit Man to leave. But Suit Man asks Gi-Hun for playing a game with him. He opens his suitcase and shows the cash to him. He takes out the ddakji from the suitcase, and tells Gi-Hun that he will get 100,000 won if he defeats him in the ddakji game.

Gi-Hun tells Suit Man that he will take his life if he dares to fool him. Suit Man smiles and tells Gi-Hun to choose the ddakji. Gi-Hun tries to flip over Suit Man’s ddakji. But he fails. It’s Suit Man’s turn. He holds the ddakji and tells Gi-Hun to walk aside. He flips over Gi-Hun’s ddakji. He slaps him after knowing he’s broke.

Gi-Hun cannot stand it, and continues the game with the man. He wins in the end after he failed for many times. He tries to slap back. But the man stops him and gives the cashes to him.

The man tells Gi-Hun to continue to play the game with him after he got many cashes. But Gi-Hun rejects it because he thinks the man will take away the cashes he owns. The man mentions Gi-Hun owed so much money, and gives his business card to him before he leaves.

Gi-Hun visits Sang-Woo’s mom the fish seller. He shows off the money he got to her and tells her to get Sang-Woo to call him. He gives the cash to her, and takes away the fish. She complains that the money wasn’t enough to buy the fish when he walks away.

Gi-Hun runs into the wild cat who’s looking for food. He throws the fish to the animal, and tells him how he got the cashes. Gi-Hun returns home and eats with Mom. He gives the cash to her. But she mistakes that he stole it. He yells at her that he got it with his body. She tells him that Ga-Yeong will leave Korea soon. She mentions what the lawyer said that he can get the custody if he’s rich enough.

Gi-Hun lies in the bed. He takes out the phone and takes a look at the photo of his daughter. He calls the man. Gi-Hun waits for the man outside. A van shows up. The man in the van gets Gi-Hun to get into the van. He sees many people falls asleep in the van. He mistakes they’re tired until he gets hypnosis by the gas.

Gi-Hun wakes up from a big room. He finds out that many people sleep in the bed like him. The men in red watch them through the TV. Gi-Hun spots the old man Il-Nam who’s calculating how many people in the room. Il-Nam tells Gi-Hun that he came to the place because he knew he’s going to die because of the tumor in his brain.

Deok-Soo beats Sae-Byeok because she betrayed him. Gi-Hun recognizes Sae-Byeok. He stops Deok-Soo. The gate opens. The men in red show up. The chief of the men in red tells the players that the one will get a huge cashes if he wins all of the six games. But the player Sang-Woo tells the chief that he doesn’t trust him. The chief points out that they have to believe in what he said because they’re hunted by the loan sharks.

The players sign the contract. They walk into the game hall. They’re required to look into the camera. Gi-Hun smiles when he looks into the camera. The players go out of the house and arrive at the field. Gi-Hun recognizes Sang-Woo and wonders why he’s there since he’s a good boy in his mom’s mind. Sang-Woo doesn’t want to talk about it.

The man in black walks into the hall. He sits on the chair to watch the players. The game “Red Light and Green Light” begins. The players who failed get shot by the guns on the wall. The man in black drinks wine when he watches it.

Gi-Hun is scared to lie on the ground after the player died in front of him. Sang-Woo reminds Gi-Hun that he will get killed if he doesn’t take action. Gi-Hun gets up and begins to move. The player who failed takes Gi-Hun’s leg, and begs him to save him. But Gi-Hun ignores him and walks away. The player gets killed.

The man in black presses the remote. The dolls begin to perform. Sang-Woo and some of the players pass the red line. He takes a look at Gi-Hun. Gi-Hun trips when he steps on the dead body. The Ali Abdul saves Gi-Hun from catches the clothes from his back. They pass the red line before the time is up. The rest players get killed. Sae-Byeok looks at the sky. She finds out that it closes.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-Soo.

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