The Long Ballad Ending: Episode 49 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Long Ballad Ending: Episode 49. Li Changge tells Wei Shuyu that she wants to thank him for his containing. He tells her to protect herself. Li Changge asks Ashina Sun if Mimi Guli will like the place. She doesn’t know what to do if Mimi Guli doesn’t like there.

The Long Ballad Ending: Episode 49 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama The Long Ballad Ending: Episode 49.

Ashina Sun tells Li Changge to ask Mimi Guli on her own when she dreams about her. He thinks she will like there because there’re so many water and grasses. He asks Li Changge if she knew she would die when she went to execution ground. She asks him if he thought about his life when he came to Changan for her.

Li Changge tells Ashina Sun that she saw the marriage letter he wrote for her mom. She tells him it’s enough to own him all her life. He hugs her and kisses her forehead. She asks him how he contacted General Li. He says that he had an appointment with General Li before he left Changan.

It flashes back. General Li meets with Ashina Sun and asks him if he remembered the words he told him before they parted in Luoyang. Ashina Sun says that the mercy is invincible. General Li agrees to it, and asks Ashina Sun if he agrees to give up the opinion of clans to save people. Ashina Sun asks Big Tang to help him save Emperor Yanli. General Li promises it. Ashina Sun asks General Li how he can help him. General Li asks Ashina Sun to get back to Dingxiang to control Eagle Army.

Li Changge blames Ashina Sun for concealing things from her. He promises not to do it again. She asks him if she likes Changan. He asks her if she wants to get back. She denies because she doesn’t want to see her friends. She tells him that she wants to delay their promise because she cannot ignore the situation.

Ashina Sun tells Li Changge that he thinks of the second thing. She stops him because he got shot when he said the first thing. He tells her that the second thing is that he asks her not to say sorry to him because they don’t need it. She thinks the second thing is very easy. She asks him to tell her the third thing. Because she wants to know if she can achieve that. But he wants to tell her about it later.

Li Changge is surprised to see Hao Du. She thinks he shouldn’t come because he just got married with Li Leyan. He says that he wants to protect the person Li Leyan wants him to protect. The follower reports to General Li that they found Dingxiang Army in White Path. General Li learns that Yi Cheng wants to flee from White Path. He asks the follower to get Li Qing to attack Yi Cheng.

Ashina Sun reminds General Li that his another army doesn’t return. He realizes that his army got attacked. Ashina Sun decides to take Eagle Army to go to take a look for General Li. Li Changge wants to follow him. But he rejects it because he worries that Li Changge will get hurt. He tells her to stay by General Li’s side to give him ideas. General Li tells Li Changge that he cannot let her go because she needs to deal with the messages in the tent. He asks Hao Du to stay to protect Li Changge. He thinks the two can help each other.

Li Changge agrees to General Li’s plan. He’s surprised that the bad princess takes the responsibility. She tells him not to praise her, and thinks she just wants to help the peace of the world. He tells Ashina Sun to be careful because she knows Yi Cheng’s very sly.

Mu Jin waits for Ashina Sun and tells him that he wants to go with him. Because he’s the army adviser. Lei Meng puts his hand on the ground. He senses that Eagle Army is chasing them. He tells Tu Luke to take She Er away. He intends to deal with Eagle Army. She Er realizes that Lei Meng wants to kill more people. Lei Meng tells She Er to be a good person. She Er tells Lei Meng not to do that for Yi Cheng. Lei Meng is furious to tell She Er to get lost.

Lei Meng pulls out his sword and waits for Ashina Sun. Ashina Sun thinks he has a good luck. Mu Jin agrees to it. He wants to take revenge. He tells Ashina Sun to leave. Ashina Sun blocks She Er’s way. She Er tells Ashina Sun that he won’t leave with him because he will never surrender to him. Tu Luke intends to pull out his blade. But She Er stops him.

Lei Meng stabs Mu Jin’s arm and thinks he’s going to win. But Mu Jin cuts Lei Meng’s neck with another blade of him. He tells him that Mimi Guli died for freedom. He thinks he wouldn’t know it because he just knew to accept orders. Lei Meng says that he doesn’t want to break the promise he made. He tries to walk away. But he dies.

She Er asks Ashina Sun if he was moved when he released him in Dingxiang. He tells him not to have mercy. But Ashina Sun points out that She Er is the one who’s softhearted. She Er attacks Ashina Sun. But he gives up his blade when Ashina Sun’s sword almost touches his neck. Ashina Sun asks She Er why he did that. She Er says that he’s tired. He thinks only his blade can touch his blood.

Ashina Sun tells She Er not to punish himself with the mistakes which were made by someone else. He thinks he’s innocence. She Er tells Ashina Sun that he will repay the sins of his mom. He asks him for forgiving the brothers of Wolf Army.

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