The Legends: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Legends: Episode 9. Lu Zhaoyao asks Qin Zhiyan why Li Chenlan came. Qin Zhiyan says that she doesn’t know, and reveals she saw Qin Qianxian and Li Chenlan there when she came in. She thinks Li Chenlan is scary. But Lu Zhaoyao points out that Qin Qianxian is more scarier.

The Legends: Episode 9 Recap

The Legends

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Legends: Episode 9.

Lu Zhaoyao tells Qin Zhiyan not to let Qian Qianxian and Li Chenlan see the flaw. She gives her the pills which can help her increase her spirit power. Qin Zhiyan takes the badge of Jianxin sect, and realizes that she forgot to get Qin Qianxian to save Liu Cangling.

Lu Zhaoyao thinks what Qin Qianxian meant was that Liu Cangling is more secure to stay in the dungeon of Wanlu sect. She adds that meant that Immortal sect is more dangerous than Wanlu sect since Qin Qianxian let Qin Zhiyan stay in Wanlu sect. She adds that Liu Cangling is young chief of Jianxin sect, and he doesn’t have reason to stay in Qianchen pavilion if he takes him away.

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Lu Zhaoyao thinks Liu Cangling will die at that time. Qin Zhiyan agrees to it and smiles to grab Lu Zhaoyao’s hand. She thanks her. But Lu Zhaoyao tells Qin Zhiyan to do good things for her. Qin Zhiyan nods.

Lu Zhaoyao asks Qin Zhiyan if Qian Qianxian suspected her since he visited Wanlu sect unexpectedly. She gets her to open the door when someone knocks at door. Qian Zhiyan sees Li Chenlan. She is scared to close the door and reports to Lu Zhaoyao about it.

Lu Zhaoyao walks Li Chenlan and asks him why he visited her since it’s dark. He thinks he has the duty to teach her something since everyone knew she’s his disciple. She wonders why he wanted to teach her martial arts unexpectedly, and thinks he wants to test her. He gives her the branch and wants to see her foundation.

Lu Zhaoyao thinks Li Chenlan cannot baffle her because she masters some martial arts of Immortal sect. He thinks her martial arts are terrible, and lets her in his arms. He asks her if she killed anyone. She says that she hasn’t killed any insect. He holds her hand and kills the insect. She flatters him that he’s sharp. He smiles and walks away.

Li Chenlan tells the follower not to follow Qin Zhiyan. Because her martial art comes from Immortal sect. But the follower reveals Qin Zhiyan’s martial art was improved when she fought with someone in Xiyue peak. Liu Ziyu shows up and reports to Li Chenlan that Qin Zhiyan saw Liu Cangling in the dungeon. She suspects she’s the spy of Immortal sect.

Liu Ziyu thinks Qin Zhiyan intends to do something bad at Chenji Mountain. She questions A Da why he knew nothing about the case. He says that he reported it to chief. Liu Ziyu tells Li Chenlan to kick Qin Zhiyan out since she brought many troubles.

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