The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 10 [Recap]

In today’s recap I’m going to show you plot summary of Chinese drama The Love by Hypnotic Episode 10. Ming Yue wakes up and wants to kiss Li Qian. But she stops and closes her eyes when he wakes up. She mistakes that he wants to kiss her, but he tells her to change medicine. The two go out, and Ming Yue wants to hunt some preys to comfort herself. But he doesn’t allow her to leave him.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 10 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Li Hun sees Ming Yue and Li Qian off, and wonders why Wu Cheng didn’t follow the two when Li Qian knows there are assassins.

Ming Yue asks Li Qian why he didn’t report the thing to Emperor, and he says that he cannot catch the assassin if he tells it to Emperor. She is surprised that the assassin will come, and he asks her if she is scared. She denies and wants to protect him. But she asks him not to leave her.

Li Xun tells the assassin not to take action, and reveals Li Qian intends to make them take action. Hui Xin hears their talk and shows up. Li Xun asks the assassin to leave, and explains to Hui Xin that he wants to get rid of the witch for Li Qian. But she asks him why he didn’t tell Ming Yue using black art to Emperor.

Hui Xin asks Li Hun not to hurt Li Qian no matter what his goal is. He points out that her love won’t get any repaying. She threatens to report it to Emperor unless he kills her. He thinks she knows that he won’t hurt her.

Emperor intends to award Li Xun and Li Qian, and the guard reports that he found the bodies of assassins. Emperor asks Li Xun to have a talk in the tent, and thinks the assassins are rebels. But Li Xun points out that the assassin’s goal isn’t Emperor.

Emperor tells the guards to leave, and Li Xun reveals Ming Yue was injured when she returned camp but Li Qian concealed it. He suspects Li Qian is a spy, but Emperor blames Li Xun for not caring for the relationship of brothers. Emperor reveals Li Qian visited him last night.

It’s flashback. Emperor wants to return to palace after knowing there are assassins at the hunting ground. But Li Qian stops Emperor and thinks it will affect the prestige of Li Xun. Emperor worries that the assassin will take action again, and Li Qian says that he will get Wu Cheng to protect Emperor.

Emperor scolds Li Xun for using bodies to wrong his brother. Li Xun is on knees and asks for punishment. Emperor tells Li Xu to close the door and think about his mistake. Li Xun runs into Li Qian and asks him if he is happy since he got punishment from Emperor. Li Qian thinks Li Xun did something he shouldn’t do. Lu Xun reminds Li Qian to be careful of his princess, who keeps bringing troubles. But Li Qian tells Li Xun not to make mistake again.

Li Qian and Ming Yue return home, and Li Qian stops Wu Cheng helping Ming Yue get off the carriage. He does it on his own, and Ming Yue smiles. Li Qian tells Ming Yue to have a rest, and promises to send some medicine to her.

Jin Yu thinks Ming Yue is the only person made Li Qian do so, except Sikong Zhen. Sikong Zhen reveals Li Qian didn’t take off his clothes and treat wound for him. Li Qian claims that he just couldn’t see Ming Yue’s death, but Jin Yu mentions Li Qian carried Ming Yue from the horse and slept with her.

Li Qian scolds Wu Cheng for telling people about it, and reveals he didn’t touch Ming Yue. Jin Yu points out that Li Qian changed mind after sleeping with Ming Yue. But Sikong Zhen thinks Li Qian wants to be close to Ming Yue after changing his mind. Li Qian says that he was forced to do so, but Sikong Zhen points out that Li Qian got Ming Yue to sleep on the chair at the wedding night.

Kang Le wants the things Li Qian did for Ming Yue, but Ming Yue blames Kang Le and Ta Li for not caring for her injure. Kang Le laughs and thinks it’s worth if she can exchange the caring of her lover. Ming Yue claims that Li Qian isn’t her lover, but Ta Li shares that Ming Yue was happy to touch her wound in the evening.

Kang Le asks Ming Yue if she did something with Li Qian that night, and she doesn’t believe Li Qian hasn’t feelings on Ming Yue.

Jin Yu thinks Ming Yue is sensitive, and Sikong Zhen says that Ming Yue is upset because Li Qian was strict but flirted her at the hunting ground. Sikong Zhen points out that Ming Yue treated Li Qian differently because he has been changed.

Kang Le tells Ming Yue to step back and make Li Qian think of her. But Ming Yue points out that Kang Le never steps back to Jin Yu. Kang Le shares that she is cold to Jin Yu each month, and he feels hot.

Que Yan tells Jin Yu that Kang Le is looking for someone, and Jin Yu leaves. Ming Yue thinks the love will take long when the couple take out true hearts. Kang Le asks Ming Yue if she wants to confess to Li Qian, and Ming Yue wants to cook nutrition soup for Li Qian. But Ta Li points out that Ming Yue will make Li Qian vomit. Ming Yue says that she will ask chef to teach her.

Li Qian asks Sikong Zhen what he will do to Ming Yue, and reveals he thought she is different because she hypnotized him. He thinks what he did for Ming Yue are fake, but Sikong Zhen tells Li Qian to follow his heart.

The cook tastes the soup and thinks it’s tasty. Ta Li wants to taste it, but Ming Yue stops her. Hui Xin asks Que Yan if Ming Yue did weird things, and he shares that Ming Yue closes door to cook soup. Hui Xin wants to check the soup, but Ming Yue rejects it. They have a fight, and the soup pot smashes.

Hui Xin tells Ming Yue not to use the dark ways on Li Qian, and Ming Yue takes one piece to drink the soup. Ming Yue is furious to leave. Hui Xin asks her maid Xiao Rui if she did something wrong, and Xiao Rui thinks Hui Xin was too eager. Hui Xin doesn’t want Li Qian to be bewitched by Ming Yue.

Sikong Zhen asks Li Qian why Li Hun wants to get rid of Ming Yue, and Li Qian thinks Li Qian guessed out that Ming Yue can help him restore memories. Li Qian admits that he was moved by Ming Yue, but he worries that she can control his feelings. Ming Yue takes the soup to visit Li Qian but she hears that he just treats her as a chess piece.

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