The Legends: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Legends: Episode 8. Li Chenlan visits Sima Rong. Sima Rong thinks Li Chenlan is late, and tells his maid Yue Zhu to leave. Li Chenlan has a seat and drinks tea himself. He mentions what Qin Zhiyan said that she dislikes the person who doesn’t accept his failure.

The Legends: Episode 8 Recap

The Legends

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Legends: Episode 8.

Li Chenlan thinks Qin Zhiyan is like a person. He adds that Qin Qianxian visited Chenji mountain, and what he said contained mystery. Li Chenlan reveals Qin Qianxian thought Qin Qianxian’s nature had changed. Sima Rong thinks Li Chenlan misses Lu Zhaoyao, and it became his thought when it’s related to Lu Zhaoyao.

Sima Rong tells Li Chenlan not to guess since Qin Zhiyan stays by his side. He thinks it’s better to sense it with his heart. He says that eyes lie people but heart doesn’t.

Qin Zhiyan notes that Lu Zhaoyao is going to go out, and asks her where she wants to go. Lu Zhaoyao says that she wants to help people, and thinks she will get something if she encounters the yellow hair again. But Qin Zhiyan points out that people cannot see Lu Zhaoyao. So Lu Zhaoyao gives her clothes to Qin Zhiyan and tells her to go.

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Qin Zhiyan wants to go after she has breakfast. But Lu Zhaoyao is against it. Qin Zhiyan hears the men talk about catching a fool of Jianxin sect. She realizes what they talked about was Liu Cangling. She returns and asks Lu Zhaoyao to teach her how to save Liu Cangling. She adds that the spell is sucking his spirit power.

Qin Zhiyan asks Lu Zhaoyao why she sent Liu Cangling to dungeon. She wants to save him. Lu Zhaoyao stops Qin Zhiyan and asks her if she knows how to save her love. Qin Zhiyan tells Lu Zhaoyao to teach her.

Qin Zhiyan wants to get in the dungeon, but she is stopped by the guards. She brags that she’s the disciple of chief, and claims that she can go anywhere. They take her to see Liu Cangling. She sees the spell is sucking his spirit power, and swears to get someone to save him.

The follower reports to Qin Qianxian that Liu Suruo invites him to phoenix mountain. Qin Qianxian thinks it’s weird because Liu Suruo retired early. But he still wants to go to take a look.

Qin Zhiyan cries and thinks Liu Cangling will die. Lu Zhaoyao stops Qin Zhiyan and tells her to give some pills to Liu Cangling with the status of chief’s disciple. She tells her to ruin the spell with the excuse of obtaining his spirit power herself.

Lu Zhaoyao tells Qin Zhiyan to get Liu Cangling to flee after his spirit power is back. Qin Zhiyan thinks Lu Zhaoyao is very smart and arrives at the dungeon. She tells the guard to get rid of the spell, and reveals she wants to get Liu Cangling’s spirit power herself. But he wants to share it with her.

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