The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 9 [Recap]

In today’s recap I’m going to show you plot summary of Chinese drama The Love by Hypnotic Episode 9. Ming Yue blames Li Qian for keeping getting angry, and Ta Li thinks Ming Yue missed Li Qian. Ming Yue claims that she just doesn’t want it to affect two states. Li Qian tells Ming Yue that he will take her to hunt, and warns her to pretend to be a good princess. She says that she will show her shooting, and Ta Ling brings the clothes.

The Love by Hypnotic: Episode 9 Recap

The Love by Hypnotic

Li Qian asks Wu Cheng to take away the clothes of Xi Yue, and Ming Yue doesn’t want to take part in the hunting. He threatens to send her to Xi Yue, and tells her to leave the wish bracelet at the house. Ming Yue gets angry.

Wu Cheng thinks Li Qian did it for protecting Ming Yue, and Li Qian shares that Li Xun will wrong Ming Yue if she takes the bow, and Emperor will suspect her. Wu Cheng reminds Li Qian that it breaks his intent if Ming Yue isn’t happy.

Li Qian tells Ming Yue not to walk around, and she says that the clothes cannot block her bloodline of Xi Yue. He tells her to go to the tent. Hui Xin isn’t happy that Li Xun got her to the hunting ground, and he tells her to have a rest.

Ming Yue is happy to see the bow and clothes, but she doesn’t believe Li Qian prepared them to her. Li Qian tells Ming Yue to wear the clothes, and thinks he can manage her. He turns around when she is getting changed.

Li Qian tells Ming Yue that he won’t take a look at her, but she casts clothes and underwear to him. He panics to leave when he takes her underwear.

Ming Yue walks to Li Qian and asks him if she is pretty. She thinks he regretted for going out early. He claims that he was just checking if her clothes is good. She asks him to wear it for her if it’s not good.

Emperor asks Ming Yue to show her shooting skill, and she thinks she will get the reward. Hui Xin asks for a talk with Li Qian, and he tells her to do it while walking.

When Ming Yue is shooting the rabbit, she gets shot by the assassin. She runs but the assassins chase her. Hui Xin thinks it’s good of only the two, but he thinks engagement ended when he got married. She wants to be his side concubine, but he doesn’t need it.

Hui Xin thinks Ming Yue enchanted Li Qian with black art, and he blames her for wronging Ming Yue. Li Qian spots the bow he prepared for Ming Yue, and leaves Hui Xin alone.

When Ming Yue is going to get killed, Li Qian arrives and kills the assassins. He blames her not to listen to his suggestion, and she feels sorry. He take her to the lake and thinks she was rude to pull out the arrow. But he sucks out the bad blood from her wound. Li Qian is tired, and Ming Yue leans on his shoulder. She thinks he is infected the arrow toxin for treating her. She reveals that she didn’t have lunch, and he takes her to the camp.

Hui Xin sees Li Qian carrying Ming Yue to the tent, and thinks she is very silly. Li Xun wears his robe on Hui Xin, and tells her to go back. But she thinks he came to take a look at her embarrassment.

Li Qian brings medicine, and tells Ming Yue that he cannot summon doctor as the thing cannot be known by people. She thinks he hugged her off the horse publicly as he worried that people knew her wound. Li Qian takes off Ming Yue’s clothes and wants to treat the wound for her. But she wants to do it on her own, and takes off her clothes.

Li Qian applies the gauze for Ming Yue when she feels pain treating the wound. He tells her to have a rest, and he takes off his belt. He says that he cannot separate rooms with her at the place, and she realizes that she needs to sleep with him.

Li Qian grabs Ming Yue’s hand while sleeping, and she finds out that he is very handsome.

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