The Long Ballad: Episode 19 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama The Long Ballad: Episode 19. Mimi Guli brings the sheep bone soup to Mu Jin. She wants to thank him for lifting water for her. She gets into the tent and finds out that he passed out. She wipes his body with the wine after testing his body temperature. She wishes him to be fine.

The Long Ballad: Episode 19 Recap

The Long Ballad

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama The Long Ballad: Episode 19.

Mu Jin wakes up. He’s surprised that Mimi Guli grabs his hand. He asks her if she took off his clothes. She tells him that he will die if he has a fever again. He asks her why she wishes him to die. She tells him that her mom was dead after stepped on the rusty nail. He comforts her that he won’t die easily. But she points out that he cannot convince her with the looks he has. She tells him not to pretend to be a male.

Mu Jin tells Mimi Guli that he didn’t pretend to be a male. He thinks he’s actually a male. She tells him that he’s a dead man if he dies. He asks her if she has taken care of him for a night. She admits it and tells him to lie in the bed.

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Mu Jin visits Ashina Sun. Ashina Sun tells Mu Jin to have a good rest. Mu Jin tells Ashina Sun that he wants to go to buy goods with Mimi Guli. Ashina Sun mistakes that Mu Jin still suspects Mimi Guli, and thinks he can only feel good when she stays with him. Mu Jin denies. He wants to thank the girl for taking care of him.

Mu Jin calls Mimi Guli and asks her if she agrees to buy goods with him. She agrees to it. Mimi Guli asks Li Changge what she’s embroidering. She thinks it’s too ugly. Li Changge tells Mimi Guli to use cloth bag if she doesn’t like it. She hurts her hand. Mimi Guli tells Li Changge that it’s good looking if it’s embroidered by her. She tells her that she wants to buy the foods she likes. Li Changge reminds Mimi Guli that she’s broke. Mimi Guli thinks she can borrow money from Mu Jin. She wants to be his slave to repay the debts.

Li Changge tells Mimi Guli not to be someone else’s slave. Mimi Guli smiles and asks Li Changge if she likes rabbit. Li Changge says that she liked it before. She puts the money into the bag and gives it to Mimi Guli. She tells her to buy anything she likes. Mimi Guli is moved. She promises to buy her moon cake.

Hao Du runs into Wei Shuyu. He notes that he’s sick, and tells him not to hurt himself before finding Li Leyan. Wei Shuyu tells Hao Du that he can bear it. But Hao Du tells Wei Shuyu that Emperor wants him to return to Changan. But Wei Shuyu thinks he shouldn’t leave because he doesn’t find Li Leyan. He adds that he wants to make up the mistakes he made. He says that he doesn’t fear to take the duty. He wants to find Li Leyan. Hao Du reminds Wei Shuyu that he cannot see Li Leyan in the future with his current body conditions. Wei Shuyu tells Hao Du that Li Leyan is like his real sister. He asks him for looking for Li Leyan for him. Hao Du promises to try his best to do that.

Hao Du spots the merchant showing off the handkerchief to his follower. He remembers Li Leyan told him that she likes to embroider rabbit with green eyes. He asks the merchant where he bought the handkerchief. He knows that Li Leyan is still in Yun State.

Li Leyan gives the cloth to Mimi Guli and tells her to buy her families some clothes. But Mimi Guli is furious to throw away the cloth. Li Leyan asks Mimi Guli if she said anything wrong. Mimi Guli tells Li Leyan not to tangle her because she won’t buy her cloth. Mu Jin follows Mimi Guli and tells her not to put Li Leyan’s words into her mind. She scolds him and tells him not to say it as well. She apologizes to him and explains that she was upset. He tells her that it’s fine if she’s happy. She smiles.

Mimi Guli wants to buy the bread but she finds out that Li Changge’s bag is missing. She wants to go to look for the bag. Mu Jin tells her to go to the store she visited. Mimi Guli spots Li Leyan putting the bag into her clothes. She tells her not to move. Li Leyan tries to give the cloth to Mimi Guli. But Mimi Guli asks Li Leyan to return the bag she just stole to her. Li Leyan asks Mimi Guli to show the evidence to her. Mimi Guli says that there’s a word “rabbit” inside her bag. Le Leyan is shocked. She asks Mimi Guli why she knew it. Mimi Guli is furious to leave the money to Li Leyan. But she takes away the bag.

Mu Jin runs into Mimi Guli and gives the bag he found to her. She realizes that she wronged Li Leyan. So she decides to go to see her. But she finds out that Li Leyan left. She thinks the two bags were made by Li Change, and decides to ask Li Changge about it.

Ashina Sun wants to get the chef to make moon cake for Li Changge because it’s Mid-Autumn Festival. But she rejects it because she doesn’t have any families now. He gives the glowing stone to her, and asks her if it’s like the firefly they saw. She wonders why he gave it to her. He says that he wanted to tell her that she can keep the beautiful thing if she pursues it with her heart. He tells her that she can be reunion in the prairie as well.

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