The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 14 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 14. Tu Hashe tells the follower to gather Bear Army. But the follower says that Mu Jin saw him. He hands over the note Mu Jin gave to him. Tu Hashe reads the note and learns that Emperor asks him not to take action. He blames Mu Jin for suppressing him with Emperor.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 14 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 14.

The follower reminds Tu Hashe that they will ruin Emperor’s plan if they take action. Tu Hashe scolds the follower and thinks they will be stepped by Eagle Army if they don’t do something. A Dou laughs. Tu Hashe grabs A Dou’s neck and asks him if he doesn’t want to be alive. A Dou says that he doesn’t expect the chief of Bear Army is a weak person.

A Dou reminds Tu Hashe that he will lose the last chance to ruin Eagle Army if he kills him. He tells him that General Li is his real brother. He claims that they can kill him if he’s not worth it. Ashina Sun encounters Mu Jin. He tells him that Tu Hashe and Yi Bukan went to Shuo State. He thinks they should stop the two.

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Tu Hashe arrives. He tells Li Changge to take a look at A Dou. Yi Bukan grabs A Dou’s hand and tells him to get Li Changge to open the city gate. He keeps stepping on him. Li Change tells Yi Bukan that she will break his bones if he continues to hurt A Dou. He tells her that he will releases A Dou if she opens the city gate. He threatens to kill A Dou in front of her if she doesn’t do what he told her.

Li Changge wants to open the city gate. The general reminds her that Bear Army will rush into the city if she does that. Tu Hashe thinks Yi Bukan is a beast. It makes Yi Bukan laugh. A Dou gets up. He tells Li Changge that he’s the one who wants to be big general.

Li Changge tells A Dou not to do that. She wants to save him. The general stops Li Changge. He yells at her that they shouldn’t get Shuo City involved for A Dou. A Dou gets on knees to Li Changge. He tears up and tells her that he’s the one who wants to be big general.

Li Changge walks to A Dou. She tears up to get on knees to him. She tells him not to be silly. She persuades him to get up. He cries and thinks he became her subordinate in the end. She tells him to be the big general after he grows up. She wants to take him away. She shakes his shoulders and thinks he shouldn’t die there. But he tells her that he can do that, and pushes her over.

A Dou tells the bodyguards of Shuo State that there’s no reinforcements. Tu Hashe blames A Dou for tricking him. Yi Bukan stabs A Dou from his back. A Dou closes his eyes. The tear drops to the ground. The reinforcements come. The general realizes that the reinforcements were dressed up by Ashina Clan. Li Changge yells to order the bodyguards not to get the reinforcements to be close to Shuo State.

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