Princess Agents Episode 1 – Hunting

In a shaking prison van, a girl is sleeping. Her dreams is bloody. Sometimes they call her Chu Qiao (Zanilia Zhao), the other times they call her Jin Xiaoliu. She doesn’t know where does she come from and where does she go. A girl hears sounds from Chu Qiao’s stomach, she takes out her personal Wotou and give half to Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao tells her that her name is Jin Xiaoliu. The girl calls her 6th sister.

Princess Agents Episode 1 Recap Part 1:

Princess Agents

The prince of Northern Yan Yan Xun, 13th prince of Western Wei Yuan Song, Wei Shuye, Wei Xifeng and Yuwen Huai rides away from palace to a hunting ground. The slave girls are driven into hunting ground and surrounded by soldiers. Their clothes are signed those men’s name.

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Those men doesn’t know Yuwen Huai’s intention. He tells them, “It’s not a simple hunting. The preys are not only animal, but also sweet slave girls. He will win Who shoots the most in a stick of incense.”

Yuan Song thinks it’s too brutality, but Zhao Xifeng is interested in it and require to start it. Yuan Song suggests Yuwen Huai begins it until Yuwen Yue comes. Yuwen Huai mentions he is sleeping with a girl right now.

Yuwen Yue (Lin Gengxin) enter his room and sees a beauty sleeping in his bed. He just sits in front of his desk. The beauty tempts him, however he ignores it and forces her to assassinate him. After settling the assassin, he goes to hunting ground.

When Yuwen Yue arrives the hunting ground. It’s full of slave girl’s crying. The wolfs rush at them from their cages. Chu Qiao observes the terrain and lets those girl run to hill. However the arrows come. Girls fall in just a few second. Chu Qiao carries the girl who gives her Wotou eludes those wolfs and arrows successfully.

At this time, a wolf blocks their way. Chu Qiao lets the girl hide, so that she can attract the wolf. Yan Xun kills it and saves her. Chu Qiao kills another wolf by the arrow on the ground also. Yuwen Yue praise her from his heart since he looks how she does in the hunting ground.

The girls are less and less. Yuwen Huai let other men hunts Chu Qiao and other slave girls. But Yang Xun only kill wolfs.

The closing arrow comes, everybody stop their actions. However Yuwen Huai shoots the Wotou girl. The girl falls in just one second. Chu Qiao hold her and is fixed in there. Yuwen Huai don’t want the girl who’s clothes is signed Yuwen Yue name to live. He targets Chu Qiao and shoots her. At the same time Yuwen Yue targets and shoot his arrow. He saves his girl.

Princess Agents Episode 1 Recap Part 2:

There is only abomination in Chu Qiao’s mind. She doesn’t know she lives under those men’s fighting. Hence, when Yang Xun asks his name, she just answer him with cold tone, “I will tell you my name when I don’t have to look up to you.”

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Chu Qiao is putted into a woodshed. She is full of hating, when she lies in her bed. She hates the world. The nobility is eviler than those wolfs, the people’s life is cheaper than grass. She swears she will let them pay it back in one day.

A man enters the woodshed with a food box. He calls him as her 5th brother. She doesn’t know him, so she resists his closing. The man takes out a dish of red-cooked pork from the food box. She eats it with a smiling. It’s most delicious meal she ever eats in her life.

Yang Xun visits Yuwen Yue to settling annoying Princess of Western Wei. He solves his problem in just a few words.

In the woodshed, a man visits Chu Qiao’s dream and hit her into cold water. She feels chilly. Someone put a stove into her hand. When she wakes up, her sisters are care about her.

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