The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

These are Recap & Ending for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 4. Sang-Su makes calendars with Su-Yeong. She notes that his hand is hurt. So she gives her band-aid to him. He hands over the calendar to her. It makes her believe that he wants to be rich.


The Interest of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 4.

But Sang-Su tells Su-Yeong that he just wants to be an ordinary person. She mentions she heard he comes from a rich family. She gives her calendar to him. She tells him that she wishes him to be an ordinary person. He smiles. He walks her and feels sorry for making her work with him. He calls her senior even if his position is higher than her.

Su-Yeong was happy when she saw Sang-Su. But he stopped. She tells him that she didn’t understand why he left. She thinks he did it because she told him that she doesn’t want to get undefined relationships. She mentions he lied to her when she ran into him.

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Su-Yeong asks Sang-Su if he didn’t wish her to know that he hesitated. She believes that he left because she didn’t get into university. He tells her that he intended to get married with her. He admits that he hesitated. But he tells her that it didn’t take too long.

Sang-Su tells Su-Yeong that he went to the cafe to look for her. But she points out that he actually hesitated. He blames her for give him the cold shoulder when he went to the hotel to see her. He asks her if she has feelings for him. She denies it. She claims that she won’t regret for what she said.

Shi-Kyung praises Sang-Su and Mi-Gyeong in the meeting because the two’s presentation is on the top. Su-Yeong looks for the calculator. Eun-Jung tells Su-Yeong that the calculator is on Sang-Su’s desk. Su-Yeong takes away Sang-Su’s calculator. He has to take another calculator from someone else.

Su-Yeong and Sang-Su have a fight in the office. The colleague are surprised. Shi-Kyung hands over the snack to Su-Yeong. He believes that she has season 2. She promises to prepare it. She runs into Jong-Hyun who hands over the snack to her. She finds the note from the snack. She learns that he wants to cheer her up.

Min-Hee takes Su-Yeong to the restaurant. But they find out that the restaurant is closed. Su-Yeong remembers she told her father that she doesn’t wish to see him again. Seok-Hyeon tells Sang-Su that he’s sick of his girlfriend Ji-Eun. But he’s full of power when Ji-Eun calls him.

Gyeong-Pil laughs to ask Sang-Su why he likes Su-Yeong. He wants to drink with him. But Sang-Su rejects it because he has a memorial service. Su-Yeong stands in front of the painting. Mi-Gyeong joins Su-Yeong. She asks her to drink with her.

Sang-Su pays his respect to his father. He joins Jung-Im. She persuades him not to take things seriously. She asks him if he’s happy. He remembers his father passed away when he was a kid. He has known the duty when he was young. So he hesitated when he went to see Su-Yeong.

Mi-Gyeong takes Su-Yeong to the bar. Su-Yeong asks the waiter for the wine. But he tells her that he doesn’t have the wine. He persuades her to order something else. Mi-Gyeong smiles to tell Su-Yeong that she knows where the wine is.

Mi-Gyeong takes Su-Yeong home. Su-Yeong paints the bag for Mi-Gyeong. She asks her why she likes Sang-Su. Mi-Gyeong tells Su-Yeong that she likes Sang-Su because he’s thoughtful. Su-Yeong remembers Sang-Su told her that he went back. Mi-Gyeong believes that Sang-Su will cherish the girl once he finds out that he loves her.

Mi-Gyeong is happy when she talks about Sang-Su. Su-Yeong thinks Sang-Su is match for Mi-Gyeong. Mi-Gyeong gives her bag to Su-Yeong because she made her give up throwing away the bag. Jong-Hyeon runs into Su-Yeong at the convenience store. He intends to eat at the convenience store. But she tells him to eat something good.

Mi-Sun is surprised that Jung-Im’s son work at KCU Bank. She tells her that her daughter works at the place as well. Jong-Hyeon hands over the drinks to Su-Yeong. He tells her that he wants to work hard like her. He leaves when Mi-Gyeong shows up. Mi-Gyeong tells Su-Yeong that she wants to take her somewhere.

Mi-Gyeong runs into Jung-Im and Mi-Sun. She tells Jung-Im to prepare aqua care service for two people. Mi-Sun wonders if her daughter brought a guy. Mi-Gyeong denies it. She tells her mother to leave. Mi-Gyeong tells Jung-Im that Su-Yeong is very popular when Jung-Im does aqua service for Su-Yeong.

Sang-Su tells Mi-Gyeong that the he wants to skip the dinner. She rejects it because she wants to tell something to him. She takes him to the cafe and confesses her feelings to him. He wonders why she likes him. She tells him that he’s a different man from the men she knows. She thinks they’re similar. He remember Su-Yeong was cold to him after he had confessed his feelings to her.

Mi-Gyeong holds Sang-Su’s hand in the elevator after they won awards. Tae-Pyung praises Sang-Su. He tells him that he will be sent to HQ. Shi-Kyung tells Su-Yeong to come to his office. She feels happy because she believes that she’s going to get next product.

But Shi-Kyung asks Su-Yeong to give the Winner’s Plan project to Mi-Gyeong. Su-Yeong takes the project to walk into the restroom. She wants to cry. But Mi-Gyeong shows up. Su-Yeong hands over the project to Mi-Gyeong. She leaves the restroom. Mi-Gyeong feels guilty when she holds the project.

The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Episode 4 of The Interest of Love K-Drama ends with Jong-Hyeon finding Su-Yeong on the rooftop. She thinks she’s a fool to trust Shi-Kyung. But he tells her that she will have a great future. It makes her smile. Sang-Su holds the coffee. He hears the talk. Su-Yeong returns home. She finds the necklace which was given by Mi-Gyeong. She puts the necklace into the drawer.

Su-Yeong tries to get on the bus. She sees Sang-Su. She walks out of the restaurant after she drank. He follows her and remembers he told Gyeong-Pil that he likes Su-Yeong because she never says no. Su-Yeong asks Sang-Su if he still has feelings for her. He asks her if she forgives him for his hesitating. He believes that she has no feelings for him. But she denies it and gets a call from Jong-Hyeon. She tries to leave. But Sang-Su stops her and hugs her.

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