Crash Course in Romance K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Crash Course in Romance K-Drama: Episode 3. Haeng-Seon tells Chi-Yeol to squat down when she protects Jae-Woo. The ball drops to the floor. They look at outside. Haeng-Seon goes to the police station. She tells the cop to catch the killer because she thinks it was a murder.

How Does Haeng-Seon Know Chi-Yeol Is the Star Teacher?

Crash Course in Romance

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Crash Course in Romance K-Drama: Episode 3.

The cop asks Haeng-Seon if she and Chi-Yeol are restaurant owner and customer. She admits it but she tells him that Chi-Yeol is a criminal as well. She reveals Chi-Yeol stole her brother’s phone. Chi-Yeol denies it when he calls Haeng-Seon lady.

Haeng-Seon yells at Chi-Yeol. She calls him mister. He explains to the cop that he compensated Haeng-Seon a new phone. But Haeng-Seon rejected it. Haeng-Seon tells Chi-Yeol to make a sincere apology to her. He apologizes to her. But she has a fight with him.

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The cop tells Haeng-Seon to think about the person who would do it to her. She claims that she cares for her customers very much. But he doesn’t believe it according to what she did to Chi-Yeol. Chi-Yeol takes the cop aside. He tells him that he thinks the killer wanted to kill him. He reveals he’s a star teacher.

Dong-Hui shows up. Chi-Yeol gives Dong-Hui a hug. Dong-Hui opens the door for Haeng-Seon. She runs away. He tells Chi-Yeol to take a deep breath. Chi-Yeol asks Dong-Hui for the calming drinks. Chi-Yeol drinks the calming drinks in the car. Dong-Hui thinks Chi-Yeol should tell him to order food from Haeng-Seon’s restaurant.

Chi-Yeol explains to Dong-Hui that he wanted to order the food in person. He believes that the person who shot the steel ball was the stalker. Dong-Hui tells Chi-Yeol to take a break. Chi-Yeol returns home. He lies on the floor. He decides to look into the steel ball.

Haeng-Seon watches the workers fixing the window. She complains that she had bad luck because of Chi-Yeol. She tells Jae-Woo to leave when he tangles her. Yeong-Joo tells Haeng-Seon to apologize to Chi-Yeol after Haeng-Seon paid the window bill.

Haeng-Seon is furious to blame Yeong-Joo for taking Chi-Yeol’s side. She thinks her friend always favors men. Yeong-Joo admits it. She reminds Haeng-Seon that she needs to go to academy to book a seat for Hae-E. Haeng-Seon runs out of her restaurant. She sees Chi-Yeol. He asks her about the cameras. She ignores him and runs away.

Chi-Yeol drives and splashes Haeng-Seon with water. She ignores him and keeps running. She arrives at the academy to line up. The mother informs Haeng-Seon that the star teacher comes when Haeng-Seon wears shoe. Haeng-Seon tries to take a look at the star teacher. But the star teacher left.

Su-A complains to her mother that the math course is too easy to her. Su-Hui thinks Su-A wasted her time to study with the ordinary students. She tells her that she can ask the academy to move the course from winter to summer. She adds that the director in the academy will listen to her.

Su-Hui meets with Jun-Sang. She tells him to move the course from winter to summer. She promises to speak well of him in front of her mother. He agrees to do it. Chi-Yeol gives a question to the students in the class. Nobody can answer it except Hae-E. Chi-Yeol gives Hae-E a high five.

Dong-Hui tells Chi-Yeol that people are talking about he gave Hae-E a high five. He asks him if he intended to do that. Chi-Yeol admits it. He reveals he wanted to encourage the students. He tells Dong-Hui that he’s going to go to Haeng-Seon’s restaurant. Because her food is delicious.

Haeng-Seon wipes the window and pours water. She pours Chi-Yeol by mistake. She thinks he showed up in the wrong time when he dries his hair with the towel. He asks her to apologize to him. She does it and tells him to wear Jae-Woo’s clothes when Jae-Woo mentions the clothes are expensive.

Chi-Yeol rejects it. Because he doesn’t want to wear someone else’s clothes. But Haeng-Seon forces him to wear the clothes when she doesn’t allow him to leave. Hae-E shows up. She calls Chi-Yeol teacher. She tells Haeng-Seon that Chi-Yeol is the star teacher. Haeng-Seon is shocked. She releases Chi-Yeol.

Chi-Yeol leaves Haeng-Seon’s restaurant. He gets in his car and drives away. Haeng-Seon watches Chi-Yeol’s footage. She complains to the people why the tiger is the star teacher. Hae-E is surprised that her teacher was the one who stole her uncle’s phone.

Haeng-Seon asks Hae-E if her teacher will forgive her. Hae-E denies it. Yeong-Joo mentions Chi-Yeol danced in the footage. She thinks he’s two-faced. Haeng-Seon takes a look at Chi-Yeol’s membership card. She finds out that Chi-Yeol didn’t use his real name.

Hae-E reveals the name belongs to the manager. Haeng-Seon complains that she didn’t recognize Chi-Yeol since she went to the academy each day. Jae-Woo mentions he told Haeng-Seon that the tiger is Chi-Yeol when she watched the workers fix the window. She’s furious to grab his clothes. She tries to beat him. But Hae-E stops Haeng-Seon. Jae-Woo catches the chance to run away.

Chi-Yeol is surprised that Haeng-Seon is his student’s mother. He worries that Haeng-Seon posted something weird about him. But he finds out that she didn’t do anything. Haeng-Seon worries that Chi-Yeol will bully Hae-E. She thinks she needs to do something.

Dong-Hui is surprised that Haeng-Seon is a mother. Chi-Yeol complains that he felt a shiver down his spine when Hae-E called Haeng-Seon mother. Dong-Hui laughs to tell Chi-Yeol that Hae-E is very smart. Chi-Yeol worries that Haeng-Seon will badmouth him. Dong-Hui comforts Chi-Yeol that the woman won’t do that.

Chi-Yeol gets a call from Haeng-Seon who asks him to come to her restaurant. He arrives at her restaurant. He worries that she will beat him because she was a handball player. Dong-Hui tells Chi-Yeol that he will help him if Haeng-Seon hurts him.

Chi-Yeol walks into the restaurant with Dong-Hui. Haeng-Seon welcomes Chi-Yeol. She shows the perfect meal she prepared for him. But he doesn’t want to accept it. She reminds him that he needs to gain weight. He claims that he’s not weak. She agrees to what he said. She flatters him that he’s fashionable. He apologizes to her.

Jae-Woo watches his older sister open the car door for Chi-Yeol. He wonders why his older sister is so nice to the man. Yeong-Joo points out that Haeng-Seon does it because Chi-Yeol has more power than Haeng-Seon. She thinks all parents are powerless.

Dong-Hui thinks Haeng-Seon is a good person when Chi-Yeol takes a look at the food. But Chi-Yeol doesn’t want to accept the food because he didn’t accept any present from parents. Dong-Hui agrees to what Chi-Yeol said. He reminds him that Haeng-Seon will get angry if he pays her.

Dong-Hui tells Chi-Yeol to become Haeng-Seon’s regular if he feels guilty. Chi-Yeol wants to share the food with his colleagues. But Dong-Hui tells Chi-Yeol that he needs to eat with Jun-Sang. Chi-Yeol asks Dong-Hui to leave Haeng-Seon’s food to him because he cannot eat Jun-Sang’s food.

Jun-Sang notes that Chi-Yeol didn’t eat. He tells him to eat the Korean beef. He tells the star teaches that he wishes to move the course to the summer. Chi-Yeol agrees to Jun-Sang’s plan. But he asks for the blackboards. Jun-Sang promises to give the blackboards to Chi-Yeol.

Chi-Yeol runs into his friends. He tells them that he’s living in the penthouse. He gets a call from Dong-Hui. He goes to restroom to pick up the phone. He tells Dong-Hui that he’s meeting with his friends. But he hears his friends badmouthing him. He pays the bill and goes to the academy. He tries to join his colleagues. But he hears them badmouthing him as well.

Haeng-Seon receives the gift from Chi-Yeol. She thinks he’s a good person. Chi-Yeol walks into his office. Dong-Hui asks Chi-Yeol if he’s going to move the course to summer. He admits it. He thinks the director did a right choice. He tells Dong-Hui to do the level test.

Chi-Yeol gets a message from Haeng-Seon. She tells him that she was moved after she had received his gift. Mi-Ok thinks Su-Hui is outstanding after knowing she made the director change his mind. But other mothers worry about the level test.

Su-Hui calls Seo-Jin. She asks her for the information of previous level test. But Seo-Jin asks for the return. Su-Hui mentions she made the course become possible. Seo-Jin tells Su-Hui to wait. She hangs up. She calls Sun-Jae and tells him that she will give the previous information of the level test to him. She runs into her husband in front of the elevator.

Seo-Jin’s husband asks her to attend his father’s birthday party. She rejects it because she needs to care for her son’s level test. He has a fight with her. They stop the fight when the people get in the elevator. Haeng-Seon calls Hae-E. She asks her if she’s going to do the level test.

Hae-E denies it because she thinks the course is too expensive. Haeng-Seon tells Hae-E not to worry about the money. She thinks she has the duty to prepare it. She believes that Hae-E will get into the med school if she takes part in the course. She tells her that there’re many students wishing to take part in the course.

Hae-E is surprised that Haeng-Seon knew it. She mentions she didn’t know the mock exams. Haeng-Seon tells Hae-E that she’s changed. She adds that she wishes to be a good mother who cares for her kid’s education. Hae-E hangs up because she needs to take the class.

Haeng-Seon is waiting for Chi-Yeol. But he doesn’t come. She calls him. But Dong-Hui picks up the phone. She tells Dong-Hui that she prepared the lunch box for Chi-Yeol. He tells her that Chi-Yeol is very busy. She decides to deliver food to Chi-Yeol after knowing he just ate a bread.

Sun-Jae sends the previous level tests to Hae-E. She’s very happy. Seo-Jin takes away the phone from Sun-Jae after she found out that he was sending the level tests to Hae-E. Seo-Jin blames her son for sending the level tests to Hae-E. She reminds him that Hae-E is his competitor.

But Sun-Jae treats Hae-E as his friend. Seo-Jin is furious to beat her son. She thinks Hae-E is using her son. Sun-Jae throws a fit to Seo-Jin. He tells her that she’s a scary woman. She leaves his room and she tries to drink. But she sees Hui-Jae leaving. She drinks up the wine. Haeng-Seon arrives at the academy. She tries to call Chi-Yeol. But she runs into Dong-Hui.

Crash Course in Romance K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Episode 3 of Crash Course in Romance ends with Chi-Yeol arriving at Haeng-Seon’s restaurant. But he finds out that the restaurant is closed. He complains that he’s hungry. He smiles to take a walk. Haeng-Seon is drunk to hug Yeong-Joo. She tells her that she’s her friend.

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