The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 10. Li Changge asks the waiter why the people in the city are happy. He tells her that it’s because of the lord Gongsun Heng. Li Changgge notes that someone tails her. She finds out the person is A Dou.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 10.

A Dou tells Li Changge that he followed her because he saw someone like her. She intends to treat him after knowing he’s hungry. He walks her and asks her if she wants to get the lord to rebel like she did in You State. She denies and thinks Gong Sun Heng won’t help her because he’s the general of previous dynasty. She tells him that she won’t trust anyone.

A Dou asks Li Changge if he’s worth of getting trusted by her. She admits it and tells him that she will teach him how to get message after she takes him to eat. Ashina Sun returns home. The guy feels happy and hugs Ashina Sun. He notes that he was hurt, and blames She Er for hurting Ashina Sun. But Ashina Sun points out that he wouldn’t miss the chance if he was She Er.

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The guy worries that She Er will report it to Emperor. But Ashina Sun thinks She Er won’t accept his failure. The guy wonders who treated Ashina Sun. He thinks the person would die if he was someone else. He notes that he’s smiling, and thinks it was treated by the lady of Big Tang.

The follower reports to Ashina Sun that Tu Hashe came. The guy wonders why the chief of Bear Army came. Tu Hashe pushes the bodyguards away and breaks into Ashina Sun’s tent. He’s surprised that Ashina Sun is still alive. He tells him that Emperor asked them to accompany them because he worried that they will get defeated.

Tu Hashe throws the order of Emperor to Ashina Sun. He tells him that they need to report the action of Eagle Army to them. The guy asks Tu Hashe if they need to report the things of Bear Army to them. Tu Hashe laughs because Emperor didn’t wrote about it.

The follower reports to Gongsun Heng that Madam and Yuan Niang encountered bandits. He adds that they found the broken carriage and the body of driver. Gongsun Heng asks the follower about Madam and Yuan Niang. But he’s told that they’re missing. He orders to take bodyguards to go to the mountain to save his families.

Madam shows up. Gongsun Heng hugs Madam. He asks her if she’s fine. She tells him that the two persons saved her and her child. Li Changge hugs Yuan Niang with smiling. She greets Gongsun Heng. Madam introduces Li Changge and A Dou to Gongsun Heng as their benefactors. Gongsun Heng wants to repay Li Changge later. She tells him that she had to trick Madam to flee with them because it was in an emergency. Madam is surprised.

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