The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 8. Qu Xiaotan thinks Liu Qianshui will be there since she’s there. She tells Jing Xin to look for a person with her. The two walk in the house. Qiu Xiaotan calls the guy Liu Qianshui. She startles him when he falls asleep on the bench.

The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 8 Recap

The Eternal Love Season 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 8.

Jing Xin puts his sword on the guy’s neck because he doesn’t respect Qu Xiaotan. Qu Xiaotan stops Jing Jin. She’s surprised that Liu Qianshui is young. She thinks it’s normal because he’s the immortal of Xuanlin Land. She tells him that she will give him a new task. She mentions Soul bead.

Qu Xiaotan asks Liu Baishui for Soul Bead and Soul Flute. But he tells her that he doesn’t take them. He says that his medicine can cure Mo Liancheng’s memory loss. But he asks for some money. She gives all of her money to him. Qu Xiaotan and Jing Xin return home. Ms. Su is waiting for them. Ms. Su tells Qu Xiaotan that Queen intends to examine her. Mo Yanchen thinks Qu Xiaotan won’t have any problem because she’s good at everything.

Qu Meier gives the gift to Ms. Su. She asks her about Mo Yanchen. Ms. Su reveals Mo Yanchen is fine. But Qu Meier doesn’t think so because Mo Yanchen doesn’t get Qu Xiaotan’s love even if he paid everything he had to her. Ms. Su reminds Qu Meier that she will make the wedding dress for Qu Xiaotan if Qu Xiaotan passes the test. But Qu Meier points out that Qu Xiaotan won’t get any benefits no matter what she does. Ms. Su thinks Qu Meier is very smart.

Qu Xiaotan doesn’t want to take the test. She decides to pretend to be sick. She asks Jing Xin to tell Queen that she cannot get into the palace because she’s sick. But Jing Xin sees Qu Xiaotan’s lie. She tells her that she cannot trick the doctor. She asks her if she can take the duty of tricking Queen. Qu Xiaotan decides to flee.

Mo Liancheng shows up and tells Qu Xiaotan that she cannot flee anywhere. She thinks people will find out that she’s not the real Qu Taner if she takes the test. She asks him if he came to run away with her. He denies and takes her to the study. You can also check out The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 9.

Mo Liancheng tells Qu Xiaotan to write the word of Qu Taner. She thinks she will be successful if he accompanies her. But he rejects it because he doesn’t want Mo Yanchen to know that she’s not the real Qu Taner. He notes that he has feelings for her when he stares at her eyes. He’s startled to walk away.

Qu Xiaotan is taken to the Martial Arts Playground. The follows tells her that Queen asks her to take the Martial Arts Test. She’s surprised so that she asks him what kind of test it is. But he doesn’t know about it. Xiao Zhen asks Qu Xiaotan to pull the bow to complete the test. She thinks it’s very easy because Mo Liancheng taught her about it. But she realizes that it won’t be good if she doesn’t it well. Because Qu Taner is very weak in Queen’s mind.

Qu Taner fails to pass the test. She thinks Queen will be disappointed to her. But Xiao Zhen tells her there will be another test after ten days. Mo Liancheng runs into Qu Taner and asks her about the test. She reveals it was a physical test. He thinks she intended to be failed because he saw her climbing over the wall. She asks him if he wants to know her real power. He rejects it and asks her why she pretended to be weak when he grabs her hand. He thinks she didn’t want people to see it because she’s stronger than Qu Taner.

Mo Liancheng wonders why Queen wants to test Qu Xiaotan’s physical. He worries about it. Qu Xiaotan thinks Mo Liancheng cares for her. But he tells her that she thinks it too much, and claims that he’s not Mo Yanchen. He walks away. She thinks he just pretended to be arrogant and he will get slapped.

Qu Meier is surprised that Queen arranged the physical test to Qu Xiaotan. She thinks Queen wanted to give Qu Xiaotan the hard time. She asks the maid if Queen punished Qu Taner. The maid reveals Queen asked Qu Taner to get trained in the palace. Qu Meier thinks Queen wants Qu Xiaotan to take her throne. She adds that everyone will support Qu Xiaotan. The maid tells Qu Meier to take action.

Xiao Zhe gives the tea to Queen and tells her not to be disappointed to Qu Taner. He thinks the girl will be better after she gets trained. But she thinks she cannot use Qu Taner because she’s too weak. She wishes her to be outstanding when she needs her to take the throne.

The Eternal Love Season 3 stars Liang Jie, Xing Zhaolin and Fang Yilun.

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