The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 11 [Recap]

In today’s recap I’m going to show you plot summary of Chinese drama The Love by Hypnotic Episode 11. The soup pot smashes, and Li Qian and Sikong Zhen sees Ming Yue running away. Sikong Zhen asks Li Qian if he wants to make Ming Yue continue misunderstanding him. Li Qian thinks it’s the best choice for the two.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 11 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Ming Yue is drunk with Kang Le, and whips the desk as she treats it as Li Qian. Li Qian picks up Ming Yue, but she doesn’t want to go back with him. So he has to carry her.

The two are in the carriage. Li Qian stops Ming Yue to drink. But she says that she will do anything she wants to, and kisses him. He kisses her back, but she vomits.

Que Yan smells the clothes and feels terrible. He mentions to Li Qian that someone washed the clothes when Li Qian wanted to burn it up. Li Qian sees the wood basin and remembers he washed the clothes for Ming Yue. He thinks Ming Yue’s hypnotism makes him sleepwalk.

Ming Yue wakes up and remembers she drank with Kang Le. She refuses to drink the sober soup when she knows that it comes from Li Qian. Ta Li reveals Ming Yue vomited to Li Qian, and Li Qian visits.

Ming Yue pretends to fall asleep, and turns her head to another side when Li Qian touches her head. Li Qian intends to leave, and Que Yan reveals Li Qian has worried about Ming Yue. Ta Li tells Ming Yue to open her heart because they need to stay there. Ming Yue tears up.

Li Qian asks Que Yan about Ming Yue’s feelings on him, and Wu Cheng thinks Li Qian is moved because Ming Yue kissed Li Qian. Que Yan wishes Li Qian to have a baby with Ming Yue. Li Qian tells Que Yan to get out.

Li Qian thinks he is upset because Ming Yue hypnotizes him, but Wu Cheng points out that Ming Yue didn’t hypnotize Li Qian for a long time. Li Qian asks Wu Cheng to summon Jin Yu.

Jin Yu asks Kang Le if she thought of him, and wonders why she drank so much. She reveals Ming Yue came, and he asks her if Ming Yue said something after drinking. She asks him if Li Qian got him to ask, so he tells her about it.

Li Qian doesn’t know what the kiss of Ming Yue meant, and intends to ask her. Que Yan reveals Hui Xin saw Ming Yue, and Li Qian asks Hui Xin if she visited yesterday. Hui Xin says that she wanted Ming Yue to know that she will never hurt Li Qian, even if she broke the soup pot.

Hui Xin reveals she feared that Li Qian misunderstands her, but he asks her why she misunderstood Ming Yue. She confesses her love to him, but he says that he is never moved by her. He tells her not to visit him and Ming Yue. Hui Xin remembers Li Xun thought Li Qian didn’t care for her when he abandoned her in the woods. She thinks Li Qian cannot see Ming Yue’s dark art clearly, and swears to get him back.

Sikong Zhen tells Li Qian to get Hui Xin to be the side concubine, but Li Qian says that he doesn’t love Hui Xin. Li Qian asks about Kang Le, and Jin Yu complains that he got humiliation for Li Qian. Jin Yu mentions chess piece, and Li Qian thinks his words hurt Ming Yue.

Sikong Zhen thinks Ming Yue and Li Qian fell for each other, and reveals Ming Yue kissed Li Qian. Sikong Zhen tells Li Qian not to disappoint Ming Yue, and asks him to confess his feelings to her. But Li Qian says that Ming Yue doesn’t want to see him.

Jin Yu mentions Er Bi will visit the city, and Sikong Zhen thinks Ming Yue will pretend to be a good wife in front of her family. Sikong Zhen tells Li Qian to catch chance to care for Ming Yue and let her know that she isn’t a chess piece. Li Qian thinks Er Bi will help him persuade Ming Yue, and Sikong Zhen tells Li Qian to let Ming Yue know his love.

Er Bi visits prince palace with Yun Si, and Ming Yue welcomes Yun Si. Yun Si hugs Ming Yue and asks her if she missed him. She says that he is her best brother, and Er Bi asks Ming Yue if she forgot him. She hugs him. Li Qian asks about Yun Si, and Ming Yue reveals Yun Si is her childhood friend.

Yun Si gives the wine he made to Ming Yue, but Li Qian takes away the wine bag as he worries that she will be drunk again. Yun Si fights with Li Qian for the bag, and Er Bi gets the bag on the end. Yun Si comforts Li Qian that he will protect Ming Yue when she is drunk. Ming Yue wonders why Li Qian got angry for the wine.

Que Yan asks about the relationship between Ming Yue and Yun Si. Ta Li reveals Ming Yue married Yun Si if she didn’t came to Bei Xuan.

Yun Si asks Ming Yue to drink with him, but Li Qian takes the cup to drink. Yun Si asks Li Qian if he worries that Ming Yue would fly to Xi Yue if she drank with him. Li Qian and Yun Si have a fight, and Er Bi wants to leave. But Ming Yue takes Er Bi and Yun Si to walk around the house.

Yun Si gives the cakes of Xi Yue to Ming Yue, and Ming Yue is very happy. Er Bi takes Yun Si to leave. Ta Li tells Ming Yue that Li Qian got angry for Yun Si and Ming Yue, but Ming Yue thinks Li Qian wouldn’t get angry for a chess piece.

Yun Si sends a blade to Li Qian asks for a fight tomorrow, and Li Qian accepts Yun Si’s challenge.

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