Sun Honglei and Jiang Shuying’s Stage Photo on ‘Good Man’

Chinese drama ‘Good Man‘ is shooting in Shanghai. The staff discloses a group of photos. On the photos, Sun Honglei is attacked. Jiang Shuying is sad.

On ‘Good Man’, Sun Honglei acts a good man who’s name is Lu Yuan. Jiang Shuying acts a rich and beautiful woman Jiang Lai who tried to dominate Sun.

‘Good Man’ is created by Ning Meng agency. There are many Chinese actresses and actors joined the drama. They are Sun Honglei, Jiang Shuying, Wang Yaoqing, Che Xiao, Chinese Idol Zhang Yixing and Guang Xiaopeng. The director is Zhang Xiaobo.

The drama will be released in 2016.

Sun Honglei

Sun Honglei

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