The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 5-6

In the 5-6th episodes of The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama 2018 Recap, Feng Zhiwei and her mother decide to flee because Qiu Mingying killed the fifth aunt. But the warriors go to arrest them, Ning Yi saves Feng Zhiwei. He confesses his love when she asks him why he saved her.

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 5

The Rise of Phoenixes

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Episodes 5-6.

Zhu Ying invites Lan Xiang house to see Ning Yi. The fifth aunt invites Qiu Mingying to have a drink, and asks her to forget what she did to her. Ning Yi convinced Gu Yan to investigate the Prince of Zhao, and bets Gu Yan has the revenge. Zhu Ying visits Qiu Shangqi’s house, but he went to visit Chang Hai.

Chang Hai wants to challenge Qiu Shangqi, and defeats him with his blade. He tells him that he knew he kept Qiu Mingying. Qiu Shangqi is startled, and guesses the emperor cancelled the wedding because of Feng Zhiwei’s background.

Qiu Shangqi enjoys the moon with Madam Qiu, the fifth aunt and Qiu Mingying after he returned. The fifth aunt mentions Feng Zhiwei’s father. But he scolds her, and wants to set up a blind date for Feng Zhiwei and Feng Hao. He mentions the twins of Chen family. But the fifth aunt points out the Feng Zhiwei and Feng Hao don’t like brother and sister. Qiu Shangqi asks someone else to take the fifth aunt away.

The woman is taken away because the officers thought she killed her husband, this is what the Prince of Zhao planned. She is fed the poisonous dishes, and dies in prison. The officer takes away her death body, and buries her. Ning Yi saves her, and she recognizes her husband from the dead Xue Futu. The woman asks Gu Yan to help her. But he gives her some money telling her to flee as she is in anger. She has to accept the truth that she cannot take revenge.

Ning Cheng doesn’t understand why the Prince of Zhao has to wipe buttocks for the crown prince. Gu Laosan points out that he is just a dog who follows crown prince once he got the benefits. Ning Yi thinks Ning Chuan treats his brother as an ant. Gu Yan knows he is just an officer of Jin Yuwei, and cannot take revenge like the woman.

Qiu Mingying leaves Qiu family with the excuse of seeing doctor, the fifth aunt follows her. But Qiu Mingying disappears at the alleys, and asks for the teacher’s advise since the fifth aunt suspected Feng Zhiwei’s background. People talk about Da Cheng’s baby at cafe, the fifth aunt knows the baby is 18 years. She realizes something.

Lan Xiang House, the girls are enthusiasm with Ning Yi and Xin Ziyan. Xin Ziyan worries Gu Yan tells what Ning Yi did to crown prince, but Ning Yi trusts him. Xin Ziyan thinks crown prince can kill him easily as he owns Xue Futu. Zhu Ying is called to accompany Qiu Shangqi’s client, she is sad. The fifth aunt asks Feng Hao for his sister’s birth date, Feng Zhiwei suspects it.

Qiu Mingying shows up when the fifth aunt is looking for something. She is killed by Qiu Mingying when Feng Zhiwei arrives. The officers arrive when they’re going to flee. The crown prince mentions to Gu Yan about Qiu Shangqi’s sister, and asks him if he knows their backgrounds.

The Rise of Phoenixes Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 6

The crown prince fears Ning Yi finds the truth of 18 years ago, and warns Gu Yan not to tell others. He wants to frame Qiu Mingying to be Xue Futu’s leader. Qiu Shangqi tells Zhu Ying that Feng Zhiwei cannot live after tonight.

Qiu Mingying and Feng Zhiwei surrender because they know they cannot defeat the warriors. Just then a guy with black clothes saves them. But Qing Mingying and Feng Hao are arrested, Feng Zhiwei blames Ning Yi because he stopped her from saving her mother and brother. But she doesn’t know he is injured.

She is flustered, and wraps up his wound in the coach. She thinks the warriors arrested them because her mother killed the fifth aunt, and cries out. He has to promise her to save her family.

Zhao Yuan visits Ning Yi telling him that the emperor wanted to see him, and asks him about the wound. Ning Yi lies that he was attacked by Xue Futu. Feng Zhiwei realizes that she fell for the Prince of Chu, but remembers the swear. The next day, she asks him why he went to save her. He is silent, and pretends to fall sleep.

The crown prince is curious why his plan failed, the Prince of Zhao asks for award of killing the woman. The crown prince is furious after he left, and has to lock up Qiu Mingying. Ning Yi tells Feng Zhiwei that he likes her, so he saves her. She is stunned, and hopes he can save her family. Xin Ziyan hears what they talk, and tells him their love won’t have good result. He reveals she is Gu Heng’s daughter, and he killed her father. But Ning Yi doesn’t agree, and takes out a letter.

He points out that there is one must be Da Cheng’s orphan between Feng Zhiwei and Feng Hao. Xin Ziyan wants to report to emperor that crown prince didn’t kill Da Cheng’s orphan, but Ning Yi is considering for Feng Zhiwei.

Ning Yi is furious to look for Feng Zhiwei since she left after leaving a letter. He takes Ning Cheng to Qiu family, Qiu Yuluo rushes to him with tears. He scolds her to leave, and sees Feng Zhiwei who is going to flee.

She walks alone the street with her bag, Ning Cheng and Qiu Shangqi’s followers want to catch her. But a coach blocks their way.

Feng Zhiwei reports to Jin Yuwei that someone else pretend to be officers to arrest people in the Qiu family. Gu Yan laughs, and doesn’t expects her visiting. She notices someone is chasing her, and stunned by him.

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