Squid Game: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 5. Gi-Hun wins the tug of war game with his team members after Sang-Woo cheered them up in the critical moment. The rivals get killed. The men in red bring the coffins to the playground.

Squid Game: Episode 5 Recap

Squid Game

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Squid Game: Episode 5.

Gi-Hun stares at his injured palms when he’s in the elevator with the team members. Ji-Yeong thinks they should thank Sang-Woo because he saved them in the critical moment. But Player 244 doesn’t agree to what Ji-Yeong said. He thinks they were saved because of the sacrifice of the dead players.

Sae-Byeok stops Player 244 and Ji-Yeong. Ji-Yeong keeps talking with Sae-Byeok after she got off the elevator. But Sae-Byeok doesn’t want to talk with the girl at all. The players return to the huge room. Mi-Nyeo glares at Deok-Soo when she walks.

The dead bodies are carried away. The man in red cleans up the floor. Mi-Nyeo complains to the team members what Deok-Soo did to her. Sang-Woo points out that the guy gave up her because he knew what the next game was. She takes a look at Deok-Soo who’s talking with Byeong-Ki.

Player 244 tells the team members to pick to weak team to attack. But Sae-Byeok tells him that she doesn’t trust him. Gi-Hun gets the team members to build the defense around the beds because he worries that Deok-Soo will take his followers to attack them.

Deok-Soo walks to Gi-Hun. He tells him what he does won’t work. But Gi-Hun points out that the guys behind Deok-Soo will attack him. Deok-Soo tells his followers to put down their weapons. He notes that Byeong-Ki is missing. The team members fall asleep. Sang-Woo and Ali Abdul keep watch for them.

Ali Abdul hands over the corn to Sang-Woo. He wants to thank him for the money Sang-Woo gave him. Sang-Woo accepts the corn. But he shares the corn with Ali Abdul. He tells him that he came to Squid Game because he wanted to earn money.

Jun-Ho is taken to the room. He spots Byeong-Ki taking out the organ from the dead body. He learns that Byeong-Ki got the game detail from the man in red through his medical skills. The man in red blames Byeong-Ki for ruining the eyeball last time. Byeong-Ki talks back that the person wasn’t dead. Another man in red stops the argument of the two.

Sang-Woo wakes Gi-Hun and notes that he has a nightmare. Gi-Hun denies and sees his friend asking him for a help when his head gets hit. Gi-Hun tells Il-Nam that he went on a strike and his friend died in the strike. He feels sad. Il-Nam tries to comfort Gi-Hun. But he feels uncomfortable.

Gi-Hun helps Il-Nam lie in the bed. He tries to pour the water to the cloth. But he finds out that the bottle is empty. Sae-Byeok hands over her water to Gi-Hun. Gi-Hun wets the cloth with the water. He puts it on Il-Nam’s forehead. Il-Nam falls asleep.

Jun-Ho and the men in red leave the room after they got the organs. Byeong-Ki asks the man in red who stays in the room about the next game. But the man in red tells Byeong-Ki that he knows nothing about the game. Byeong-Ki is furious to kidnap him with the knife.

Jun-Ho helps the man in red move away the cabinet. They get into a cave. The man in red tells Byeong-Ki that his colleague needs the key in his pocket to get the game. But he tries to pick up the gun when Byeong-Ki is looking for the key in his pocket. Byeong-Ki stabs the man in red. But the colleague takes a stick to hurt Byeong-Ki’s back. Byeong-Ki flees.

The man in red puts his knife on Jun-Ho’s neck. He asks him for taking off his mask. Jun-Ho does it and points his gun at the belly of the man in red. He asks him for taking off his mask. The man in red finds Byeong-Ki in the game playground. Byeong-Ki yells at the man in red and lifts his weapon. The man in red comforts Byeong-Ki that he won’t hurt him.

Jun-Ho points the gun at the man in red. He yells at him that the man he just killed is his brother. But the man in red tells Jun-Ho that the person is a female. The man in red throws away his gun and takes off his mask. He tells Byeong-Ki to trust him. Byeong-Ki throws away his weapon. But the man in red takes out a knife when he walks behind Byeong-Ki.

Front Man shoots the man in red’s hand before he takes Byeong-Ki’s life. Jun-Ho kills the man in red after knowing he can find his brother from the list. Front Man tells the man in red that he messed up the equity of Squid Game. He kills him as well. Byeong-Ki gets killed after Front Man left.

Jun-Ho gets into the house after he climbed ladder. He finds the room. The follower reports to Front Man that Jun-Ho killed Guard 28. He thinks he left Squid Game. But Front Man doesn’t think so. Because Jun-Ho doesn’t take away the oxygen tank. Front Man finds the bullet from Guard 28’s forehead.

The man in red walks into the huge room with the gun. He tells Il-Nam to get up when he looks for Jun-Ho. Gi-Hun tells the man in red that Il-Nam doesn’t feel well. But another man in red points the gun at Gi-Hun. The man in red takes away the quilt. Gi-Hun finds out that Il-Nam just got urinary incontinence.

Jun-Ho walks into the basement. He finds the list from the shelf. He takes a look at the list, and finds out that his older brother is the previous winner of Squid Game.

Squid Game stars Lee Jung-Jae, Jung Ho-Yeon and Park Hae-Soo.

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