The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Crown Prince runs into Li Changge. He asks her if the guy was her at the stadium. She explains that she didn’t intend to break through the place. He pats her shoulder and thinks she did a great job. He thinks he won the treasured dagger, and reveals Emperor awarded him for it.

The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Long Ballad Chinese Drama: Episode 2.

Crown Prince is surprised that Li Changge is better than her other brothers. He tells her to give him the treasured dagger. But she tells him that she gave it to Li Shiming. He scolds her for giving it to someone else. But she points out that Second Uncle isn’t someone else. He is furious to tell her not to mention any word of Qin Prince Palace.

Wei Zheng shows up and tells Crown Prince to calm down. He thinks he should get angry at Li Changge because she’s still young. Crown Prince thinks Li Changge will be a bad daughter even if she grows up. Because she likes Li Shiming. He tells him to follow him.

Li Changge visits Crown Princess. Crown Princess glares at Li Changge. She blames her for not listening to her words. Li Changge tells Crown Princess that she won the game and Emperor praised her. But Crown Princess gave Li Changge a slap. Li Changge touches her face and mentions Crown Princess never slapped her.

Crown Princess thinks she didn’t discipline Li Changge well, and made her challenge males. Li Changge is in tears. She asks Crown Princess why she always thinks she isn’t better than males since she gave birth to her. She says that she can go anywhere because she has hands and legs.

Crown Princess takes Li Changge to get on knees in front of Buddha. She asks her to swear not to have any resentment no matter what happens. Li Changge agrees to it. But she says that she will hate the person if he hurts her mom. Crown Princess helps Li Changge get up. She tells her that nobody will hurt her. She says that she just wishes her to live happy all her life.

Crown Princess tells Li Changge to remember the words she said. She tells her to pack her stuff because she wants to send her to Piyong academy to think about her fault. She tells her not to flee again.

The maid tells Li Changge that Crown Princess prepared the pastries and clothes for her. Li Changge asks the maid why her mom doesn’t come. The maid explains that Crown Princess is tired. Li Changge tells the maid to tell Li Leyan to wait for her because she doesn’t know she will leave. The maid comforts Li Changge that Li Leyan won’t really get angry because they’re the best friends.

Li Changge tells the maid San Niang to take care of Crown Princess. She takes over the pastries. Crown Princess shows up. She grabs Li Changge’s hand and tells her to take care of herself well.

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