The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 9. Qu Xiaotan runs at the playground. Mo Liancheng takes care of her. Xiao Zhen thinks Qu Xiaotan should let the servant to take care of her. He tells her to listen to General Lu.

The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 9 Recap

The Eternal Love Season 3

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 9.

General Lu hands over the big blade to Qu Xiaotan. But the blade is too heavy to her. Mo Liancheng tells Xiao Zhen not to do it too much to Qu Xiaotan. He walks away even if she tried to keep him. Xiao Zhen summons Qu Xiaotan and gives her the supplement of Queen. She doesn’t want to drink it. But he tells her not to disappoint Queen. She has to drink it up.

Xiao Zhen reminds Qu Xiaotan that she will get punished if she cannot past the martial arts test. She’s furious to return home. Qu Lijiang gives the tea to Qu Xiaotan. But he tells her that he put the medicine of pregnancy into the tea when she drinks it. She spits the tea and learns that he wants her to give birth. He tells her to tell him if she has the illness which she cannot tell people. She denies. He says that he worries about her belly because she married two husbands. She tells him that she just doesn’t want to get pregnant. He comforts her that he will take care of the baby. She complains that she cannot give birth alone. So he tells her not to be cold to Mo Liancheng. She promises to be close to Mo Liancheng. He brings the supplements to her and tells her to get the two husbands to take it.

Mo Yanchen learns that Qu Xiaotan will sleep with them one by one. He thinks it’s a good idea. She says that everyone will get the benefits from the plan. But Mo Liancheng says that he won’t stand it if it breaks the contract. Mo Yanchen comforts his brother that it will be a good thing. He puts the shrimp into Qu Xiaotan’s bowl. But she puts it into Mo Liancheng’s bowl. Mo Liancheng returns the shrimp to Mo Yanchen. Qu Xiaotan gives the gold badge to Mo Liancheng and asks him to sleep with her. But he gives the gold badge to Mo Yanchen. Mo Yanchen refuses to accept the gold badge.

Mo Yanchen brings the wine to Mo Liancheng. He thinks he will be nervous because it’s first time. He tells him not to get angry even if the wedding night is so late. Mo Liancheng asks Mo Yanchen who he didn’t ask Qu Xiaotan about it since he had the question. Mo Yanchen says that he didn’t want to bring the troubles to Qu Xiaotan.

Mo Liancheng tells Mo Yanchen that it’s not happiness if he keeps bearing it. But Mo Yanchen points out that he will lose his happiness if he keeps caring himself. Mo Liancheng realizes that he’s a bad person. Qu Xiaotan dresses herself. Jing Xin spots it and thinks her master does it too much. But Qu Xiaotan says that it’s happiness to flatter the person she loves.

Qu Xiaotan goes to see Mo Liancheng. She finds out that he’s drunk. She leans on his chest and confesses her feelings for him. She tells him to have a good night. But she leaves. He’s surprised that she didn’t touch him.

Qu Xiaotan visits Liu Baishui with the gifts. She asks him about the thing he’s doing. He’s confused. So she mentions the memories pills he’s making. He tells her that it’s done. She asks him for the memories pills. He hands over the pills to her. You can also check out The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 8.

Qu Xiaotan puts the pills into the sweet dumplings because she worries that Mo Liancheng won’t eat the pills. Jing Xin tells Qu Xiaotan to get the chef to do that. But Qu Xiaotan says that she wants to put her love into the sweet dumplings. Qu Xiaotan brings the sweet dumplings to Mo Liancheng and Mo Yanchen. Mo Yanchen eats the sweet dumplings of Mo Liancheng because it’s very hot. But he finds out that the sweet dumplings is made by hair loss pills. You can also check out The Eternal Love Season 3: Episode 10.

Qu Xiaotan is furious to leave. She says that she will scold the chef. Mo Yanchen hands over the sweet dumplings to Mo Liancheng. He thinks he should take hair loss pills because he’s a male. Mo Liancheng tastes the sweet dumplings.

Qu Xiaotan spots Mo Liancheng plucking out his leg hair. She feels guilty for making him do that. She tells him that the pill is for treating his memories loss. She adds that she likes the man who has many hairs. But he says that it’s not his business and he doesn’t want to get badmouthed. She says that she will take revenge him. But he stops her.

Qu Xiaotan says that she will live in Mo Liancheng’s room so that the servants won’t talk about him. He’s surprised that he kept her. He thinks he should bear it for his reputation. Qu Xiaotan realizes that Mo Liancheng agreed to sleep with her. But she doesn’t take action because she worries that he will kick her out. He takes a look at her when she falls asleep. He wants to kiss her after finding out that she’s so beautiful. But he realizes that he shouldn’t do that.

Shi Si and Jing Xin talk about the result of hair loss pills. Mo Yanchen passes by and scolds the two for talking about their master. Qu Xiaotan notes that Mo Liancheng is playing the Chinese zither. She asks him if he misses the past they had. It makes him want to leave. She scolds him for doing so. Because he had feelings for her but he pretended to be cool. She mentions he kissed her when she fell asleep. But he says that she just had a dream. She denies and wants to kiss him. But he walks away.

The Eternal Love Season 3 stars Liang Jie, Xing Zhaolin and Fang Yilun.

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