Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4

In the 3-4th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Wei Yingluo cheats emperor that the tree Ling Bai visited her dream, so he forgives her. But she appears when he realizes she is liar and returns. Empress is in anger of emperor, because she thinks he forgets their child.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4.

The emperor thinks Wei Yingluo didn’t respect Ling Bai, and wants to hit her 30 times with stick. But she claims the tree visited her dream, and asked her to scratch him. So the emperor forgives her. Madam Zhang tells Wei Yingluo about the tree’s story, but she thinks the emperor just wanted to people he is a dragon. She takes Madam Zhang away, and fears figure out her lies. The emperor visits his mother, and remebers Wei Yingluo’s words, and is interested in her. Queen asks him to see Concubine Shu, but he claims he is busy, and leaves.

He realizes the maid cheated him, and goes to look for her. But she fled. The servant thinks she won’t stay there to wait for his punishment. Emperor is furious, and kicks him. He blames him for telling his matters to Queen, and asks him to find the maid. Empress is furious after knowing Ming Yu blocked Imperial Concubine Yu. But Ming Yu thinks she shouldn’t be against Imperial Concubine Gao for Imperial Concubine Yu. Just then emperor shows up.

Empress tells emperor about Imperial Concubine Yu’s pregnancy. But he doesn’t care it, and wishes she can say some warm words. She claims she has nothing to say, and only cares Imperial Concubine Yu. He is disappointed, and asks Imperial Concubine to write books as punishment.

Wei Yingluo is interested in Empress’s brother Fu Heng after talking with imperial bodyguards. Ying Ning’s ex Qing Xi sees her, and asks her to give up investigating her sister’s death reason. Ling Long sees Wei Yingluo talking with imperial bodyguards, and reports it to Aunt Fang. She wants to punish Wei Yingluo with the sin of seducing bodyguard. But Qing Xi fled, and Wei Yingluo beats up Aunt Fang.

Wei Yingluo picks up a knot, and remembers it’s the one Ying Ning gave her. Yu Jie tells her the knot is related to A Man, but she reports it to Aunt Fang soon. Aunt Fang asks Ling Long to watch on Wei Yingluo for her. Ling Long is jealous of Wei Yingluo, so she accepts Aunt Fang’s offer.

Steward Li lets maids line up, and scratchs in front of him to catch the maid cheated emperor. Madam Zhang sends Wei Yingluo to deliver clothes avoiding the check. Ling Long wants to catch Fu Heng’s attention, but he doesn’t look at her. So she pretends to trip, Wei Yingluo tells her not to flirt with him otherwise she will lose her life. But Ling Long doesn’t listen to her, and hates Wei Yingluo more. Fu Heng is interested in Wei Yingluo, but she ignores him. He tells her not to look down on him.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

Emperor loves Empress, and allows Fu Heng to see his sister. Fu Heng argues with Empress, and throws off her long life lock since she misses her dead child, and eats nothing. He reminds her not to forget her status. But she loses her temper, and thinks emperor forgot the child after their child Yong Lian died.

Empress finds the long life lock at the garden. Fu Heng is disappointed with his sister, and tells her that their family is bullied. He hopes his sister can cheer herself up, and leaves an box to her. But she ignores him. He runs into Imperial Concubine Chun, and asks her to persuade his sister.

Empress sees maid Hong Long just cried out, and asks about it. Imperial Concubine Chun reveals Hong Long is delay to go out of palace because of nobody takes the duty, and reminds Empress to go back to work. Empress realizes her neglect of duty. She opens the box finding the letter emperor wrote that giving the title of crown prince to Young Lian, and realizes he is sad as well. She thinks she is a sinner.

The next, she accepts the greeting of other imperial concubines, and dresses up. She blames Imperial Concubine Gao for didn’t respect her, and announces that she will go back to work. She arranges someone else to take care Imperial Concubine Yu, and lets her talk to her if she is bullied. Imperial Concubine Gao talks back to Empress for Yi Bing’s case, but everybody are on Empress’s side. Imperial Concubine Gao thinks she cannot defeat her since Empress didn’t do her job too long.

Ling Long tells Imperial Concubine Gao that Wei Yingluo mentioned the loquat was poisonous, and wants to get rid of Wei Yingluo with her hand. Imperial Concubine Gao sends her followers to arrest Wei Yingluo, but Wei Yingluo pretends she is silly. But Imperial Concubine Gao doesn’t believe it, and gives her tons of foods to her. She doesn’t allow her to leave until she eats it up.

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