Squid Game: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 3. Jun-Ho arrives at the Mojin Port. He hides under the van and gets into the ship. He gets into the van after the man in red gets off the van. He pretends to be the player, and falls sleep like Gi-Hun.

Squid Game: Episode 3 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 3.

Jun-Ho kills the man in red when he comes to check if he’s a player. He wears his clothes and throws him into the sea. The players are carried into a huge room. The men in red take away the player’s personal stuff. But Sae-Byeok keeps her knife.

Gi-Hun wakes Il-Nam up. Il-Nam is very happy after knowing Gi-Hun is fine. Sang-Woo joins Gi-Hun. Gi-Hun asks Sang-Woo if he told the truth to his mom. But their talk is interrupted by Ali Abdul. Ali Abdul reveals Sang-Woo gave him the money to take bus. Gi-Hun is surprised. He tells Ali Abdul to team up with them.

Deok-Soo asks Sae-Byeok to team up with him. She rejects it and tells the follower that Deok-Soo will betray him. Deok-Soo gets angry and tries to beat Sae-Byeok. Mi-Nyeo stops him and tells him that she wants to join his team. But he wants to sleep with her.

Gi-Hun eats the rice. He thinks it’s very cold, and wishes to get a stove. Sang-Woo tells Gi-Hun to think about what will be the next game if he has time. Gi-Hun mentions the games he played. But Ali Abdul says that he didn’t played those games. Sang-Woo comforts Ali Abdul that he will help him. It makes Ali Abdul happy.

Jun-Ho opens the door with the key, and gets into his room. He spots the camera. Mi-Nyeo tells the man in red to open the door because she needs to go to the restroom. But he ignores her. So she squats down and intends to treat the room as restroom. He has to agree to take her to the restroom. Sae-Byeok stops the two. She tells them that she wants to go to the restroom as well.

Mi-Nyeo sits on the toilet and smokes. Sae-Byeok shows up and startles Mi-Nyeo. She takes out the knife and opens the vent with the knife. She steps on Mi-Nyeo and gets into the vent. She spots the men in red making something. The man in red breaks into the restroom because Mi-Nyeo has stayed inside too long. He sees the two women using just one toilet.

Sae-Byeok tells Mi-Nyeo that she saw the man in red melting sugar into a pot. The man in red tries to give the milk to Gi-Hun. Gi-Hun tells the man in red that he cannot drink milk since childhood. But he ignores what Gi-Hun said. Il-Nam laughs. He thinks Gi-Hun is like his son.

Ali Abdul notes that Sang-Woo doesn’t eat his bread. Sang-Woo gives his bread to Ali Abdul. Gi-Hun hands over his milk to Ali Abdul when he’s eating the bread. Byeong-Ki finds a red note inside his bread. Sang-Woo follows Sae-Byeok and asks her to tell him what she saw to him. He tells her that the games he played when he was a kid.

The players arrive at the game playground. The man in red asks the players to choose one from four shapes. Sang-Woo remembers the thing Sae-Byeok told him. He knows what the game is immediately after he saw the four shapes. But he doesn’t tell the secret to Gi-Hun, and refuses to team up with Gi-Hun. Because he thinks parting is a good strategy.

Gi-Hun chooses umbrella shape. Sang-Woo worries about his friend. He tries to tell the secret to him. But he gives up the mind. The man in red gives the cases to the players. Byeong-Ki takes a look at his case. He remembers the word “honeycomb” on the note. Gi-Hun realizes that he has bad luck when he sees the umbrella case.

The game begins. The players who ruin their shapes get killed one by one. Some players leave the playground after they passed the game. Gi-Hun is nervous. His sweat drops on the case. He finds out that the case can be melted. So he licks the case. Mi-Nyeo shows off the star shape she just completed to the man in red. She puts the star shape into her mouth. She leaves the lighter to Deok-Soo before she leaves.

The players spot Gi-Hun licking his shape. They lick their shapes like him. Gi-Hun completes the umbrella shape before the time is up. He tears up when he takes the shape. The man in red tries to shoot Sang-Hun because he ruined his umbrella shape. But Sang-Hun stabs the man in red’s head in advance. He robs the gun and kidnaps another man in red.

Front Man spots it and leaves his room. The men in red begin to kill the players who don’t complete their shapes. Gi-Hun and other players hear the sound when they go downstairs. The man in red takes off his mask and faces Sang-Hun. Sang-Hun is surprised that his enemy is just a young boy. He takes his life with the gun. Front Man shows up and kills the man in red who took off his mask.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo and Jung Ho-Yeon.

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