The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 13 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 13. Li Changge thinks it was her fault, and wants to fight with the enemies. But Gongsun Heng doesn’t blame her. He says that he doesn’t expect the troops of Ashina Clan was so sly. He tells Xu Feng to call all of the troops to fight with the enemies with Li Changge.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 13 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 13.

Li Changge wonders why the enemies are so fast because East Gate and granary have a distance. Gongsun Heng reminds her what she faces is the elite cavalry of Ashina Clan. Eagle Army attacks the city. Gongsun Heng arrives at the city wall to fight with the enemies. But he gets stabbed by the enemies who climbed over the city wall.

Gongsun Heng thinks he will be fine if he binds up his wound. But he cannot move. Li Changge tells Gongsun Heng to go home because she’s there. He holds her hand and tells her to take people to guard East City. She promises it. The general spots Ashina Sun coming with his troops. He thinks it won’t be good because the enemies have reinforcements.

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Mu Jin reports to Ashina Sun that Ya Luo ruined the farmland according to their plan. He thinks Gongsun Heng will find it soon. Ashina Sun tells Mu Jin to wear the mask. Mu Jin wonders why he needs to do that because he’s very handsome. He wears the mask and spots Li Changge. He recognizes her and realizes that Ashina Sun worries Li Changge recognizes them.

Mu Jin wants to kill Li Changge since they’re not friends. Ashina Sun asks Eagle Army to attack the city with full power. Li Changge thinks Eagle Army didn’t prepare enough foods for the horses. She casts the foods to the horses. The horses eat the foods, and the cavalry gets ruined.

Mu Jin reminds Ashina Sun that they cannot explain it to Emperor if they don’t kill Li Changge. Ashina Sun notes that Li Changge draws the bow, and targets him. He draws his bow and targets her as well. They release the arrows at the same time. Ashina Sun avoids Li Changge’s arrow. But she gets hit.

Mu Jin tells the bodyguards of Shuo State to surrender because their main general is dead. Li Changge pulls out the arrow and stands up. The bodyguards feel happy because she’s alive. Mu Jin is surprised. He mentions Ashina Sun is the best warrior in prairie. He thinks it’s not the right time to attack the city because Li Changge isn’t dead.

Ashina Sun gets his troops to retreat. The bodyguards think they won. But Li Changge passes out. She wakes up and asks A Dou about Gongsun Heng. He thinks she shouldn’t care for someone else because she’s sick. She says that she’s fine, and thinks she shouldn’t take a break because Gongsun Heng was hurt.

A Dou tells Li Changge that Gongsun Heng is in the bedroom. She wants to visit Gongsun Heng to talk about the battle.

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