The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 11. Li Changge tells Gongsun Heng that she wants to accompany him. But he rejects it because Xu Feng will accompany him. Li Changge tells A Dou that she will know the border defense if Gongsun Heng took her to see Sima Tu.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 11.

A Dou wants to tail Gongsun Heng with Li Changge. Li Changge rejects it because it will make Gongsun Heng think that she intends to do so. The follows reports to Tu Hashe that Ashina Sun went to Shuo State with Mu Jin. Tu Hashe asks the follow to assemble his troops. He thinks he should tell Ashina Sun who’s the son of Wolf God since he gave him the chance.

A Dou eats noodles with Li Changge. He thinks Gongsun Heng will be moved if Li Changge promises to promote him. But Li Changge thinks Gongsun Heng doesn’t want it. A Dou tells Li Changge that they’re broke. Because they gave all of the money to the beggar. He mentions what she said that they needn’t any money because they will live in the Lord Palace.

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A Dou runs away because he cannot pay the noodles. The store owner catches Li Changge. Ashina Sun shows up and pays the noodles for Li Changge. He holds her hand and walks her. He mentions what he told her not to come to Shuo State. She points out that he came as well. She asks him about his injury.

Mu Jin is surprised that Li Changge knew Ashina Sun’s injury. She reveals she treated Ashina Sun. Mu Jin learns Li Changge was the beast doctor. Ashina Sun tells Li Changge that he’s fine. He glares at Mu Jin when he tries to tell the girl the truth.

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A Dou joins Li Changge. Ashina Sun gets Li Changge to walk him. He tells her to leave if she doesn’t have a reason to stay in Shuo State. She asks him where she can go. He tells her to prairie. She rejects it because she knows nobody. He points out that she knows him.

Li Changge sees some guys riding through. She wonders who they are. Ashina Sun tells her that the people belong to Ashina clan. He thinks they will attack Shuo State. He tells her to stay away from Shuo State. A Dou asks Li Changge what to do. She tells him to return to the city.

Mu Jin walks Ashina Sun. He thinks Tu Hashe wants to take the contribution when Ashina Sun isn’t there. He wonders if they should do nothing. Ashina Sun tells Mu Jin that he’s not interested in loser. Mu Ji asks Ashina Sun why he thinks Tu Hashe will be defeated.

Li Changge tells Gongsun Heng that the troops of Ashina clan will attack the city. She asks him to drum. But he wants to wait for a while. She is furious to grab his armor, and reminds him that he will get the people in the city involved.

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