Squid Game: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 4. Gi-Hun and Il-Nam return to the huge room. Ali Abdul spots the two and greets them when they walk to him. Ali Abdul tells Gi-Hun that he thought he got killed. Il-Nam reveals Gi-Hun saved him.

Squid Game: Episode 4 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 4.

Sang-Woo feels guilty to part the team members. Gi-Hun comforts Sang-Woo that he didn’t know what was the game. The man in red tells the players the result. Someone cashes fall into the piggy bank. It’s meal time. The man in red gives one egg and a glass of drinks to Deok-Soo. Deok-Soo complains that it’s not enough. Mi-Nyeo takes him to line up again for obtaining more eggs.

The guy finds out that he doesn’t have the egg and soda. The woman tells him that Deok-Soo stole his foods. He’s furious to rush to Deok-Soo. He tries to take his soda back, but breaks the glass by mistake. Deok-Soo beats the guy and returns to drink the soda from the broken glass.

Sang-Woo finds out that the guy got killed. Gi-Hun reports it to the men in red. But they pretend not to see anything. Some cashes fall into the piggy bank. Sang-Woo hints Gi-Hun that Deok-Soo will take the chance to attack them when they fall sleep. Gi-Hun wakes Il-Nam up and walks to Sae-Byeok. He tells her to join them because he knows Deok-Soo hates her.

Sae-Byeok rejects it and tells Gi-Hun that she doesn’t trust anyone. He tells her that he’s the one who’s worth of being trusted. Byeong-Ki helps the man in red take out the eye from the dead body. He asks him for telling him the next game to him. But the man in red only gives an egg to Byeong-Ki. He tells him that there will be a big battle in the evening.

Byeong-Ki walks to Deok-Soo. He asks for joining his team. But Deok-Soo rejects it because he thinks he’s not useful. Byeong-Ki tells Deok-Soo that he knows what the next game is.

The players go to the bed. They’re ready for the battle. Front Man turns off the light. The room is dark. The players begin to kill each other. Deok-Soo grabs Sae-Byeok’s neck and tries to kill her. But she kicks the important part of his body. He picks up the knife she dropped, and tries to kill her. But someone takes him from his back. Deok-Soo stabs the person.

Gi-Hun jumps down from his bed, and avoids the attack of the player. But the player doesn’t want to forgive him. He takes a stick to attack him. Sang-Woo and Ali Abdul save Gi-Hun. Gi-Hun worries about Il-Nam and goes to look for him. But Il-Nam is in the bed. The woman tries to open the gate. But she doesn’t have enough power. She gets killed by a man.

Sae-Byeok rushes to join Gi-Hun. But he pushes her aside, and goes to fight with Deok-Soo when Deok-Soo tries to hurt Sae-Byeo. Ali Abdul takes a big stick to drive Deok-Soo and his followers away. Gi-Hun tells Deok-Soo that Sae-Byeok is his team member. Il-Nam yells at Front Man that everybody will be killed. So Front Man turns on the light.

The men in red open the gate and rush into the room. They surround the players. The man in red takes away the knife from Deok-Soo. Jun-Ho is close to Gi-Hun. He asks him if he knows In-Ho. Gi-Hun denies because the players don’t know each other’s name.

Gi-Hun asks the team members to tell him about their names. They did it except Il-Nam because he was scared. Byeong-Ki treats Deok-Soo’s leg. He tells him that he wants to take the cashes to leave Squid Game. He takes a look at the piggy bank. Min-Tae wonders why Front Man stopped them since he was going to get the players to kill each other. Deok-Soo thinks they still have a chance. He wants Byeong-Ki to help him pass the next game.

Mi-Nyeo sleeps with Deok-Soo in the restroom. She tells him that she will take his life if he betrays her. Gi-Hun notes that Il-Nam hasn’t slept last night. Il-Nam admits it. He tells Gi-Hun that he wanted to do something for his team members.

The third game begins. The man in red tells the players that they need to team up to be a team of 10 players. Deok-Soo tells Player 278 to get some strong players for them. Player 278 points at Mi-Nyeo. He asks Deok-Soo how he will deal with the woman. Deok-Soo doesn’t say anything. He waves to Mi-Nyeo when she waves to him.

Sang-Woo thinks they need to invite more men to join his team even if he doesn’t know what the game is. So the team members go to look for men. Ali Abdul intends to leave. But Sang-Woo stops Ali Abdul and reminds him not to show his hand to people. Ali Abdul puts his hand into the pocket.

Sang-Woo invites Player 069 to join his team. But the guy asks Sang-Woo to take his wife. Sang-Woo walks away. Sae-Byeok spots Ji-Yeong who sits on the stairs. Mi-Nyeo asks Deok-Soo for letting her join his team. But he rejects it. So she gets on knees to him and begs him. He’s cold to her and throws her to the ground when she tries to kiss him. She gets up and mentions the words she said to him. But he tells her that he doesn’t fear her at all.

Sae-Byeok walks to Ji-Yeong and asks her for joining her team. Sang-Woo spots Ji-Yeong and mentions what he said that he only needs men. Ji-Yeong wants to leave. But Gi-Hun keeps her. He wants to decide it until the tenth team member comes. Mi-Nyeo joins the team without getting invited. She tells the team members that she’s outstanding.

The players are taken to another hall. The man in red tells them that they’re going to play tug of war. Team 1 defeats Team 7 in the tug of war. All of the players of Team 7 are hung when they grab the rope. A huge blade falls to cut of the rope. The players fall to the floor from the bridge. They’re all dead.

It’s the turn of Team 4 and Team 5. Gi-Hun walks to the bridge with his team members. They worry about it. Il-Nam cheers his team members up after they got into the elevator. He reminds them that they can still win if they play the game in a right way. He shares the tips with them.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo and Jung Ho-Yeon.

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