Delicious Destiny Episode 3 – Mother

Song Jia Ming (Mao Xiao Tong) is a bit awkward because her clothes is wet in the party. Zhao Han escorts her away from the party. at that time Peng Fei is beguiled into thinking he is going to incivility Jia Ming. He hauled off and hit Zhao Han in the nose. Jia Ming stops him and explains it. Peng Fei realizes she loves Zhao Han.

Delicious Destiny Episode 3 Recap Part 1:

Delicious Destiny

On the way back Ye Yi Lan mentions her grandmother wants to invite Li Yu Zhe (D’Angelo Mike) to have a dinner. He accepts it. Li Yu Zhe thinks Song Jia Ming is vain and warns her against contacting him. He also throws the bottle which Song Jia Ming gives him on the ground. She couldn’t hold back her tears.

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The next day, Song Jia Ming tries to contact him. However he is always offline. She knows he went to sea food market from his employees. He left his wallet in his office. She explains faux in the party to him. However, his wallet is in her hand when he is going to check out. She threatens him that she can give him the wallet if he signs the contract. They enters into a cold card while fighting. She shivered with cold in the car. While Li Yu Zhe wants to borrows her phone, Song Jia Ming threatens him again with the contract. After she slept, Li Yu Zhe takes the phone and calls Ye Yi Lan for help.

Ye Yi Xuan hastens to pay the bill. Li Yu Xi pretends she is not the tenant. However he catches her when she goes out. Li Yu Xi begs for several days. He robs her expensive bag and threatens for selling if she cannot pay the bill.

Delicious Destiny Episode 3 Recap Part 2:

Zhao Han gets a call from hospital and knows his mother left without permission. He is upset. His mother’s body condition isn’t good since his father left. He guesses his mother must be visiting Li Jian Guo. He finds his mother in Li Jian Guo’s company and persuades her back home.

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Ye Yi Lan dresses well and is going to visit Li Yue Zhe with Jiang Xiu Yun. She knows his situations after getting call from Yu Zhe. She drives her car to chase the cold car. When she sees they snuggle up to together in the car, she is jealous. Ye Lin Lan brings a blanket to Li Yu Zhe. However he covers it on Jia Ming’s body.

Jiang Xiu Yun saw Li Yu Zhe doesn’t love Ye Lin Lan, but she still wants to give him another chance. She has a cocktail party in Yu Shan tomorrow. She lets Ye Yi Lan attend it with Li Yu Zhe. Ye Yi Lan brings ginger tea to Yu Zhe. Yu Zhe explains Jia Ming does that just for her Job. Yi Lan promises she will give her a better job to her so that he doesn’t have to join her show. Then Li Yu Zhe agrees to attend the cocktail party with her in Yu Shan.

Song Jia Ming hears Li Yu Zhe is going to appears in a party in Yu Shan. She decides to move him via her story.

In the party, Ye Yi Xuan meets Li Yu Xi again. He doesn’t know Li Yu Xi is Li Yu Zhe’s young sister. In the washroom, Li Yu Xi begs him to give her more times. Ye Yi Xuan records it via his phone and threatens her to tell her parents if she doesn’t pay off the bill within 3 days.

Song Jia Ming lost her drawing book which is the only thing her mother left to her. She fainted on the street. Li Yu Zhe carries her to the hospital.

Boss Zhou decides to end the show. To his surprise, Li Yu Zhe appears and agrees to join their show. But he wants Song Jia Ming host it.

Zhao Han gives Song Jia Ming a laptop for congratulating. They warmly embraced each other.

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