Squid Game: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 2. The players feel bad when they’re locked up in a huge room. Gi-Hun thanks Sang-Woo and Ali Abdul for saving him. The gate opens. The men in red show up. The chief of the men in red tells the players that the 201 players passed the game.

Squid Game: Episode 2 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 2.

The players get on knees to the chief, and ask him for releasing them. Because they don’t want to get killed. But the chief tells them that it’s just a game. He shoots when the player wants to report it to the police. Sang-Woo tells the chief to let the players make a choice on their own if they want to leave.

The chief agrees to it, and puts some cashes into the piggy bank. He tells the players that they won’t get the cashes if they leave. He ends the game since most of the players want to leave. The van parks at the street. Some players get thrown out of the van.

Gi-Hun yells and asks for a help when his eyes get blinded by the black cloth. Sae-Byeok takes off the black cloth for Gi-Hun, and asks him to untie her. He does it. But she refuses to untie him because she worries that he will ask her for repaying the money.

Gi-Hun promises to Sae-Byeok that he won’t ask her for repaying his money. She believes him after he swore it on his mom. So she unties him with a knife. But he asks her repaying the money immediately when his foot don’t get untied. She walks away.

Ali Abdul tries to borrow phone from Sang-Woo. But Sang-Woo finds out that his phone is broken. He goes to the store, and buys a new phone. He sees the messages which were sent by his creditors. Sang-Woo hands over the phone to Ali Abdul when he’s eating noodles.

Ali Abdul returns the phone to Sang-Woo after he called someone. Sang-Woo stops Ali Abdul when he tries to leave. He gives him the cash to take bus. Ali Abdul bows to Sang-Woo because he thinks he cannot repay the cash to Sang-Woo.

Gi-Hun goes to the police station, and reports to police officer Sang-Hyuk about the Squid Game. But Sang-Hyuk doesn’t believe what Gi-Hun said. Gi-Hun is furious to give the business card to Sang-Hyuk. But the person treats Sang-Hyuk as a bad person when he calls the number and tells him that he wants to play game.

Gi-Hun gets kicked out. Jun-Ho spots the business card on the table. Gi-Hun returns home and finds out that his mom is missing. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up his phone. Gi-Hun runs into Sang-Woo when he sees his mom in a distance.

Gi-Hun hands over the water to Sang-Woo, and tells him to confess it to his mom. But Sang-Woo rejects it because he mortgaged all of his mom’s properties. Gi-Hun gets a call from someone and knows that his mom is in the hospital. He goes to the hospital. The doctor tells Gi-Hun that his mom needs to be hospitalized. But the old woman leaves the hospital because she knows that she has no money. Gi-Hun yells at his mom that he will take the money to see her.

Jun-Ho talks with his mom over the phone when he’s driving. He promises to find his brother. He visits the house where his brother lived. He finds the business card from the gift box. He remembers he saw the same business card at the police station.

Sae-Byeok brings the ice cream to her brother. But he doesn’t want to eat it. She decides to leave since he didn’t tell her the reason. He sheds tears and mentions what other kids said that she will give up him. She hugs him and comforts him that everything will be fine.

Ali Abdul rushes into the president’s office. He asks him for paying the salary to him because he needs to treat his hand. But the president rejects it, and walks away after he took the cashes on the table. Ali Abdul follows the president and has a fight with him. The president’s hand is hurt by the machine when they fight. Ali Abdul is shocked. He takes the cashes and runs away.

Sae-Byeok visits the guy and asks him for saving his parents. He agrees to it but he asks for a huge money. She pours the hot tea to his face, and puts the knife on his neck. She tells him that she will take his life if he tricks her again.

Mom talks with Sang-Woo over the phone. She feels relieved after knowing he lives well. He apologizes to her. But she doesn’t hear what he said when the customer wants to buy squid. Mom tells the customer that his son graduated from top school. The customer wants to set a blind date for Sang-Woo. Mom rejects it because she knows her son only wants to get married with outstanding women.

The police officer visits Sang-Woo’s mom and tells her that they’re going to arrest her son. The old lady is shocked. Sang-Woo drinks when he takes a bath. He goes to open the door when someone rings the bell. He finds the Squid Game business card under the door.

Ali Abdul gives the bloody cashes to his wife, and tells her to leave. But she doesn’t want to leave because she thinks something bad happened on her husband. Gi-Hun visits his friend’s restaurant and asks him for the money to cure his mom’s illness. But the friend’s wife throws a fit to her husband. Gi-Hun has to leave.

Gi-Hun drinks outside the convenience store. He’s surprised to see Il-Nam. Gi-Hun invites Il-Nam to drink with him. Il-Nam takes out the noodles. He tells Gi-Hun that he decides to take part in the Squid Game because he doesn’t want to spend his rest life like this.

The follower meets with Deok-Soo. Deok-Soo tells the follower about the Squid Game after they got into the car. He tells him to take some thugs to join him to rob Squid Game. But the follower betrays Deok-Soo and brings his enemies. Deok-Soo kills the follower with his knife and jumps off the bridge when his enemies are going to catch him.

Gi-Hun visits his ex-wife and asks her for the money to save his mom. But she rejects it. So he has a fight with her. He has to leave when her husband returns home with the kids. The man stops Gi-Hun and gives the money to him. But he asks him for not visiting his family. Gi-Hun is furious to beat the man, and throws the cashes to him. But the scene is spotted by Ga-Yeong.

Gi-Hun walks at the street. He runs into Jun-Ho. Jun-Ho asks Gi-Hun for helping him find his brother because his brother received the Squid Game business card. But Gi-Hun rejects it and close the door. He finds a new Squid Game business card.

The van of Squid Game picks up the poor six players. Jun-Ho drives his car to tail the van. Sae-Byeok wakes up in the van.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo and Jung Ho-Yeon.

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