“Youth Should be Early” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Youth Should be Early” is a new Chinese romance drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a girl Cheng Xin who asks his boyfriend Zheng Qian to marry her during the graduation ceremony. He accepts her proposal but tells her that he wants to start up a business.

“Youth Should be Early” is adapted from Li Xingjian’s novel “Youth Should be Early”.

Zhong Chuxi and Hu Yitian are the lead actors.

Zhong Chuxi cast Chinese romance drama “Long Time No See” in 2018. She plays the role Ye Cong. She starred “Gone with the Red Dust” in 2017. She played the role Dai Yushi.

Hu Xitian starred Chinese romance dramaGo Go Squid Season 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time” in 2021. He played a boy Wu Bai who wants to get world champion for the girl he loves. He also starred “Unrequited Love” in same year.

Youth Should be Early (2021)

Youth Should be Early


Title: Youth Should be Early

Director: He Yangbian

Writer: Meng Zeguang

Network: Mangguo TV

Runtime: From Jun. 9

Episodes: 47

Language: Chinese


Cheng Xin wears the bear doll to dance for Zheng Qian when he’s going to give a speech. She gives the ring to him and asks him for marrying her. He accepts her proposal but asks for delaying the wedding time. She tells the bad news to Yao Jiaren. Yao Jiaren thinks Zheng Qian loves someone else.

Cheng Xin saves Zheng Qian with her car when he’s chased by the stinky tofu store owner and his followers. She tells him that his father wants to see him. Zheng Qian wears Kong Hao’s suit. He drives the motorcycle to see President Cheng. But Mo Xiaobao pours the stinky tofu soup to Zheng Qian’s suit.


Chong Chuxi as Cheng Xin

She was born from a rich family. She hates her father because he ignored her mom and make her die. Money is nothing in her mind. She only wants to get love. She doesn’t understand why Zheng Qian wants to start up a business. Because she can raise him.

Hu Yitian as Zheng Qian

He loves Cheng Xin and thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. But he asks for delaying the wedding time for two years. Because he knows he’s poor and cannot give Cheng Xin the happiness. He decides to open a stinky tofu store to earn money.

Lv Chengyu as Kong Hao

He’s Zheng Qian’s best friend. He lends the suit to him after knowing Zheng Qian is going to see his father-in-law. He sees the guy Mo Xiaobao intending to confess his feelings to the girl he fell for. He decides to help him. But he doesn’t expect Mo Xiaobao loves his girlfriend.

Hu Dandan as Yao Jiaren

She’s Kong Hao’s girlfriend. She wants to to be a star. She stops Kong Hao when he throws a fit to Mo Xiaobao. But she slaps Mo Xiaobao after he touched her by mistake.

Liu Qiheng as Mo Xiaobao

He thinks a good looking face is very important to a girl. He falls for Yao Jiaren because he thinks she’s very important. But he worries that he will get rejected.

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